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Human Resource Department has its complexities and struggles. The professionals have to manage strenuous tasks related to recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, compliance, employee performance, and whatnot apart from various daily activities. Of course, handling all these processes efficiently is not possible manually. This is where Human Resource Management Software comes to the rescue. A3logics delivers a customized and comprehensive HR management system that is accessible as an app as well as through a web browser. It integrates all the core and strategic HR functions on one platform with a wide range of modules. Our enterprise-ready HRMS software streamlines HR processes, simplifies communication, reduces unnecessary manual workload, and provides valuable insights to managers.

A3logics offers comprehensive system integration services that cover everything from consulting, mapping data, implementing a strategic solution to deployment. Our team will assess all the apps, software, and IT systems to find what must be retired, replaced, and integrated with new applications to add maximum value. Based on your business model, we will harmonize the entire system and re-engineer it to bridge the gap across software stacks. Rest assured that this is the most cost-effective way that focuses on one cohesive software system.

Operations Possible with HRMS Software

A unified and typical HRMS platform includes various modules and handles several activities.

Time and Attendance

This module tracks the in-and-out time of employees, their attendance, working hours, and leaves. There are no manual entries but biometric devices and time cards that reduce errors. It consolidates data from all devices, organizes leave types, creates timesheets correctly without any hassle.

Time and Attendance

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits is an important module of any human resource information system to communicate with employees about their benefits, such as vacations, sick time, FMLA, insurance, 401(k), etc. It imparts knowledge about all the policies and also records employee data required for tax audits, insurance, and more.

Employee Benefits

Payroll Management

HRMS deals with one of the most crucial HR tasks, payroll management. It consists of accurate payroll records and uses the data to calculate employee salaries and deductions. It also helps in crediting the right amount to their accounts on time while managing loans and advances, interface with banks, etc.

 Payroll Management

Performance Review

Using HRMS software, not only employees but managers can also set daily tasks and goals. This helps is tracking their performance, progress, and measuring goals. Managers can identify the key responsibility areas of team members, work on improvements, and bridge the gap between their skills.

Performance Review

Applicant Tracking

With human resources management system software, HR professionals can post the latest job openings on popular websites and portals. The software scrutinizes all the applicants, selects the most suitable candidates, manages their information, and also helps in the interviews, adding convenience to the entire process.


Reporting and Analytics

Another helpful module of an efficient HR software is reporting and analytics. This is a software that assists the HR department in tracking real-time employee data and performance to make informed future decisions. It uses advanced tools, such as customized reporting templates for compliance management.


Digital Onboarding

HR managers can complete the onboarding process online through an HRMS platform within no time. New hires can complete the paperwork digitally and complete the forms with e-signatures. The module can also be used to introduce new employees to company policies, send appointment letters, share salary structure, etc.


Learning Management

A company conducts various training and skill development programs every now and then. It can inform employees about the same via the Learning Management System (LMS) module. It is helpful in training and e-learning programs as employees can access classes, manuals through the software.


Types of HRMS Deployment

To ensure that we cater to all the dynamic needs of our clients, we deploy HRMS software in three different ways.

API Integration Services


In on-premise deployment, the software is installed on the company’s existing servers and hardware. Rather than paying every time for an upgrade, a company simply has to spend a one-time license fee amount to buy the software. It takes care of security, maintenance, and backup of the portal. It was quite a popular choice among large enterprises and big companies before cloud deployment became a common option.

Application Integration


There is not much difference between on-premise and hosted HRMS software. The only factor that makes them distinct is that in the latter, the company has to pay a regular amount to keep data servers at a third-party data center. It is responsible for the support, staffing, and bandwidth of the servers. However, due to the increasing popularity of the cloud, hosted software is hardly preferred by the companies now.



This is the most recommended and effective HRMS deployment method where the software is hosted on a remote third-party server. It uses a SaaS model where companies can access the software through the internet by paying a subscription fee. The data server provider is responsible for managing hardware, backup, and data security. Due to low cost and enhanced capabilities, it is widely used by small and medium enterprises.

Why Buy HRMS Software from A3logics?

A3logics is a leading human resource management software company serving varied global clients with its top-notch software solutions

Quick Implementation

We understand the value of time for every business. Hence, we assure you that we will implement the HRMS software in the quickest time possible. Our team will design and develop the product well before the stipulated time and we will implement it at the earliest so you can streamline your processes instantly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our team keeps an eye on all the latest technologies and tools with hands-on experience with all trends and methodologies. With years of experience and knowledge, we develop robust HRMS software that caters to all your requirements and provides you with a competitive edge over your peers.

Paperless Processes
Paperless Processes

Now, you don’t have to worry about making those lengthy spreadsheets and keeping records of all applicants. Our HRMS platform eliminates all paper-based tasks and makes onboarding quick. It helps you recruit top talents by scrutinizing applications and selecting the most suitable ones.

Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution

A3logics offers a one-stop solution to address all the HR challenges. It is simple, easy to access & navigate, intuitive, and covers everything in one place. Our team also delivers customized HRMS software to serve your specific business needs with all the essential features and modules included.

