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Hybrid App Development - Case Study

Empowering users to set health goals, track lab results, & manage personal health records.

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About Client - Hybrid Mobile App Development

Healthcare specialists contributing to the betterment of public health.

Our client is a renowned healthcare specialist, consulting patients with daily health issues. A proficient nutritionist, our client offers daily health tips, prepares monthly & weekly meal plans for his patients, which help them improve their overall health and fitness.

The client manually observed and managed their patients, which was a challenge until he reached us for hybrid app development to better assist quickly and seamlessly.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - Hybrid App Development

The real struggle for the client was management

After the pandemic, when people became aware of their health more, the client experienced a sudden surge of patients facing several health issues. Since the patients only had a contact number to connect with the client, we analyzed major lackings -

  • The client did not have a potential website where he could boast & share his achievements, experience, quick tips & more with the users.

  • The client also lacks a sophisticated application to engage his current patients and make them loyal.

After analyzing the challenges faced by our client, we encouraged him to go with a hybrid mobile app development solution. We were to develop a healthcare and consultation app that would run on Android, iOS, and the web.

Our Solutions - Hybrid App Development Company

How hybrid mobile app development company A3logics, benefited the client with their solution.

Hybrid connects the best of both worlds and, to justify the statement we used the best & scalable technologies blended with native and web attributes to deliver the final product. Our major focus was user experience, intuitive designs, security, and more.

Hybrid iOS App Development & Android App

Using the latest mobile device frameworks - PhoneGap, SproutCore, and Sencha, we developed native-looking applications for iOS and Android. With the power of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, crafting advanced, impressive, and interactive features, such as quick report upload, tips and meal plans, video consultation, & more became a piece of cake, providing easy access on different devices.

Patient Portal

The patient's portal lets the patient fill out their personal and health-related information. Signup for a program, schedule appointments, have a video consultation, and pay for the consultation. The patient can upload their health report for the clinician to check and share necessary medication & diet plans where needed.

Clinical Portal

A web-based feature leveraging React Material, the portal allows the clinician or the specialist to create their profile, manage patient's profile, schedule consultation times, share daily or weekly health tips, view progress of each patient, message and call patients, view analytics and much more.

Easy to Use Mobile App

We strive to deliver a more interactive and engaging user experience & regular usage. We integrated color identifiers & icons to help clients visually identify where they can schedule a call, find health tips, upload reports, and interact with the clinician. Through App generators, our developers could write code for integrating features for wearables, like Google Fit, Apple Health, push notifications, health and wellness content & more.

Elimination Operational Inefficiencies

We created a self-serve option in the app for the users who forget their passwords. We also offered a backup feature to restore the documents that have been unintentionally deleted.

App Analytics

The feature is meant for continuous improvement and scalability of the business. The real-time analytics and reporting feature offers deep insights into the problem & improvement areas, tracks user interaction, and makes informed decisions for future iterations.

Security-minded Development

Our cross-platform hybrid apps development services comprise robust security and encryption facilities. Our app solutions undergo multiple testing layers to identify any vulnerabilities, ensure the app adheres to all regulations, and secure data and patient privacy.

Key Highlights - Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

A one-step destination for feature-rich hybrid mobile app development services

  • Offline Support

    Solid API integration lets the user store significant & useful information offline hassle-free. Despite being offline, users can use selective features within the application to complete their tasks.

  • Native Experience

    The robust programming languages & frameworks help our creative developers to develop a simple back-end that delivers native experience and connect with device-specific functionalities effortlessly.

  • Easy Integration

    We use the latest and flexible technologies that can sync with third-party applications seamlessly to accomplish unique tasks, thereby adding value to the user experience.

  • Easy to Maintain

    Our hybrid mobile app is sophisticated yet easy to implement & maintain. The application is responsive and can be used on all platforms saving time and money.

  • Attractive UI/UX

    Our forte is designing exclusive, captivating, easy-to-navigate, and consistent UI/UX that is optimum for a robust & reliable app and helps in performing operations smoothly.

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Tools & Technologies Used in Hybrid App Development

A successful, highly extensive, customizable, and scalable hybrid app is a blend of the latest technologies to cater to an unmatchable service experience on all platforms.

  • Mobile Technologies

    • Swift

    • Objective C

    • Xcode

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • Android SDK

  • UI/UX

    • Sketch

    • Photoshop

    • illustrator

    • After Effects

  • Backend & Database

    • PHP

    • Node.JS

    • Python

    • Grails

    • Go

    • MySQL

    • ArangoDB

    • SQLite

    • Realm

    • Couchbase

    • Redis

The Result - Hybrid Mobile App Development Company

Visible changes in the business after Hybrid app implementation

With a brand new intuitive and customized hybrid app development, the client -

  • Saw easy navigation, onboarding, intriguing UI, quick view to personal records, and consultations.

  • Had a self-serve platform that added convenience to users.

  • Has a scalable and flexible platform that allows easy integration of new functions and features.

  • Saw increased rate of app adoption.

  • Could personalize user experience for better health.

Summary - Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

Brief of the case study on Hybrid Mobile App Development Solution

The collaboration with A3logics helped boost the business revenue by 43% in the last 6 months, doubling the user acquisition goal. The connecting door between the client and its user was clear, making it simpler to outreach. The regular and quick tips assisted a lot of users to better their health, video consultation gave them the convenient consultation solution from the comfort of their home, and analytics helped them track their progress. The hybrid app development services provided by A3logics delivered an unmatchable experience with a bundle of clutter-free and requisite features, which leveraged the client to capitalize on the given opportunity.

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