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A trusted and authentic enterprise data management solution for data-driven businesses.

Data is an invaluable asset for any enterprise and with a high volume of data being accumulated at a great speed, organizations look for a trusted source to integrate it. With business expansion and increased dependency on competitive forces, companies need reliable and customer-oriented data from varied sources. They are often so overwhelmed by endless information and data that they have no idea what to make out of it. Also, as a huge amount is involved in data collection, they seek a trusted partner to manage the data, process it, and generate timelty reports. A3logics’ Enterprise Data Management services help enterprises manage and visualize the data efficiently that is collected from different departments and sources. Our team makes sure that companies meet their data management goals successfully while maintaining compliance, quality, security, and cost-effectiveness. Our scalable solutions facilitate easy search, tracking, retrieval and storage of data and allows enterprises to access the information in a secure environment. With end-to-end EDM solutions, we aim at delivering accurate, consistent and transparent data environments to our customers.

Our Enterprise Data Management Solutions Offerings

A3logics offers a spectrum of EDM solutions to take care of all your specific and unique data management needs.

Data Governance

Through the governance model, we create a single source for trusted data that is used to reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. We define data policies to classify, organize, store and analyze data for accurate decision making.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the initial phase of data management to create a unified data from multiple sources. The IT experts implement a data warehouse that scales up and down according to the environment. Our EDM solutions take care of the deployment and deliver clean data.

Data Migration

A3logics guarantees disruption-free and smooth data migration by utilizing tested tools and technologies. We will streamline, upgrade, and automate the existing processes and transfer it to an entirely new system with reduced risks, lower costs, and without hampering data.

Data Integration

Data integration is the best choice for strategic business initiatives and leverage the true potential of raw data. By merging systems or data of two different companies or units, we craft a single system for your data asset. With all the key information in one place, you can have better business insights.

Data Indexing

Our enterprise data management service also includes data storing and indexing. Our team helps you configure the data flow to build a scalable Big Data storage and mechanism. We use advanced and effective storage devices, hardware, and metadata tags for smooth data search and retrieval.

Data Designing

Through EDM consulting, we understand all the critical aspects of your business to find what needs to be improved and what needs to be replaced. Then we adopt a robust procedure, defining all the fields and layers that store all the business data in a secure and organized form.

EDM Services Benefits

Enterprise Data Management is considered a valuable asset for businesses as it manages and stores data efficiently.

  • Informed Decisions

    With efficient and strategic management of data, enterprises can make informed decisions while complying with regulations and making quick changes.

  • Standardized Data

    For companies with global and national branches, enterprise data management services bring consistency across various locations and departments.

  • Data Security

    When you seek data management solutions from a proficient team, you can be assured that the information stays secure and protected from any theft or hacks.

  • Seamless Integration

    EDM consulting also eliminates data silos, be it external or internal, and creates a unified data. It consolidates systems and integrates them seamlessly.


Data Management Process

We adopt a flexible and holistic EDM process that works the best for your business growth.



Our EDM consulting experts will start by assessing your data flows, business objectives, issues, competitive landscape, etc., to create an effective strategy that aligns with the business goals.


Data Processes

Then we will move on with thorough research of what are your priorities, how to accomplish them by EDM implementation, the right way to measure success while defining short-term and long-term goals.


Determine Strategy

For enterprise data management to be successful, it is important to put a great strategy in place. Hence, we craft a well-defined procedure to meet the required standards and safeguard data.



To ensure top-notch enterprise data management solutions, we evaluate your IT infrastructure meticulously. The aim is to integrate data and business processes with the latest technologies and tools.


Roadmap & Execution

With the right team and methodologies on board, we create a roadmap. Our professionals make sure that businesses avoid pitfalls, mitigate risks due to data loss, and implement EDM smoothly.

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