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Fantasy Sports App Development company in USA

Rope in A3logics, a leading fantasy sports app development company in USA, to build an app with enticing user interfaces and an immersive user experience.

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A3logics Offers

World-Class Fantasy Sports App Development Services in the USA

Our white label fantasy sports apps provide you with premium solutions for your sports fan engagement.

Whether you require custom sports development services to assist your sporting company or streamline internal communications, we help you by providing remarkable solutions for your current and future needs. Our sports web application development company offers more than adequate solutions that can bring unsurpassed user engagement in no time.

A3logics specializes in developing fantasy sports software and mobile application solutions that are both audience-captive and scalable, reliable, and adhere to all regulations and compliances. With a dedicated and creative team in place, we always stay ahead of our competitors and offer top-notch fantasy sports solutions to all our clients. Providing customizable features and responsive and user-friendly fantasy sports software solutions for the fantasy sports web apps will improve the user experience.

A3logics Softwares owes this to every team member who relentlessly pushed new frontiers of their imagination to bring revolutionary ideas to life and then turned them into reality.

Best Fantasy Sports App Development Services in USA

Features From Fantasy Sports App Development In USA

Advance features that we use in our Fantasy sports app development are

Fantasy Sports Leaderboard

Fantasy Sports Leaderboard

We offer a wide range of fantasy sports app development services with a state-of-the-art leaderboard that allows players to fully track gameplay and stay on top of scores.

Fantasy Sports Game Lobby

Fantasy Sports Game Lobby

Whether it is a simple & easy-to-navigate selection of advanced filters such as sports leagues, duration, user categories, etc., we can help you in every way.

Manual & Integrated Data Feeds

Manual & Integrated Data Feeds

Our fantasy sports application integrates manual and automatic data feeds from some of the world's most acclaimed data feed providers.

Custom Ad-Modules

Custom Ad-Modules

Using the robust fantasy sports app development solution from A3logics, fantasy sports businesses can increase revenue by integrating customized ad modules within apps that easily crack sponsorship deals.

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Payment gateways provide a convenient and secure way to make payments. Our fantasy sports app development integrated solutions offer a comprehensive payment system that allows players to use their preferred payment method.

Multiple Draft Types

Multiple Draft Types

A3logics fantasy sports developers have experience integrating & customizing a wide variety of draft types, including auction drafts, offline drafts, auto drafts, salary caps, live drafts, high bid/low bid, and third-party live match feeds.

Custom Fantasy Sports App Developers In USA

A3 has got it covered for you. We develop all major sports in fantasy Sports mobile app development services.

  • Fantasy Cricket App Development

    Fantasy Cricket App Development

    Using A3Logics' robust technology platform, we develop an end-to-end fantasy cricket app that delivers a flawless gaming experience. We have expertise in building quality, customized, and white-labeled fantasy cricket apps for popular leagues at cost-effective rates.

  • Fantasy Football App Development

    Fantasy Football App Development

    We consider the user's needs and incorporate our expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional fantasy football app development. Our fantasy sports solution is fully compatible with multiple devices and offers multilingual and cryptocurrency support, security features, marketing guidance, and much more.

  • Fantasy Basketball App Development

    Fantasy Basketball App Development

    A3logics provides white-labeled fantasy basketball software to make the gaming experience seamless and enjoyable. In order to prevent players from experiencing any inconvenience, our proactive fantasy sports app developers in USA craft apps that are highly engaging, scalable, intuitive, robust, and have several indispensable features.

  • Fantasy Baseball App Development

    Fantasy Baseball App Development

    Help your users by making them managers of their own fantasy baseball team with our seamless and captivating fantasy baseball software solution. Our custom fantasy sports app development in USA reveals a myriad of features, including a view of the gaming fields. In addition, we also offer loyalty programs, badges of achievement, player cards, exciting game types, and more for an unbeatable experience.

Ace the Fantasy Gaming App Development In USA

We provide the highest quality fantasy sports applications development services to solve complex business problems.

Customizable Fantasy Sports App Essential

With A3logics' advanced, all-in-one fantasy sports app development solution, you can take your fantasy platform to the next level.

Player Panel

  • Easy Sign Up

    Quick social logins deter users from going through a lengthy registration process.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    You can find out scores, upcoming matches, top teams, and best players with real-time push notifications.

  • Create And Join Contests

    You can create a match or contest with just a few clicks and invite your family and friends.

Customizable Fantasy Sports App Essential
  • Create Fantasy Team

    Make sure that your winning strategy always stays on top by selecting the players you like most.

  • Invite & Earn

    Get your friends, colleagues, and family involved in the engaging match and earn cash as more participants join.

  • User Dashboard

    A user's profile will be available for viewing and updating, including transactions, account management, overall ranking checks, and invites.

Admin Panel in Fantasy League App Development

  • Admin Dashboard

    View current and upcoming matches, scheduled matches, live matches, played games, participants, and total revenue in real time.

  • User Management

    Manually activate and deactivate users' accounts while maintaining a healthy environment.

  • League Management

    Assist in the management of users by manually activating and deactivating their accounts during tournaments.

Customizable Fantasy Sports App Essential
  • Bonus & Referral

    Individual users can win cash rewards and have their winnings tracked while keeping track of individual prize amounts.

  • Transaction & Reporting

    With in-built templates, you can create powerful reports with information about popular contests, incomes, user participation, and more.

  • Manage Content

    You can control, add, and update the content that looks most engaging & readable to you for your users.

Advanced Modules

  • Player Records

    You can send alerts to individual users for direct engagement based on their individual player records.

