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Fantasy Sports App Development - Case Study

A3logics' multi-tenancy and off-the-shelf architecture of a Fantasy Sports Solution surpassed the usual gaming experience.

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About Client

Leading Organizing Agency of Cricket and Football Events Globally

Our client is a leading sports agency in the U.S that organizes multiple sports events. The client owns a simple, basic feature fantasy sports solution that allows their players to participate and engage in tournaments. The client is looking to ramify the services by offering real-time news on prediction lineups, view of each player's profile info - current team, position, substitute in, goals, flags, & more. The client wanted to capitalize on an app integrated with the latest technology and advanced features so that it could bring a unique experience to its existing customers and encourage social impact.

Fantasy Sports App Development - Case Study

Business Challenge

The client's app was unappealing with basic features which couldn't meet multiple users needs.

To date, the client offered an open-source platform to its customers. Despite the free-to-play platform, they saw a sudden fall in the number of users. Additionally, they found that the existing fantasy app lacked many features which couldn't captivate new customers.

  • The client's software lacked enough compute power and had to update scores manually, due to which they could not deliver a substantial level of user experience.

  • The lack of new software releases sometimes broke the application, which again led to a drop in user satisfaction.

  • The application also couldn't handle traffic surges that occurred when nearing the end of the contest.

Our Solutions

Our Fantasy Sports App was integrated with advanced solutions & aesthetic design for seamless navigation & gaming experience.

A3logics first tested the functionality of the application on multiple environments and the load the software could handle. After thorough analysis and testing, A3logics analysts suggested developing a new fantasy sports application. The client was in accordance with the need for a new and improved fantasy app, especially for fantasy cricket and fantasy football, as their customers were cricket and football enthusiasts.

Dashboard Insights

Our powerful and insightful dashboard is integrated with business intelligence and data highway to facilitate analysis of multifold user behavior, like duration of user engagement that helps to understand user preferences supporting decision making.

Rich Social Offering

We developed a chat system exclusively for like-minded sports enthusiasts, which offers the opportunity to interact and retain users. The robust fantasy sports app could sync other users' contact, lets users set up chats, form groups to participate in contests, and see scores & ranks.

Machine Learning Capabilities

We integrated machine learning capabilities with a fantasy sports app development solution to automate thousands of image and video analyses every day. Our exclusive fantasy sports can help detect frauds and forecast contest demand. ML-driven recommendations help users to choose new contests based on their past choices.

Millisecond Latency For User Interaction

We understand the criticality of reliability in the fantasy sports industry for continuous engagement. A3logics' developers integrate millisecond latency across Android, iOS, and web platforms. We also integrate Web application firewall and shield to protect against external attacks and access management for optimum employee access control.

Key Highlights

Benefits from our feature-rich & cost-effective fantasy sports app development services!

The A3logics team developed and implemented the solution using agile development practices that facilitates fast and smooth operations.

  • Manual & Integrated Data Feeds

    A3logics ensured that the client delivered engaging & uninterrupted solutions hence, included manual as well as integrated data feeds in the fantasy football & cricket app.

  • Referral Bonus

    A3logics' competent team integrated referral bonus for continuous engagement, which further maximized the customer base.

  • State-of-the-art Leaderboard

    Our comprehensive view leaderboard offered a perfect display of players, tournaments, referrals, and much more for our client to manage all through a single screen.

  • Fantasy Sports Game Lobby

    We developed an intuitive & fantasy game lobby with advanced filters of draft types, game types, durations, user category & more that can be customized as per future needs.

  • Custom Ad-Modules

    We designed the fantasy sports application in a way that let the client easily integrate custom ads that helped them provide additional revenue.

  • Multiple Draft Types

    As per our client's needs, we developed & integrated multiple draft types inclusive, auction draft, offline draft, live draft, salary caps, auto drafts, pick'ems & more that can be customized as per requirements.

  • Achievement Badges

    A3logics professional developers build a solution that offers unique experiences by adding creative and captivating gaming awards that motivated hundreds & thousands of users.

  • Major Cryptocurrencies Support

    Our fantasy sports app developers integrated advanced tools & technology during the development of a fantasy sports app, including various cryptocurrencies for versatile customers.

  • Daily, Weekly & Season Long Formats

    We have developed easy-to-navigate game formats for the client's users so that both can monitor, update and edit daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy sports games as per convenience.

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Highlights of Our Engaging and Interactive Fantasy Cricket & Football App. From quick & smooth signup to choosing leagues to enjoy referral rewards, we've got you all covered.

Tools & Technologies

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Angular 4.7.7

    Angular 4.7.7

  • technology Java 8

    Java 8

  • technology Swift 4.0

    Swift 4.0

  • technology Loopback 3.0

    Loopback 3.0

  • technology Node.js


  • technology

  • technology PHP 5.6

    PHP 5.6

  • technology Restful using JSON

    Restful using JSON

  • technology Kotlin


  • technology Objective-C


  • technology .Net


  • technology HTML5


  • technology C#


  • technology Flutter


  • technology JavaScript


The Result

Here are the numbers that speak of our quality results


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Increase in Revenue


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Brief analysis of mobile app development case study on Fantasy Sports

A3logics partnership with the sports agency delivered a risk-free, easy-to-access, & performance-driven fantasy sports application that can manage even higher loads. The brand was able to scale its web servers during on-demand cricket or football season without affecting the performance of the app. The client now has the confidence and agility to keep up with the changing needs of software updates while reducing the operating cost. Our client's happiness is because of how they can address and benefit from the growing demands offering them flexibility, robust & seamless performance, and all-time availability to customer needs.

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