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Custom Learning Management Software - Case Study

How unprecedented situations are ineffective with the integration of robust & flexible LMS.

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About Client

Future Institute - Encouraging career-building opportunities, mentorship & financial assistance.

Our client, Future Institute, pledged to deliver continuous support to students through their individualized support programs (Concept Schools), which help them navigate college and career pathways, especially during their high school to college transition. The client holds expertise in addressing the post-secondary issue while fostering positive outcomes.

Custom Learning Management Software - Case Study

Business Challenge

Need For a Robust School Management System Integrated with custom LMS

With a vision to build a better society, Future Institute offers an opportunity for high school seniors (alumni) to enhance their skills through structured programs.

  • Future Legacies Programs

    A prerequisite program that is designed to benefit students while transitioning their life beyond high school. They also receive the necessary support in acquiring career & life skills that helps them in becoming successful adults and professionals.

  • Future Leaders Initiative

    This unique & comprehensive program is crafted for concept graduates to participate and learn to grab various professional development opportunities & events that will aid them in building life & leadership skills.

  • This comprehensive guidance and support delivered, needs continuous monitoring and management to underline the progress or loopholes. Hence, the client's real challenge was the lack of a robust, interactive, and robust school management system and flexible learning management system to manage different programs’ learning content. To brief, they wanted a school management system integrated with future-ready LMS.

Our Solutions

Integrated intuitive & profound learning management system to offer better career opportunities, life management, and leadership skills.

Our expert analysts analyzed the situation and proposed a scope of work with requisite features that adds support to the distinctive programs & make critical decisions. Our dedicated & experienced developers furnished a virtual product that can be led by a voluntary director and leadership team. The below features make up a robust management system.


This feature was designed and developed to manage programs, admin users, programs, program officers, professional/mentors/alumni, announcements, scholarships, email & notifications. A unified view dashboard delivers complete visibility to the admin with the permission to create/delete the program, activate/deactivate users/mentors/alumni/officers, and publish/unpublish announcements.

Program Officer

Our proficient and adroit product engineers created a discrete screen for program officers with different permits, such as add/update profile, availability, general announcements, meetings, progress reports, events in the calendar, resources, scholarship, and content.


This feature was designed for eligible mentors, such as college students, professors, and alumni. A mentor can view new announcements, add/list/delete resources, provide feedback, schedule participants, and track progress reports.

Program Participant/Student

This feature was designed for students where they can enroll/choose a program. Students get access to view mentors' & PO profiles, schedule meetings with a mentor while providing meeting feedback. Our smart developer integrated chat feature, reporting & analytical feature to view their scholarship & progress.

CS Alumni

An extensive feature, crafted for CS Alumni, with basic characteristics, such as Login, profile management, and dashboard. CS alumni can register in any program as well as request transcripts and provide the right path to the students.

Key Highlights

Rich, pliable, and future-proof school management system to manage & support students as they embark on new stages of life.

With the integration of a custom learning management system with the school management system, Future Institute was able to deliver a rich learning environment with an interactive experience to learners. Our cloud-based LMS software consists of a suite of exceptional and adaptive features, such as -

  • Content Library

    Our best LMS developers & designers craft an exclusive content library with the premade content library as per requirement.

  • Asynchronous Learning

    Students can access learning material and content anytime through our LMS, so they can not restrict to schedule & complete courses.

  • Tests & Assessments

    Mentors/professionals can run online tests or quizzes to increase learners' engagement and use analytical tools to find learning material.

  • Virtual platform

    With the integrated virtual platform, learners and teachers can seamlessly interact from different locations, share and understand the perspective and have live sessions.

  • Manager's Space

    Our unique manager's space helps mentors/professionals to recommend courses for students supporting learning paths and encourage greater impact of learning/training sessions.

  • Mobile Access

    Our capable developers always ensure the software product is responsive in order for the learners to access relevant content through any device.

Extensive Learning Experience

Engage your customers into an all new-learning environment with A3logics custom learning management software.

Tools & Technologies

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology SCORM


  • technology xAPI


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology PHP


  • technology .Net Framework

    .Net Framework

  • technology HTML5


  • technology ExtJS Framework

    ExtJS Framework

  • technology Web-Based GUI

    Web-Based GUI

  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology Python


  • technology CSS3


  • technology Coded UI

    Coded UI

  • technology jQuery


The Result

Here are the numbers that speak of our quality results


rise in more satisfied customers.

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of enhanced user experience.


reduced cost of the program.


improved customer & technical support.


A brief of a custom lms development for extensive school management

In this case study, we understood how Future Institute is contributing to building a better society by giving professionals and alumni an equal opportunity to reshape the roadmap of students who are embarking on their whole new journey of career. With the integrated programs, students get unified support and guidance that will help them at different stages of their life. A3logics collaboration with Future Institute became a part of this contribution. Developing a robust, intuitive, future-proof and feature-rich school management system integrated with flexible LMS assisted Future Learning to better monitor and manage professionals while aiding in a better life for students participating/enrolled with them.

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