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Bring diverse learning and training resources of one platform with our LXP development services.

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Learning Experience Platform Solutions by A3logics

A Powerful Learning Experience Platform to empower employees to pursue their passions and interests.

As the modern learning landscape is evolving constantly within corporations, it is important to adopt a holistic approach for personalized learning experiences. A3logics has come up with Learning Experience Platform development services to meet these ever-increasing market requirements. We enable organizations to train and develop their employees and partners with an all-inclusive learning system. LXP is a cloud-based platform that focuses on delivering personalized experience to users and goes beyond traditional LMS commonly used by learning & development departments in enterprises. It aggregates and curates learning content from various sources, which include user-generated content and third-party edtech platforms while providing easy access to online learners.

With its smart search and AI-driven learning, LXP recommends content based on previous learning choices and skill development requirements. Also, our learning experience platform solutions ensure a robust framework that allows documentation, administration, reporting, tracking, and delivery of online learning programs securely for companies and educational institutions. Leveraging diversification of learning, we create an interactive hub that extends beyond the curricula and improves KPIs.

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Learning Experience Platform Solutions by A3logics

LXP Development Services for Intuitive Learning

With years of experience in e-learning solutions and LXP services, A3logics offers tailored solutions for targeted learning.

Custom LXP Consulting

Custom LXP Consulting

Our experts analyze your e-learning requirements, define a comprehensive set of features, suggest powerful integrations, choose the right tech stack, and draw an optimal project plan to create the best LXP.

LXP Development

LXP Development

Whether you want a Learning Experience Platform for your startup or a cutting-edge learning system for your employees, we are here to help, adding new features to develop a seamless platform for your organization.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Transform your existing LMS into an integrated LXP with useful functionalities and features. Our team promises to migrate all the sensitive data and information from your outdated system to a new one.

LXP Support

LXP Support

Feel free to get in touch with our skilled engineers and consultants anytime to resolve your queries. They will help you add new functionality, scale up and down your system, optimize its performance, and more.

Custom Implementation

Custom Implementation

Our end-to-end LXP services cover every aspect of the development and implementation process. It includes UI/UX design, LXP architecture, third-party integrations, and post-deployment support.



Integrating a new platform with an existing system can lead to disruptions. However, the team of A3logics ensures seamless and hassle-free integration, making information exchange with ERP and CRM smooth.

LXP Solution with a Learner-Driven and Seamless Experience Approach

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

We add an AI-enabled virtual assistant to the LXP that sends automated notifications to learners based on their job roles, KRAs, etc.

Automated Content Creation

Automated Content Creation

Our learning experience platform allows you to curate learning content automatically using various online sources and libraries.

Personalized Suggestions

Personalized Suggestions

Based on a user’s past searches and learning requirements, the machine algorithm suggests a personalized plan for learners.

Multiple Content Support

Multiple Content Support

We offer a smart LXP that supports multiple learning content formats, including videos, texts, articles, podcasts, and more.

Content Tagging

Content Tagging

LXP also offers automated content tagging and indexing to make content search of all the available e-learning content easier and faster.

Social Learning

Social Learning

Learning experience platform solutions drive peer-to-peer collaboration using surveys, blogs, and forums for enhanced learner engagement.

Popular LXP Integrations

Popular LXP Integrations

  • LXP + Social Media

    The integration encourages social media learning and smooth learner collaboration to create a shared learning experience.

  • LXP + HR Software

    HR software integrated with LXP analyzes HR data and offers personalized learning to employees for impactful training.

  • LXP + LMS

    Sync your existing LMS with LXP to administer and ensure customized e-learning programs offered by our learning experience platform.

  • LXP + Collaboration Tools

    Allow quick and effective collaboration among learners by holding webinars, group discussions, online meetings, and sending messages.

  • LXP + Chatbots

    Chatbots make data-driven recommendations and notify about learning milestones to users, including certification, exam, and assignment deadlines.

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Benefits of Custom LXP Development Services by A3logics

Benefits of Custom LXP Development Services by A3logics

  • Higher Valuation

    Our learning experience platform is a valuable intellectual property that adds value to your company and pleases investors.

  • Economical

    You don’t have to incur license costs and enjoy reasonable prices for cloud hosting services, making LXP more economical.

  • Complete Control

    LXP adapts to off-the-shelf products to suit unique needs and provides total control over features, information, and learning materials.

Must-Have Features of a Learning Experience Platform

  • Social Learning

    Social network integrations provide the ability to upload user-generated content, access forums, and discussion boards, and various useful features to encourage teamwork and boost employees’ morale.

  • AI-Driven

    Artificial intelligence-based LXP allows content curation and personalized learning path for users. You also get a virtual learning assistant that provides automated reminders, notifications, and suggestions based on job roles.

  • Gamification

    Gamified learning feature adds the element of fun and play to the LXP that gives much-needed motivation to learners. Scores, leaderboards, progress bars, etc., boost collaboration, workplace efficiency, and retention.

  • Quick Access

    With mobile device compatibility and support to multiple operating systems, learners can access the content and platform anytime, anywhere for relevant training sessions based on the learner attribute data.

  • Easy Integration

    Connect the learning experience platform to your other business software systems, such as HRM, ERP, CRM, etc. The platform allows you to gather information required to curate better content and provide valuable data.

  • Flexible UI

    Our skilled team designs a sophisticated learning platform with an attractive user interface. The flexible UI/UX design of LXP dynamically changes according to the user based on specific recommendations and individual preferences.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Learning experience platform solutions also include a reporting feature to show learners’ growth and skills, completion rates, engagement, ROI, learners feedback, user activity, performance, and other critical business data.

  • Content Management

    LXP development allows aggregation and curation of user-generated, corporate, and third-party content. It supports multiple content formats and technical standards, such as xAPI, SCORM, and AICC along with content tagging.

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