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Enterprise Learning Management System

Retainment and expansion got a lot easier with our extensive & secure enterprise learning management system.

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Enterprise LMS that Empower Businesses

Experience the powerful integrated enterprise learning management system for consistent training.

Whether you want to manage everything from a single platform or want to create aesthetic courses integrated with videos, images, exams, assessments, & more, we have got you covered. With our cloud-based enterprise learning management system, companies can deliver corporate training & enhance professional knowledge and skills. Companies can leverage our full-suite of scalable Enterprise LMS to maintain certifications and administer training while complying with the government and state regulations.

Our customizable and trusted LMS for the enterprise lets you cultivate a culture of learning to upskill & transform the workspace. The single & extended enterprise LMS also lets companies train their business partners, giving them a specialized learning path. With extended LMS, companies can quickly create, deliver, coordinate, serve numerous clients and customize the system to suit their training needs. The multi-tenant capability helps LMS to render seamless & streamlined onboarding, better workplace learning, automation of common processes and compliance management.

Enterprise LMS that Empower Businesses

Could Your Company Benefit from Using an Extended Enterprise LMS?

Transform your workplace into learning with Best Enterprise LMS designed for every team & every use.

Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

With our extended enterprise LMS, companies can drastically reduce their online training expenses compared to traditional training. No longer paying the cost of developing extensive LMS, our tailored & highly-customizable learning management system for your enterprise reduces the cost & enhances the training & performance.

Customer Serving

Customer Serving

Our Enterprise LMS renders endless possibilities to serve multiple customers and provide them with a personalized experience. Companies can also render internal training, the ability to customize learning experience, and control the course content and branding.

Extensive Reporting

Extensive Reporting

Our open-source enterprise LMS is easy to use, offering a comprehensive report of elearning courses from one place instead of exporting and importing data from various systems to get a complete picture of training courses.

Product & Service Training

Product & Service Training

Our extensive & scalable Enterprise LMS lets companies render training for their customers about the product and its use to accelerate the chances of renewal, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease the cost of support.

Centralized Data Storage

Centralized Data Storage

Our cloud-based LMS for enterprises can store a wide range of data in a centralized location while reducing the risk of data loss and easy distribution of the training material when needed without worrying about sensitive data.

Online Training for Partners

Online Training for Partners

Keep everyone in the loop, internal and external, train all stakeholders, and offer consistent information even when you have new products to come up with our advanced technology integrated extended enterprise learning management system.

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Looking for Best Enterprise LMS? Find out how we can help you reach your goals.

Enterprise Learning Management System Features

Discover all-new enterprise LMS that gives you the freedom to create, manage and scale your learning programs

  • Cloud Hosted SaaS

    Our cloud-based Enterprise LMS is quick to launch, responsive, offers multiple site support, autoscaling, secure, and cost-effective. Companies focus on their operations as our LMS handles the backups, updates & storage.

  • On-Premises Installation

    Our on-premise enterprise solution allows greater control & customization with utmost security. With just a one-time perpetual license, companies can launch the best & self-hosted enterprise LMS.

  • Open Source Enterprise LMS

    We assist companies with a handful of employees by rendering a free or open-source LMS with bare minimum cost with core features and benefits integrated.

  • Localization and Languages

    Our Enterprise LMS software lets you break the communication barrier by supporting more than 120 languages that get set up quickly and enhance the possibility to spread globally.

  • Personalized Learning Experiences

    We render LMS for a large enterprise that automatically assigns roles and training content to the electives, community groups, and resources whenever learners need them.

  • Enterprise Wide Report Automation

    Our extended Enterprise LMS lets you run custom training reports across enterprises, providing a system-wide view of learners while configuring the system to automatically send customized reports to the supervisor.

  • Distributed Administration

    Our customizable enterprise LMS software lets managers take charge of their training initiatives by customizing permissions for accessing the content and assigning them within their domain.

