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Building aesthetic, natively compiled, multi-platform, fast & productive application from a single codebase.

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About Client - Flutter Mobile App Development

Delivering distinctive and world-class content to inform, educate and entertain millions of people

The client owns a news channel in Bochum, Germany that creates & delivers impartial and independent world-class programs and content to inform, entertain, and educate millions of people. From local to global news, the client's news channel offers news related to sports, sound & music, radio, and much more. The client also won an award for world-class distributor and digital service provider. The client wanted to introduce a weather application to its list so came up with A3logics with the requirements.

Flutter Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - Flutter App Development Agency

Delivering excellence and symmetry in the application with the business through Flutter.

The client wanted the application to match the business environment as well as other application themes. The weather app should be seamlessly connected with the database and servers of the new channel so that the viewers can get the latest update on the weather straight from the channel.

The app must be available on both Android and iOS platforms for all the viewers, just like others. The app must also be intuitively designed for the users with details, such as every hour temperature, sunrise & sunset, weekly forecast, precipitation, humidity & air quality as well as severe weather alert.

Our Solutions - Flutter App Development Company

Enlightening everyday viewers with weather forecasts at their fingertips.

A3logics decided to develop the application on Google's Flutter. Using the business logic component design pattern, the architecture of the weather application was made and showcased to the client. The application constituted of the following -

Weather Page

The view part of the application as soon as the viewer clicks on the app icon. The page displayed a lot of data systematically and interactively, which is easy to understand and grab. The page displays the real-time weather conditions information, animated phases of the moon & sun, a selection of up to 10 cities for monitoring their weather air quality, humidity & precipitation, a weather map, and a weekly weather forecast.

Component Bloc

This feature of the application consists of business logic. The app will be provided data through streams that handle user input events. In every bloc component of the application, the data gets fetched from the repository and sent to the data stream. In order to prevent memory leaks, our developers created a disposal method for the bloc class that can be called from the widget's dispose method.


A repository was made that held the responsibility to provide uninterrupted data to the upper layers of the application. Our developers used JSON to fetch the data with the help of API and then convert the data into Dart (Flutter) objects. The repository was able to cache the current data to the local database in order to provide the latest data despite the network unavailability.


API Data Packages were used by the developers in order to fetch relevant data such as severe weather, lifestyle indices, historical weather data, traffic data, seasonal & sub-seasonal forecasts, and others. Through a simple class with a static method, reports could be easily fetched from the news channel database or repository.


The feature offers 12-hour precipitation maps for the country/region that the viewer has selected. Temperature and precipitation data is sourced from the repositories connected to the database and satellite that source the national weather channels.

Key Highlights - Flutter App Development Services

Creating Next-Gen Application With Expressive Framework.

A3logics offers a complete range of Flutter applications that renders agile and time-saving development and intuitive design capabilities. With Flutter, our developers can deliver a real native experience. Hence, with Dart as a programming language, we can proffer -

  • iOS & Wearable Application

    We employ dedicated and experienced Flutter developers only that are capable of creating aesthetic and sophisticated UI for iOS devices. The developers are capable of using custom widgets that enable them to create rows, columns, buttons, containers, and texts in no time.

  • Android App Development

    Flutter offers convenience widgets for both material and Cupertino design. Our developers are well-versed with the styling & other relevant widgets that the Flutter framework provides. They can quickly shape, style, and color individual widgets that render consistency and reusability of the theme data throughout the application.

  • Cross-platform App Development

    Our developers use the Hot Reload feature of the Flutter that helps them to easily build and implement UIs, features, and fix bugs for diverse platforms. They ensure that the feature updates the source code files in time for the continuous flow of information regardless of changes. Developers use Hot Reload to compile with other languages for cross-platform feature development.

  • Migration and Upgradation

    With Flutter, developers can seamlessly migrate the data of other applications to a brand new one. Package libraries offer backward compatibility. Our developers use FlutterPlugin to encourage swift upgrades.

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Tools & Technologies Used by Flutter App Developer

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

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The Result - Flutter Mobile App Development Company

The outcome of Flutter App Development Solution for Weather Report.

The result was clear as glass. The client could see the symmetry of them, design, style, and more of the weather application with their other applications and business themes. Using Flutter was the best choice, as the application outperformed in delivering exceptional user experience, API stability, real-time weather forecast, data retrieving of precipitation & humidity, sun & moon phases, and more. The client was also happy about implementing Flutter as the platform offers an in-built testing infrastructure for unit, integration, and widgets without the need to render them on screen.

The performance of the app was phenomenal, with better UI consistency, enhancing the success rate by 30% after the development of the Flutter Application.

Flutter Mobile App Development Company

Summary - Hire Flutter App Developers

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the Flutter app development.

This case study explained the need for a Weather App by a News Channel. The preferred language for the application development was Flutter. Through a powerful language, Dart, the application was created using the upper-level widgets as a parameter. With Flutter, the application looked and felt like a native application equally for Android and iOS platforms. The aesthetic user interface in as little time as possible through Material and Cupertino design used by the A3logics Flutter app developers. The development process was also accentuated with Flutter's stateful Hot Reload, which allowed developers to see code changes immediately and run the app without restarting or losing its current state.

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