Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Software

In today’s competitive global business markets, addressing Environmental, Health & Safety matters has become one of the key challenges. We at A3logics help businesses overcome this challenge and achieve EHS compliance, efficiency and sustainable success through EHS management software development services.

Key Highlights of EHS Software

Content Management

Multi-Device Compatibility

Multi-lingual Support

Assure Compliance

Develop & Measure Leading Indicators

Analytics and Cloud Solution

Establish Right Communication Channels

Customized & Consolidated Dashboard

Our Service Offerings

Product Development & Maintenance

We can develop a real-time, flexible and regulatory compliant EHS software system that can provide accurate insights on hazards that may occur at your workplace.

  • Design and Development of new features in the system
  • Consult & Recommend best, secure and robust solution for designing requested features
  • Communication with all stakeholders
  • Provide Status Updates during Whole Development Cycle
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Process Step3

Implementation & Customization

Dedicated teams are involved in Implementation and Customization services for each client for functional modifications and data integration.

  • Data Generation in SAP System
  • Generate a custom KPI report
  • Recommendations for Transforming system data and Submitting Reports
  • Provide Customized Solutions for Client Reporting Tools
  • Regulatory Updates about New & Upcoming Legislations
  • Round the Clock Support
  • Incorporate Customer's Framework with their Different Applications

Quality Assurance

Our Certified, Skilled and Adaptable QA group guarantees the yield quality

  • Experienced in Requirement analysis and L0, L1 & L2 Test estimations
  • Audit & Compliance Assurance (Technical, Operational, Legal & Environmental)
  • Expertise in Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, System Integration Testing, Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Regression Testing. Defect analysis, Query resolution and Defect management.
  • Prepare and maintain Test Matrices, Test Execution Report, Defect Report, Weekly Status Report, Sprint Status Report & Release Status Report.
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Domain Expertise- By Industry