  • Extended Enterprise LMS

    Our extended enterprise LMS software offers a unified platform for you to reach your internal and external learners without the need for switching between systems & provide specialized learning paths.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Our Extended Enterprise Learning Management System can automatically assign courses as per roles and create recurring while providing certifications after completion to manage compliance and regulatory training needs.

Enterprise LMS Implementation with A3logics

Stay committed to success with our extensive LMS for enterprise tailored to drive product adoption, reduce churn rate & help the business make money.

Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

Get hands on the most proliferated and extensive cloud-based LMS software development service and experience high-quality, exceptional, and transformational learning.

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LMS Integration

Achieve your business goals and increase sales with our highly scalable, mobile-friendly, and ready-to-use LMS integration services.

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LMS Consulting

Our expertise in consultation has maximized a lot of customers ROI while reducing learning costs and empowering you to make informed decisions.

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Mobile Learning Solutions

Leverage the innovative concepts and designs of the new age and modern mlearning solutions to aim for just-in-time learning opportunities.

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LMS Customization

Avail tailor-made and result-oriented web and app customization solutions for your learning management system for the most reliable source.

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Drive Results with the Best Custom Enterprise LMS

Get value for money while reducing costs by integrating our Enterprise Learning Management System eLMS.

A cost for Enterprise LMS implementation ($80,000 to $290,000+) depends on various factors like the complexity of the software, multilingual support, scope of integrations, number of users and their locations, use of advanced & immersive technologies, historical elearning data, and more.

Drive Results with the Best Custom Enterprise LMS

Why Partner with A3logics for Enterprise LMS Software?

We render Enterprise LMS makes learning faster, easy to scale, easy to train any audience, provides ultra-fast authoring, intelligent administration & best support.

Why Partner with A3logics for Enterprise LMS Software?

A3logics provides a fully managed & easy-to-implement enterprise-grade learning management system that supports AWS cloud hosting, seamless management, quick customization, and on-time support for the team to focus on polishing the learner experience and support end-users. Additionally, with our Open-source Enterprise LMS, you get

  • Exceptional Industry-leading LMS solution
  • Fully Tailored Learning Platform
  • Complete Reliability, Assured Uptime, and Utmost Security
  • Open-source Advantages Like - Customization, Control, Management, Accessibility, etc.
  • Powerful & Cost-effective Functionality

Know More About Enterprise Learning Management System eLMS

Frequently asked questions to empower your learning space about Enterprise LMS.

An extended enterprise LMS lets the companies train multiple, both internal and external audiences, through a single system. On the other hand, an Enterprise LMS is meant for complete administration and delivery of the corporate level training for the employees of the organization that helps them build skills.

Yes, our extremely talented and dedicated team of LMS developers can offer smooth integration services and support & maintenance services when needed.

Larger enterprises have numerous employees for which management and monitoring are extremely crucial & difficult at the same time. With an LMS, companies can seamlessly onboard new employees while keeping them productive through continuous training and skill enhancement as per their roles & profession. Additionally, an LMS can boost employee motivation, which is crucial for employee retention, better the accessibility to courses, allow easy analysis of learning initiatives, and finally improve ROI.

Whether you are looking for a tailored on-premise LMS or cloud-based LMS or a new LMS developed from scratch, LMS consulting services by A3logics will help with all your LMS needs. However, you might want to connect with the developer for any doubt or confusion, or sudden change in your idea, for which there are multiple communication tools to connect.

You can either email them, connect through phone, skype them or use similar tools such as Slack, Teams, or more. These tools help you clear/transparent communication to ensure an effective final product as you thought. Additionally, connecting with LMS developers directly can help you with extra information, such as LMS integration solutions, Customized LMS solutions, LCMS, mobile learning solutions, and many more.

Custom LMS Development Demo

Custom LMS Development Demo

Experience the efficiency first hand by making yourself familiar with all the features that our custom learning management system has to offer. In this tour, you will find out how a Custom LMS works from both the learner as well as the admin’s perspective.

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