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HR Management App - Case Study

Unparalleled and Exceptional HR Management App to Facilitate Employee and Organizations Demands.

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About Client - Human Resource Management Apps

A non-profit organization providing extensive support to its employees and HR professionals globally.

The client is a non-profit Human Resource association with more than 50,000 members in 120 countries. The client's objective is to provide the requisite support to the HR profession through globally recognized certifications, collaborative communities, comprehensive resources, research, professional development opportunities, academic alliances, and advisory services. The client also equips HR professionals with cutting-edge resources across HR disciplines, including thought leadership, advisory panels, tools and templates, virtual events, and research.

Human Resource Management Apps

Business Challenge - Manager Mobile App for HR

Proper monitoring, tracking and reporting were missing including modern features & automation.

The customer wanted to introduce a Human Resource Management App with modern features and functionality. The product they were looking for must provide them with automation capabilities of the HR operations that can be implemented globally.

  • The current system of the client lacked new integrations such as recruiting, onboarding, performance monitoring, and corporate administration.

  • The system lacked sufficient storage to store multifold data in one place which does not offer easy access for HR managers and employees.

  • The client wanted an HR solution to be combined with payroll functionality. Additionally, other failings were the document expiry tracker, notifications, and automatic organizational chart creation.

Our Solutions - Human Resource Management App

Unified & Modern HR Platform with Benefits, Payroll, Time and Performance Tracking.

A3logics analysts partnered with the client to identify the loopholes and, along with the development of an HR management app also rendered consulting services for emphasizing and empowering their employees as well as HR managers. A3logics assisted the client in developing a strong organizational culture driven by core values, business vision, and strategy to provide a competitive advantage to the organization.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Our analysts are experts in creating a business model driven by core values and supported by the HR systems and processes that are impactful. We educated HR to create a family culture through accountability and continuous improvement of HR processes in the organization.

Talent Development, Retention & Engagement

We encourage a holistic approach to employee development through learning, experiences, and coaching by deploying a talent development framework. The software also assesses individual behavior to ensure that the learning culture is nurtured. We also focused on employee engagement during our development phase. The software could identify the excellent service provider employee and poor performing employees, and the company could work on the poor performer to promote better productivity in the future.

Performance Management

Not just the employees, HR managers could also be evaluated, on the basis of their performance. The software could easily measure and manage the performance and dictate the best management practices for the managers to follow and improve their skills. Additionally, administrators can measure and manage performance levels for different roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Key Highlights - Apps for HR Managers

Easy Management of HR-related Business Processes with cloud-based HRMS for small & mid-size companies.

  • SignUp/Login Screen

    The HR management app is designed with a faster and easier process to register through quick signup & Login to access the software features. We add Gmail or other relevant mail signup features for a much more convenient login.

  • Dashboard

    An intuitive and interactive screen that dictates employee statistics, upcoming activities, notifications, and more. HR, Employees, and admins can quickly check their salary on the dashboard through salary statistics as well as check insights into the company's employee benefits spending.

  • Department

    The HR Management App is integrated with efficient storage to store employees as well as the company data in less time. HR managers are leveraged to allocate office equipment and accessories, which helps the HR department in every aspect to function seamlessly.

  • Work Structure

    The management app is designed to save time and effort for the admins as well. The excess paperwork can be eliminated, including the repetitive tasks. The application can improve the overall organization workflow, and monitors employee activities.

  • Leave Management

    The application was integrated with a robust feature that helped organizations manage employees leave, duration of leave, leave progress, and type of leave. The application is integrated with options to take leave on behalf of employees, approve as well as decline leave requests.

  • Notifications

    The application offers alerts and notifications in real-time for employees to stay abreast with their activities. The app provides updates regarding new leave requests, payroll creation, attendance management, project deadlines, etc.

  • Accessories Management

    The application is a great tool that can be integrated with third party apps, accessories, and gadgets, such as smartwatches that deliver real-time notifications and upgrades related to the app.

  • Projects

    The Human Resource management app can help admins and managers to view the upcoming and ongoing project status and the members assigned to those projects. Managers can seamlessly create projects, assign team members and leaders to lead the project, work on them and monitor them from time to time.

  • Reports

    The HR management application makes managing, monitoring and improving better with reports and analytics features in it. Reports can help organizations make better decisions on turnover rate, performance, hiring costs and more.

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Tools & Technologies

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Java


  • technology HTML


  • technology CSS


  • technology C++


  • technology Python


  • technology MySQL Database

    MySQL Database

  • technology PhP


  • technology Ruby


  • technology Perl


  • technology Django


  • technology Visual Basic/Visual Studio

    Visual Basic/Visual Studio

  • technology VB.Net


The Result - HR Management Apps

The outcome of the HR Management Application development project.

After the development and deployment of the centralized recruiting & HR management app, the client observed visible changes within the organization. Due to the software, HR and HR managers are directly and more involved in new recruitment. The involvement has increased from 18% to 79%.

The combination of powerful tools within the app has also led to a 37% decrease in employee turnover in six months. We integrated an online course offering within the app for talent development which increased 300% in a year. This also resulted in better employee retention and engagement.

The client, HR managers & HRs can easily create employee records, update them and delete those employees who have left the company to avoid data redundancy and space occupancy. The accurate view of the total worldwide employees has proven invaluable, especially when managing projects across multiple countries.

HR Management Apps

Summary - HR Management App Development

The Brief about the Development of a Robust HR Management App.

The case is the study of successful collaboration between a non-profit HR association and A3logics. The above study shows how effective consultation and HR Management app development changed the progress rate. How an app increased the employee satisfaction level by 50%, offering quick updates, and relevant training to fill loopholes in the skill and save repetitive manual tasks reducing the paperwork burden 3X.

The one-stop Human Resource management app combined complex processes, such as payroll, self-service, onboarding, recruiting, reporting, and more, which eliminated the use of multiple systems for multiple tasks. The contented client is looking forward to integrating a learning management solution for its employees in order to empower them and stay more focused on promoting lucrative & scalable business.

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