  • Customer Engagement

    Maintain customer engagement by integrating third-party apps, such as CRMs and CMSs, with fantasy sports apps.

  • Real Time Analysis

    Find out how your fantasy sports app is performing in real-time using complete real-time data insights.

Customizable Fantasy Sports App Essential
  • GPS Location Tracking

    By informing your users about local matches or upcoming matches, you will engage them more.

  • Push Notification

    Using notifications, you can send instant messages regarding match timings, scores, results, and more.

  • Live Match Score

    With the LIVE Score API Integration, users can check LIVE scores for matches anytime and anywhere.

Why Engage A3logics Leading Fantasy Sports App Developers In USA

Our Fantasy Sports App Developers have extensive experience crafting UI-rich & responsive applications for fantasy sports enthusiasts, leagues, clubs, and professionals.

Unmatched Sports App Design

Unmatched Sports App Design

We provide millennials and Gen-Z users with an easy-to-use fantasy sports app that is designed and developed by experienced & creative fantasy sports app designers.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

We are available round-the-clock to answer your queries, ensuring your peace of mind. Our analysts are always alert and ready to help whenever needed.

Fantasy Sports Experts

Custom Fantasy Sports App Development Company In USA

As a company that has dealt with global clients & their needs for over a decade, we know that a good fantasy sports application must be compliant.

Quality Assurance On Applications

Quality Assurance On Applications

The analysts at our software testing department are as good as our developers, using the latest regression testing techniques multiple times to guarantee a smooth gaming experience.

White-Label App Development

White-Label App Development

By offering a customized and intuitive fantasy game app development in USA integrated with the latest technology, including augmented reality and blockchain, we help you stay ahead of the competition.

Scalable Platform

Scalable platform

The fantasy app development in USA solution from A3logics offers top-tier performance, high scalability, and the capacity to handle a million users.

Our Technology Stack

We incorporate advanced technologies in all aspects of our services for avid fantasy sports enthusiasts.

  • technology angular
  • react
  • flutter
  • android
  • technology xamrin-1
  • swift
  • google-api
  • ionic
  • xcode
  • technology html-5
  • css
  • saas
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • adobe xd
  • sketch


Have more questions on Fantasy Sports App Development services? Answered here.

In order to determine the fantasy app development cost in USA, it is necessary to decide on the requirement. The price for a fantasy sports app for android varies from the iOS version or if you would like an app developed for both Android and iOS, and also varies depending on the complexity & third-party integrations.

Contact A3logics the leading fantasy sports betting development company in the USA, for cost-effective and efficient services.

An intuitive and engaging design is the most important component of any product development process, without which it would be difficult for users to interact with it. Additionally, intuitive and captivating designs are responsible for attracting more users and enhancing their experiences.

As the leading fantasy sports app development company, A3logics develops apps and websites for all kinds of platforms. In addition to football, rugby, hockey, kabaddi, soccer, cricket, and many more, we develop apps and websites for: football, rugby, hockey, kabaddi, soccer, cricket, and many more.

As part of our services as fantasy sports app development company in USA, we are also providing 90 days of free post-development support and maintenance to our clients. For support beyond that, you may hire our expert team at a nominal charge.

Our high-tech advanced developers uses following technologies for Developing a Fantasy Sports Applications

  • Node JS.
  • MongoDB.
  • Flutter.
  • Kotlin.
  • Java.
  • Swift.
  • Angular JS.
  • Bootstrap.

A3logics -fantasy sports app development company in USA, offers best in class services, we develop and thus follow no constraint. Thus we are open for app development following any new advanced technology in the industry.

A successful fantasy sports business starts with the right and concise planning and necessary research. Furthermore, you should find & partner with reliable data feed providers. With this comes the next step: selecting the right solution - white-label or custom fantasy app development. Cooperating with the right solution provider will help you achieve your goals.

There are several benefits to getting a fantasy sports application. Here are a few:

  • You get seamless access to your customers.
  • Allow users to create their preferred team.
  • Promote your brand- great place for brand awareness
  • Generate revenue hassle-free-increase sales and conversions.
  • You get to boost engagement with your target audience
  • Drive more traffi cto your website
  • Build a lasting relationship with your customers
  • These apps are effortless to upgrade

With A3logics top custom mobile fantasy sports app development and programming services, we can build the app from scratch or provide a framework within which you can create a custom fantasy app to accommodate all major sports, team dimensions, and user expectations.

We offer white-labeled templates for clients who want to implement them immediately. Our templates are well built, equipped with crucial features, and easily customizable to meet business goals while captivating your target audience and increasing profits.

To choose the right fantasy sports app development company in USA, ensure a few things, such as -

  • Good experience in developing fantasy sports app.
  • Team of developers, designers, & testers.
  • Customer reviews & testimonials about their services.
  • Business listings over renowned websites.
  • Technology, tools, practices, features & methodologies they implement.

Over a decade of dedicated experience, A3logics has been building reliable & proficient fantasy sports apps. All fantasy sports applications are developed using the latest technology and using best practices and methodologies to improve the user experience.

A3logics -fantasy sports app development company in usa specialises in developing Fantasy Sports Software and mobile app solutions that are both user-friendly and scalable, reliable, and built to abide by all regulations and compliances. By establishing a dedicated and creative sports app development team, we constantly stay ahead of the competition and offer top fantasy sports solutions to all our clients, providing smoother user experiences with fully custom-integrated features; dynamic and user-friendly fantasy sports software solutions for the modern sports trade.

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We helped a passionate sports enthusiast develop a scalable virtual gaming platform with AI/ML-based features.

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