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iOS App Development - Case Study

Develop a QR Code and Barcode iOS Application to Expand Retail Store

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About Client - iOS Mobile App Development

A Clothing Line Manufacturer and Retail Store Owner in Canada

A retail store in Canada wanted to expand its store to remote regions. The store offered multiple household products to clothing for the local customers. The client was looking to expand the business while integrating technology into its store.

Instead of the client's customer asking about every article or looking for a product sitting remotely, a QR code and a Barcode of the product can provide all the necessary details. The client was looking for a mobile app development company that can develop Barcode and QR code apps, especially for iOS devices. The usual QR barcode available in the market that lacks the requisite feature for the user to use. The client came up with a request to develop the best and easy to use QR code scanner app for various content types.

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Business Challenge - Custom iOS App Development

Lack of Substantial Solution to Reach Audience and Maximize their Revenue

As mentioned, the client had a flourishing retail store in the province of Canada. However, the client's business was expanding, and the real challenge was its customer to find the product with the best price without wasting much time.

The client was also the manufacturer of the private label of the clothing line for men, women, babies, and kids, especially the winter collection. The client had -

  • No mobile solution in the emerging market.

  • Challenge in Outreaching all its customers when offers or discounts were put.

  • Engage customers and increase their satisfaction.

  • The client approached A3logics for a robust and sophisticated application for the IOS users only.

Our Solutions - iOS App Development Services

We offered an iOS app with extraordinary aesthetics, easy to navigate, and seamless functionality.

We assigned a team that consists of developers, designers, and testers who were experts in developing an iOS app for more than a decade. The designers created an intuitive and interactive app interface, while the developers created an app using code libraries and PHP to provide product information as well as enable customization. The features that were incorporated within the barcode and QR code app are listed below -

QR Code Generator

The developers created a QR code generator that is customizable. With a subscription to QR code Reader and Barcode Scanner app, the admin can create unlimited custom QR codes from different content types, such as calendar, URL, text & more.

Scanning QR Code

The scanning QR code feature lets users scan and validate the code of their choice. With the help of the QR scanner feature, the user can check all specifications of the product as well as the content type, such as images, manufacturing details, pricing, and name of the product while storing them for future use.


A unique feature that makes the client's product search even faster. Along with scanning the product available, the lens can also be used for an online search for a product. This is an advanced feature that lets the user search for the product details of Google or Amazon or Walmart and find them to shop elsewhere.

Barcode Scanner

The source barcodes within the app are retrieved from wide & large retailers and eCommerce sites across the globe. A database of the code was created by the developers, so that the user can quickly fetch information about any product.

Scan History

An important feature that was integrated for the user is Scan history to ease the search. The users can sort the scanned codes as well as align their category-wise. The user can organize as well as delete the scan results or put the codes in a folder for quick and easy storage.

Batch Scan

What if the user wants to scan multiple QR codes and barcodes to scan? It is definitely time-consuming instead of scanning one code at a time. With this feature, users can scan at least 20 QR codes or barcodes in order to retrieve quick results. However, you will need a subscription to a Premium version for activating this feature.


The client wanted to share two versions of the app with their customers, free and paid. The free version lets the user scan only 3 QR codes or barcodes per day. Whereas the paid version allows unlimited scanning. The users can subscribe from the weekly, monthly as well as annual plans as per their preference with the feature to generate unlimited QR codes.


A folder was designed and developed by the developers for the users to store any code. This unique feature allows convenient organization and retrieval of the scanned and generated QR codes and barcodes. The user can create folders like Weblinks, Instagram, Text, MeCards, email, Instagram, and more to store the codes.


In order to make the app easy and users to search for the QR codes and barcodes easily, a filter feature was designed. The feature allows you to apply filters, such as "date-to-date" as well as other types of scans stored in folders like Text, Instagram, Spotify, Phone Number, Twitter, Spotify & more.

App Lock

An important feature to secure the codes is an App lock. The feature allows the user to secure the app by integrating a strong password for the code reader app. This app protects secure codes from intrusions or malicious activity.

Key Highlights - Develop iOS Apps from A3logics

Exclusive features that makes the development of an iOS app successful & future-proof

  • Auto Focus

    A3logics expert developers scanning process integrated with superior quality autofocus for quick scanning from varying distances and locations. The Barcode or the QR code becomes much easier to scan. Our development team also integrated a permission manager to get camera permissions from the user in order to get to the mode.

  • In-built Algorithms

    Sometimes Barcode visibility is one of the major problems that prevent scanning. The creative designers and developers decided to integrate an advanced solution. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms were fed with thousands of Barcode images from different angles to ensure that the camera could capture the data from any angle hassle-free. This advancement in the Barcode and QR code rendered high-performance and engagement while retaining more people.

  • High-speed Interface

    Relevant loading speed is essential for conversions so does the fluidity of the application. Lagging screens and low speed can lead to abandonment. Our expert developers and designers ensured that the users are engaged continuously hence designing an interface that never lags and retains people.

  • Optimized Security Algorithms

    Security is one of the major concerns in today's digitalization era. In order to meet the expectations of the user, apps need to encourage stringent security practices. These practices prevent hackers and malicious activity from attacking the sensitive information of the users. A3logics implemented highly secure algorithms that prevent breaches.

  • Updates

    Updates are another essential aspect that ensures the scalability of the application. As time and technology advance, businesses need to update in order to stay competitive. A3logics developers ensured that regular updates were provided through notifications to stand out from the crowd and keep the user engaged.

  • Loyalty Programs

    The client offered free and premium versions of the app for its customers. The premium members can become a part of loyalty programs to enjoy premium benefits, such as discounts and exclusive offers. Additionally, premium members can create their own custom QR codes that can be used anywhere.

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Tools & Technologies Used by iOS App Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Swift 5

    Swift 5

  • technology Xcode


  • technology MySql


  • technology PHP


  • technology iOS SDK

    iOS SDK

  • technology Stripe


  • technology Swift Package Manager

    Swift Package Manager

The Result - iOS App Development Agency

The outcome of development of an iOS app by A3logics

After the solution provided by the A3logics to the customer, they saw a tremendous improvement in their business. They were able to seamlessly expand their business and outreach maximum customers through this app.

After the launch of the QR code and Barcode application -

  • The client inspected the upliftment of 14.7% to 22.5% in one month.

  • They experienced an improvement in the turnaround time.

  • An increase in the loyal and premium members resulting in maximized ROI.

Summary - Hire iOS App Developer

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the iOS app development

To summarize the case study, we saw how a premium retail store owner, as well as the manufacturer of the clothing line, wanted to get an iOS application developed that would become the bridge between the business and the customers. The application could allow users to scan and search for desired products from anywhere.

A3logics, with the help of its dedicated team and with more than a decade's experience in developing a mobile app created an intuitive, seamless and advanced technology integrated QR code and barcode reader app. The extensive application received a lot of positive responses due to the ease of functionality and operation. The accuracy of the product details engaged more clients while maximizing the outreach. The current app has more than 15 languages and a quick sharing feature for the customers to refer the app to their friends and family.

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