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Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery app development integrated with innovative and modern features. Our customized ordering and food delivery solutions offer you more control over your business activities.

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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Services

Starting your on-demand food delivery business is now affordable and accessible with A3logics.

On-demand food delivery industry has revolutionized immensely over the years and all thanks to smartphones and desktop applications. The super-busy lifestyle of the urban population has driven its market growth and made online food delivery a billion-dollar business. Still, there is enough room for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs in this sector. A3logics offers on-demand food delivery app development services with industry specialization. Our proficient developers help clients with single and multi-vendor applications and our consultants implement the best strategies to kickstart your business and ensure success. Combining innovation and expertise, our team delivers seamless applications that engage users and bring higher revenue.

As your trusted on-demand food delivery app development company, we build unified platforms with basic and advanced features so your customers can place customized orders with just a few clicks. With attractive UI/UX design, rest assured that your users will come back to the app, thereby keeping you ahead of your competitors.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Services

Customized On-Demand Food Delivery App Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of food delivery app development services to support various business models.

Single Restaurant

Single Restaurant

Take your food business online and allow your customers to order their food anytime, anywhere with a dedicated food delivery app for your restaurant.

Food Delivery Startups

Food Delivery Startups

Are you starting your food business for on-demand delivery? Then we will help you scale up your startup while driving more engagement and loyalty.

Food & Restaurant Chains

Food & Restaurant Chains

Manage your food stores and restaurants through a single dashboard and get access to cutting-edge and advanced features.

Complete Solutions by On-demand Food Delivery App Development Company

As your reliable food delivery app development company, we offer customized solutions with different components to encourage online orders.

Customer App

Customer App

Offer a custom food delivery app for your target customers so they can schedule their orders in advance in a few simple steps.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Agent App

Our best-in-class on-demand food delivery app will notify drivers in real-time so they can make order delivery more time-efficient.

Restaurant App

Restaurant App

Using their smartphone, restaurant owners can easily log in to the app and manage received, approved, and dispatched orders hassle-free.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

A powerful admin panel dashboard with a centralized system to manage all the aspects of a food delivery business and related operations.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Our developers integrate advanced features, third-party platforms, and various enhancements to extend application functionality.

Features of On-demand Food Delivery App

Stimulate Your Business Forward with Our Advance, Robust & Feature-Rich On Demand Food Delivery App Services.

Shopify Store Setup Process that we follow
  • Simple Registration

    We make it easier and faster for your users to register on the app using their Facebook, Gmail, or any other social media account.

  • Quick Search

    With intelligent filters and sorting options, they no longer have to browse through a plethora of options to find their favorite dish and restaurant.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Our smart food delivery app helps users to track their orders in real-time, find the estimated time of arrival, and check order status.

  • Schedule Orders

    Allow your users to schedule their orders for a week or month in advance and monitor the status and time using a robust mobile app.

  • Digital Payments

    Let your customers choose from the multiple payment options and make online payments secure with on-demand food delivery app solutions.

  • Discounts and Offers

    Users can explore different offers, discounts, and promos available on various products offered by food stores and restaurants.

  • Push Notifications

    Whether it’s about new offers, orders dispatched, or soon-to-arrive meals, push notifications will alert your customers automatically.

  • Order History

    The app stores all the past orders with price detail and other information so users can re-order the same meal within no time by going to order history.

  • Reviews and Ratings

    Empower your customers by allowing them to review and share feedback about the services, food quality, delivery time, and more.

  • Help & Support

    Users can connect with the support team anytime or refer to FAQs in case they want help to complete their order or navigate through the app.

  • Manage Profile

    Delivery agents can get themselves registered on the app in a few simple steps and manage their profile and edit their information.

  • Accept/Reject Orders

    Along with setting their availability on the food delivery app with online/offline toggles, they can also accept or reject delivery requests.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Our smart food delivery app helps users to track their orders in real-time, find the estimated time of arrival, and check order status.

  • In-App Navigation

    With an online food delivery app, restaurants also get effective tools to manage their earnings, add account details, track payments, and balances in one place.

  • Order Information

    For efficient and successful order fulfillment, we add an order information feature that gives all the necessary details about orders in one place.

  • Earnings

    The on-demand food delivery app tracks all the daily, weekly, and monthly earnings along with the tips received to calculate their success rate and growth

  • Rate Customer

    Not only do customers have the ability to rate their orders and services but delivery agents can also review the customers based on their behavior.

  • Contact Customers

    As soon as a delivery agent is assigned to pick an order, he receives all the contact details of customers and can also use the in-app chat option.

  • Order Dashboard

    Our on-demand food delivery app development solutions provide restaurant owners with a centralized hub to manage all incoming and outgoing orders.

  • Manage Information

    Using the app, store managers and owners can edit contact information, photos, menu, prices, business hours, minimum order amount, etc.

  • Order Notification

    Get real-time notifications about all the orders received along with required order details to ensure timely and successful delivery to users.

  • Track Payments

    With an online food delivery app, restaurants also get effective tools to manage their earnings, add account details, track payments, and balances in one place.

  • Inventory Management

    The flexible on-demand app also allows store owners to manage their inventory and pricing structure through a unified dashboard.

