Shipping & Logistics

Shipping and Logistics industry thrives on efficient information systems and real time solutions for complex processing. We provide you world-class technology to execute business processes, removing infrastructure investment needs with shared business risks and maximized ROI.

Expert Consulting Services

  • Tracking & Tracing Services
  • Automation of Bill of Lading
  • Setting up Sailing Schedules
  • Prompt Booking
  • Protected E-Payments

M&R Management Services

  • Work Tools
  • Optimized Documentation
  • Connectivity
  • Downsized Asset Operating Costs
  • Management Information System

Added Services

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Get services that help you drive business efficiencies, control costs and enhance service delivery..

We help clients in addressing key industry challenges through the integrated suite of IT solutions that help them condense asset operating costs, speed up the equipment maintenance, revamp processes and improve overall service quality.