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As customer demands are rising every day, businesses need to provide a flawless user experience which is a key to the success and failure of any enterprise. They must ensure that the products they offer run through functional and non-functional testing that will determine its performance and quality. Yes, conducting these tests is not easy and companies need trusted partners to accomplish this goal. Hence, comes A3logics, a top-rated and reliable functional testing company. Equipped with a robust approach, industry-standard tools, effective solutions, proven methodologies, and tested techniques, we verify and validate your applications for seamless performance.

Our specialized and experienced team has delivered functional testing solutions across various verticals, platforms, browsers, and devices. We follow a stringent process that includes testing business processes, searches, integrations, user commands, data manipulation, and more. Our team focuses on the reliability, stability, and functionality of your product with functional testing before it goes into the production phase. A3logics works with one vision and that is to test your products against defined specifications and meet user requirements.


Functional Testing Services We Offer

We implement advanced software automation testing solutions to improve
the performance of your product and deliver the best results.

System Testing

Our experts conduct system testing on a complete and integrated system to ensure its compliance with the requirements. It is a critical part of the entire testing process as it evaluates and verifies a product to see if it meets technical, business, and functional needs as established by stakeholders.

Regression Testing

Regression testing aims at ensuring that any change in a product hasn’t broken existing functionality. Whenever there is code optimization or configuration changes, our skilled functional testing service provider will check if there are any variations in performance or unexpected behavior.

Unit Testing

As a trusted functional testing company USA, we run unit testing to analyze each part of the code so that it delivers the expected results. As every unit of the code is tested by developers and engineers, it provides proper documentation. It supports functional testing by exercising the code that has high chances to break.

Smoke Testing

Also known as build testing, this is one of the most important functional testing types, and first to be run on any new product. It assesses the behavior and performance of an application in the initial stage and verifies the basic functionality. Smoke testing identifies minute-level tests to be run on apps.

Integration Testing

As a part of our functional testing services, integration testing is performed to determine how modules or components are functioning together. It tests them to know which modules are working fine individually and do not show any error or disruption when integrated with others.

User Acceptance Testing

This is the last step or phase of the functional testing process where actual app users evaluate it to determine whether it can handle the required tasks efficiently in real-life situations. The test is conducted at the time of software delivery as a final check or test after other tests are completed.

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Functional Testing Approach

Our experts follow a stringent and result-oriented process to deliver
effective functional testing solutions that meet end-user demands.


Requirement Analysis

Before we kick start the testing process, our first step is to get a thorough and detailed understanding of your project and business requirements. Based on the analysis and data, we strategize the further process.


Planning and Test Cases

A well-defined plan is crucial to provide functional testing services successfully. Thus, our engineers work on the test objective and schedule all the activities. After this, they create test cases that include test data, input, and output.


Execution & Results

Using the test data and creating the right test environment, our team completes functional testing of your product. The experts detect errors, validate them, and fix them to deliver a seamless application or software.

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