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Learning Management System for Effective Workforce Training

Train and upskill your employees with the best LMS software from A3logics.

Every workforce is diverse and so are their training and learning needs. To meet these unique corporate learning requirements, A3logics offers an intuitive and flexible Learning Management System. We help you create an online learning space to replace the limitations of traditional training methods and make the training programs hassle-free. Our LMS software is equipped with sophisticated digital tools to deliver and manage learning content easily and track the learners’ progress. Our robust LMS solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe to train their employees, partners, and customers. Our experts help you manage your online training programs effectively so you can improve employee engagement and retention while honing their skills.

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Through our all-inclusive LMS application, we enable effortless learning sessions that are accessible from anywhere, anytime. Our smart learning tools include gamification, customized content, and mobile lessons. Connect with us now for robust learning management system software and automate the entire learning process.

Learning Management System to Empower Learners

A comprehensive learning suite for seamless training programs.

Multiple Group Support

With our LMS software, we cater to the needs of varied organizations and groups with dynamic demands. Our all-inclusive platform combines a streamlined admin experience with different isolated user environments to support distinct groups.

Course Builder

Whether you intend to train your employees or run a learning institute, create courses from the ground up based on your learners’ needs. You can include several content types, such as videos, tests, virtual sessions, etc., for an enhanced learning experience.

Collaborative Learning

Do you want to implement blended training sessions in your business? Then our learning management mobile app is here to help you. It allows learners to stay ahead of their learning sessions no matter where they are for convenient training.

Custom Reports

A3logics is trusted to create the best LMS software that identifies the most important and crucial data for you to increase compliance. Use this modern platform to track the progress of learners, their performance, and send automatic notifications to stakeholders.

Compliance Management

We understand that some companies and specific jobs require employee compliance training and certification. With our compliance management feature, you can check if employees meet all the requirements and can instantly generate reports.

Flexible Programs

Our course management offers the utmost flexibility for the course setup process, so you have the right content for the right people at the right time. Also, you can target other groups, such as customers, partners, and the general public to expand your audience.

Features of Our Learning Management System Software

Our scalable learning management software adapts to different learning styles with ease.

Virtual Classroom

You can have group meetings and discussions for virtual interactive classrooms so learners and teachers from different locations can connect via live sessions. They can share and understand perspectives and provide regular feedback.

Content Library

Our developers and designers build an agile LMS software with an exclusive content library. It consists of premade learning materials for your learners and covers various topics, ranging from customer service to safety regulations, and more.

Tests & Assessments

With A3logics’ LMS, you can run online tests, quizzes, and assessments to analyze learning effectiveness and keep your learners engaged. You can set timers, number of attempts, and use analytical tools to find learning gaps.

Manager’s Space

Our portal also has an innovative manager’s space so they can suggest and recommend courses for employees’ learning path and growth. For the greater impact of training sessions, they can enroll in courses, track progress, and provide feedback.

Asynchronous Learning

We have specially designed an asynchronous learning module to let students access study material and content anytime, anywhere at their convenience. They no longer have to be restricted to schedules and complete courses at their pace.

Mobile Access

A3logics’ learning management system is also available as a mobile application to allow learners to study through their smartphones or web browser. They can see the content and courses on their mobile devices for remote learning.

Benefits of Our Learning Management Software

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Top Certifications

Top Certifications

As a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.


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