  • Control Center

    The food delivery app owner has all the control over delivery agents, registered restaurants, and everything else using a browser-based panel.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Track all the activities on the platform, such as the number of orders, drivers’ performance, and more, and use stats for data-driven decisions to grow the business.

  • Restaurant Management

    All the restaurants, food chains, and stores registered on the app are controlled by the admin panel to maintain a robust supply side.

  • Track & Manage Drivers

    Owners can add, remove, block, and manage drivers using a single food delivery app and keep eye on their work hours and schedule.

  • Customer Management

    Admin can use the app to manage all the users of the app, view their orders in real-time, check reviews, track orders history, and more.

  • Feedback Management

    View and manage feedback from customers, delivery agents, and restaurants to find poor performers, and maintain business standards.

  • Manage Categories

    App owners can also manage and customize different categories, including restaurants, menus, cuisines, offers, promos, etc., for better services.

  • Logistics Integration

    Make your on-demand food delivery app successful and more efficient by integrating the platform with third-party logistics partners.

  • Loyalty Program

    Engage your regular app users and offer them a seamless experience with loyalty programs and enjoy higher revenue.

  • Geofencing

    Do you want to offer food delivery services to a specific area? Then geofencing is the perfect feature to mark the boundaries and set food delivery zones.

  • VoIP Calls

    We enable the VoIP call feature while offering food delivery app development solutions so users can connect through VoIP software instead of a phone network.

  • In-app Chat

    Whether users want to get in touch with food delivery customer support or delivery agents, in-app chat allows them to chat with a concerned person quickly.

  • Number Masking

    This advanced feature gives the option to users to hide their contact details or disable the number sharing option based on their preference.

  • Heat Map

    Heat map view is the feature for business owners to find the areas with maximum food delivery orders, hot pickup zones, and drop-off zones.

Benefits of Our Food Delivery App Development

  • Built To Scale

    Built To Scale

    As you grow from a startup to an established enterprise, the robust app built on the cloud infrastructure also grows to handle a large volume of orders.

  • Diverse Expertise

    Diverse Expertise

    Our experience with global clients helps us to support diverse business models, and use key insights to deliver powerful on-demand food delivery apps.

  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Give your customers a unique food ordering experience with an attractive logo and theme designed especially for your brand and push your business forward.

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    Our support team is available to provide your technical assistance round the clock, from ideation and development to post-launch.

Have questions about food delivery app development? Find your answers here.

The exact time to develop and deploy a food delivery app depends on various factors involved in the development process. Rather than delivering a pre-built application, our team works on every project from scratch and strives to achieve the best results. We understand all your business needs, explore opportunities, get familiar with your strategies to plan the most suitable application. The final development time depends on the complexities involved, custom integrations, platforms, features, testing, level of customization, etc.

Even if you offer free installation for your on-demand food delivery platform, there are various ways to earn revenue and make money. The first common and major source is a commission that app owners charge from the listed or partnered restaurants based on per order made through the app. Sponsored ads and paid listing is another way to charge from partners to help them get better visibility and reach. Selling merchandise, delivery charges, in-app purchases, referral marketing, promotions, etc., are also popular ways to make money.

Yes. A3logics is a trusted development partner for custom solutions across various domains. We don’t provide the same solutions to all our clients but work on every project from scratch, ensuring unique features and functionalities in every app. So, all the apps that we deliver are 100% customized according to business requirements and specifications. Also, our developers make sure that your app aligns with your business strategies and scales according to your business growth.

We are committed to our clients and stay with them until they are completely satisfied with our on-demand food delivery app development solutions. Starting from ideation and strategizing, our consultants assist them at every stage, give them updates about the progress, and once the deployment and launch are done, our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock to offer any help they require. Feel free to connect with us anytime and we promise to resolve your issues at the earliest.

We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients and stick to our words, no matter what. As you get on board with us, we explain all the costs involved in custom food delivery app development in different models. You can choose the most suitable model based on your business needs. Our team has designed a transparent and simple pricing structure and rest assured that there will be no hidden charges that you will encounter. You just have to pay for the services you choose, and not a penny more.

For us, every project is crucial and we consider various factors and business requirements before quoting the final cost. As we adopt a fresh approach for every project, and also every client has unique specifications and needs, the final cost to develop a food delivery app varies. The primary factors that affect the total money you spend on food delivery app development include

  • Features- Basic, optional, and advanced
  • Project and app complexity
  • Size of the app
  • Size of the team involved
  • Total time required
  • Functionality
  • Platform- Android, iOS, or both.
  • Tech stack

From a single restaurant to a popular food chain business, everyone is moving to online food delivery businesses for better customer reach. Offering a unified platform to users and delivering their favorite meal to their doorstep can take your business to new heights. The team of A3logics holds the industry-specific expertise required to build flexible and powerful food delivery apps. We create a brand using attractive themes, innovative designs, and cutting-edge technologies. As a reading food delivery app development company, we ensure

  • Flexible business model
  • Time and cost-efficiency
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Seamless third-party integrations
  • Diverse market expertise
  • Built to scale

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