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Food Delivery App Development - Case Study

How a robust food delivery app development solution bolsters food delivery business?

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About Client - On Demand Food Delivery App Development

ForDoor - An online food delivery app for centralized management

Our client is a leading foodservice provider with multiple chains of restaurants. The client has also collaborated with the leading restaurants and small merchants who sell flavourful and delectable dishes and cuisines loved by most customers.

On Demand Food Delivery App Development

Business Challenge - Food Delivery App Development Company

How a food delivery app development company resolute business challenges

The client's customers are increasing and it is difficult to manage them. Additionally, the client is facing issues in providing speedy services due to which customer retention is decreasing.

  • Due to the lack of a tracking device, the client is unable to detect the delivery of the order, time taken to deliver the order, and customer review. Another challenge is the payment. Customers are looking for a more flexible and easy to pay method, which our client lacked.

  • They came up with the idea of, ForDoor on-demand food delivery app that will easily connect users with the client, delivery agents while keeping track of their food. The app also eases up the payment, preventing the need for pick and drop payment and directly sent to the account of the client. The features incorporated in the ForDoor app are mentioned below.

Our Solutions - Food Delivery App Development Solution

How our Food Delivery App Development Solution ensure scalability

The competition of delivering food is challenging and to make the struggle easy, we helped the client by creating a robust on-demand app - ForDoor. The app shows pickup, delivery, makes reservations, tracks their food, and makes payments from their preferred mode. To deliver these features and more the on-demand application was integrated with -

Home Page

The app begins with a customer signing in through personal/social media/email id. The customer can select from the list of a restaurant or the food category (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Users can filter the stores based on average reviews, products sold out & more.


After the user selects or filters out the preferred choice of food to be delivered, the custom-built app interacts with the Map API to locate the nearest service provider allowing them to connect with the right store.

Automated Tasks

The client had to handle the food orderings through calls, which further had to be conveyed to the store owners. A3logics dedicated developers automated the entire process, which also sliced the chances of errors made while taking and giving orders. The app generates a unique order ID, which allows the restaurant owner to check its past orders status.

Geofencing & Delivery Time

The app offers a confirmed order delivery time for the consumers as well as owners to focus on a more important job. Our developers also provided the admins to declare the range of distribution, which can be further expanded.

Approval Management

Our on-demand app enables the client to manage the restaurant centrally. Restaurant owners can also display their online presence to the customers. The admin can decide to approve or reject the restaurant owner's services right away.

Products and Categories

Our app consists of a dashboard to manage products and categories. The end-to-end software also lets the admin manage categories and subcategories of the food.

Key Highlights - Food Delivery App Development Services

Advance features incorporated in food delivery app development service that empowers food & restaurant business

A3logics combines innovation and expertise to deliver a seamless application that engages users generating higher revenue. Our proficient developers implement the best strategies to ensure success. Our on-demand food delivery app development solution is composed of -

  • Customer App

    The custom app is designed to reach the customers who are looking for a convenient method to order food and reach them at their doorstep. Just a few steps and the customer can order their favorite cuisine.

  • Delivery Agent App

    This part of the app is crafted for delivery boys who wait for the orders to be prepared and been carried to the customer's doorstep. The real-time delivery feature makes delivery more efficient.

  • Restaurant App

    This part of the app is managed by the restaurant owners who pick orders from the customers and prepare them for the delivery agents to pick. The app allows the owner to share the time taken to prepare the food for the customer.

  • Admin Panel

    The unified view dashboard offers a centralized view and management of all the apps - customer, restaurant, and delivery agent. The admin has complete control of managing food as well as approving or rejecting the restaurant owner's application while handling other advanced options.

  • Third-party Integrations

    Our scalable on-demand food delivery app is flexible and can be easily customized. Our solution can be integrated with multiple payment gateways (debit, credit, cryptocurrency), logistics integration, real-time tracking, tracking payment, inventory management, advanced analytics.

  • VoIP Call & In-app Chats

    Our adroit developers use the best technology for the scalability of the business. Our developers use the VoIP call feature as well as a machine learning-based in-app chat feature for the customers to allow quick connectivity with the delivery agent or the restaurant owner for their concerns.

  • Number Masking & Heat Maps

    The advanced features of the food delivery app development solution, such as the number masking, where users can hide their contact details or disable the number sharing. A heat map is another advanced feature that allows the owner to maximize food delivery orders, hot pickup zones, and drop-off zones.

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Tools & Technologies Used in Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Technologies that have been used for robust food delivery mobile app development

  • Mobile Technologies

    • Swift

    • Objective C

    • Xcode

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • Android SDK

  • App Analytics & Payment

    • Braintree

    • Stripe

    • Paypal

    • Google Places API

    • Google Analytics

  • Cloud & Push Notification

    • FireBase

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • Digital Ocean

  • API Implementation

    • MapKit

    • Google Maps

    • Facebook SDK

    • Gmail SDK

The Result - On Demand Food Delivery App Development Company

Outcome of developing an on-demand app - ForDoor

  • Our on-demand app development solution for food ordering is a complete solution-focused that helps meet the needs of our clients and their participants in the business model. The app is designed in a way that keeps all job roles, participants, and users on the same page.

  • The unique order IDs saved a lot of time in keeping track of orders. GPS/Google Maps assisted owners as well as customers to minimize the communication gap and offer a better grip over the business.

  • The ForDoor owner saw a swift change in the orders and delivery percentage. Admins were more recognized and delivered more options for the customers.

  • The app was also seen in a better position in the app listings after the improved customer flow. The 20% increased customer base was recognized by the restaurant owners.

Summary - Online Food Delivery App Development Company

Brief overview of the Food Delivery Mobile App Development Solution

To summarize this case study, we can understand that automating orders and deliveries can certainly reduce the time and money spent on managing them. We observed how the client's most issues were resolved with a sophisticated and flexible on-demand food delivery app development solution. The custom solution meets the needs of the business where order management has become seamless. If you are looking for a similar management solution, our expert developers can help meet your needs. Contact us by inboxing your requirements as we will reply within 48 hours.

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