Legacy System Modernization

Legacy application modernization to make your applications and IT system more agile and efficient.

You must have invested years of effort, insight, and business logic to create your legacy software system. However, with increasing demands and evolving technology, it’s time to modernize it according to the latest trends. Yes, your applications are still capable of dealing with business-critical functions but they also demand huge maintenance costs. Legacy system modernization service is the best way to address all the challenges of obsolete IT architecture, such as security risks & threats, high operating costs, incompatibility, high device-dependency, etc.


You can transform outdated and traditional systems that are hindering your business operations and disrupting business growth. A3logics helps enterprises to revolutionize their applications to meet their business needs and deliver greater value. With years of experience in IT legacy modernization, our team facilitates in-house resource training, load testing, and troubleshoots technical issues in real-time. We follow a holistic approach with a focus on keeping your business workflow intact while migrating to a new IT system. As a reading legacy modernization company, we leverage the power of the latest technology stack and take a strategic path to mitigate operational and other risks.

System Modernization Services

To convert your traditional business into a digital enterprise and provide a seamless experience, we offer a gamut of legacy modernization services

Application Reengineering

Do you think that your legacy applications require a bit of rework? Then our reengineering solution is the perfect choice to modify the apps and re-design them. It will enhance the look and feel of the system, ensure web and mobile enablement, improve response time and performance, and reduce additional costs.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration will bridge the gap between your business demands and IT capabilities. Legacy modernization will migrate business applications to the cloud in no time via automated solutions. Our team will determine all the risks and threats involved to mitigate them and ensure that the migration is smooth and disruption-free.

Data Modernization

Our system modernization services are not restricted to applications and IT systems but also include data modernization solutions. With transformed data architecture, businesses can make the best of their legacy databases and protect sensitive data. It also enables real-time insight and informed decision making.

Application Recoding

Retired or outdated coding and platforms may hamper your business growth and expansion plans. Allow us to revive your aging applications and technologies via automated and customized re-coding solutions. Our proficient team will use modern programming languages, databases, and frameworks to modernize your apps.

UX Modernization

If you think that your business applications no longer engage users and provide interactive user experience, then it’s time to change their UX design. A3logics’ IT legacy modernization guarantees user-centric and dynamic experience through a strategic responsive plan, effective information architecture, and personalized user engagement.

Application Assessment

Before starting with legacy application modernization, our team explores the organization’s IT system and infrastructure for accurate understanding. Based on the thorough analysis and assessment, we develop a renewed plan around your business requirements. We make sure that our plan aligns with your objectives and strategies.

Why A3logics?

Using proven skills, automation, and advanced resources, we deliver modern and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our team assesses every aspect of your business and IT infrastructure to collect all the required data and explore better opportunities with legacy modernization solutions.

A3logics is a trusted company for system modernization. We are known for our commitment and dedication to our clients and spare no effort to deliver top-notch services.

We accelerate innovation with the cloud-native ecosystem. Our services aim at increased agility, scalability, efficiency while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Our team is adept at all the latest technologies and leverages the true potential of advanced tools to provide flawless system modernization services to varied clients.

Legacy Modernization Challenges We Take Care Of

With our industry-specific expertise and unmatched experience, we address major business problems.


Inaccurate Documentation

We collaborate with different IT departments and employees along with third-party vendors, partners to smoothly substitute legacy applications. Our team seeks business rules by evaluating app code, documentation, integrations, and code dependencies.


Unpredictable Results

A3logics adopts a strategic model to make the modernization process hassle-free and manageable. We divide the app into several modules while introducing modifications. Considering the importance of risk management, we assess enterprise apps on technical and economical aspects.

Application Freeze-Up

Application Freeze-Up

Do you often face problems with long application freeze-up? Then legacy application modernization can address this issue effectively. By splitting business applications into independent modules, our team makes changes in them and introduces updates, eliminating the issue completely.work

Operational Downtime

Operational Downtime

Operational downtime can disrupt your business and cost you time and money. With our system modernization service, we test and monitor all the applications thoroughly and make sure that they run as expected without any glitch. Hence, your business faces no hindrance.

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