Complete Data Security

Considering that the human resources management system includes critical data and information about employees, we develop a highly secure platform that safeguards all the data. Also, it maintains compliance with the industry standards and regulations so that you don’t face any penalties.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Our team of proficient developers has built software with open APIs. therefore, it can integrate with any system in your organization easily and seamlessly without causing any disturbance. Rest assured that you won’t have to face any breakdown or downtime during software implementation.


A3logics has identified the key features of an agile, scalable, and result-oriented HRMS software.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Mobile accessibility has now become a necessity for Human resource management software. IT can be available as a responsive app compatible with all devices or work through a web browser so that employees can access this self-service portal easily and update all the information.


Payroll Management

Payroll is a complicated and tedious process for HR managers and professionals. However, HRMS comes with a comprehensive payroll management service that takes care of everything. It ensures timely, automated, and accurate distribution of salaries to the right accounts of employees.

augmented reality

Process Automation

The portal enables process automation while minimizing human errors. It manages, analyzes, and structures human resource functions and streamlines all the tasks. It also takes care of leaves, daily schedules, attendance, working hours, along with other core tasks with its advanced features.


Compliance Management

Any ignorance in maintaining compliance with industry regulations can lead to heavy penalties and fines. As a trusted HRMS software company, we offer an end-to-end solution that ensures compliance with all essential statutory government regulations for taxes and employee welfare.

Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration

This is a new yet popular feature of the HRMS portal that companies use to help employees collaborate and communicate with each other. From posting the latest job vacancies to social networking platforms to conducting training programs, it covers everything on a single HR portal.

Benefits of HRMS Software

Different modules of our HRMS software offer immense benefits to every key aspect
of an organization and provide overall long-term value to everyone involved.

For HR managers

  • Streamlines Hiring: Using an applicant tracking system and resume analytics feature, HRMS software streamlines the hiring process. It automatically transfers the applicants’ info to the employee database as they are hired.
  • Payroll Management: It eliminates manual labor and costly errors. HRMS processes salary accurately and timely. Apart from managing loans and claims, it also sends alerts when compliance forms are due.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Human Resource Management System ensures to keep employees engaged from the beginning. It provides a common platform for virtual social networking, company news, and more.
  • Engaging Workforce: It is a self-service portal where employees can manage their daily routines and schedules, such as upcoming leaves, working hours, monthly attendance, etc., without any delays.
  • Smoother Recruiting: HRMS posts job vacancies on popular platforms and websites. Hence, helping with hiring top and suitable candidates for the job. It also contributes to the interview and recruitment process.
  • Process Automation: With all the functions being automated, the HR department can take care of core tasks and divert attention to other activities required to enhance the workforce management capabilities.

For Executives

  • Enhanced Employee Performance: HRMS has a performance management module that allows employees to manage their performance themselves, track progress, make improvements, and set future goals.
  • Increased Productivity: With employees being accountable for their results and performance, they are motivated to optimize their productivity and efficiency, which leads to improved overall results for the company.
  • Better Business Operations: Managers and employees can access the software for data and schedule which ensures smooth communication. This is not only time-efficient but also leads to timely actions and better operations.
  • Attention to Value-Driven Tasks: Management can easily view and review workforce performance via the human resource information system. Through quick insights, they can drive efficiency to achieve goals effectively.
  • Improved Business Growth: Businesses can fill the gap with the right technology at the right time. This will contribute to systematic and enhanced workflow that enhances organizational performance.
  • Right Allocation of Resources: Business owners can use employee data and information to make informed decisions. They can analyze resources and divert them in the right direction for better results.

For Employees

  • Reduced Queries: Employees often have questions about leaves, benefits, and time-offs. With HRMS easily accessible, they can get all the answers within a few seconds and manage the data.
  • Faster Growth: Human resources management system software gives employees a self-assessment platform. They can track their performance, work on their skills, and see the future opportunities in the company.
  • Integrated Goals: As they have a reliable portal to monitor performance, employees can have better clarity about their own goals and can integrate their personal targets with the organizational objectives.
  • Self-Service Portal: Employees feel empowered with a platform where they can manage all their personal information and track their progress. This enhances communication and avoids any disruptions.
  • Set Daily Tasks: The HRMS portal comprises automated functionalities to manage daily schedules and tasks, including leaves, in and out time, etc. This makes the workforce responsible, advanced, and tech-savvy.
  • Check IT Declarations: The staff members have easy access to their individual payroll details, such as loans and claims. They can check IT declarations and get payslips with just a few clicks.

Market Trends


Our Human Resource Management Software helps you retain and develop top talented
resources by adopting the latest trends and advanced technologies.

AI-Based Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning made it possible for companies to have an insight into various employee data and analyze it through a single dashboard. HRMS improves workforce analysis and makes it more agile by continuously tracking performance and delivering real-time recommendations.

Mobile Access

Mobile devices have become a go-to option for people to access information instantly. HR managers are also using smartphones to get employee data with features, such as instant alerts and communication tools enhancing business decisions. With mobile access of HRMS, it is now user-friendly and intuitive.

Network-Based Teams

As organizations have switched to employees working in multiple teams on cross-functional projects, HRMS software needs to manage external and internal contract workers. It is now offering solutions for network-based teams along with handling payroll and benefits modules for contract workers.

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