How the dedicated A3Logics development team enhanced overall
business performance by making last mile connectivity efficient and
accurate for better health care services?


The client is in the field of health and financial management services based in CA, United States. They are acknowledged for providing efficiency and accuracy to Insurance service providers and employees alike.

But, the were facing issues like in terms of matching health care compliance, addressing personal health information like HIPAA and SOC II Type II benchmarks, and poor data management across multiple healthcare and insurance systems. There was no specific plan to be future ready.

The biggest hurdle they were facing was effective data management across multiple systems. It is the most important prospect in any sector, as it encourages better performance.

They needed assistance in terms of effective program management to resolve their issues that included delays, loss of files, poor documentation, unsatisfying customer experience, and more.

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Our Approach

The client is in the Health Insurance management domain based in CA, United States. The solutions offered by the client cater to delivering efficiency and accuracy to insurance service providers and employees alike


A3logics was hired for the need for an effective as well as the result-oriented solution to align everything in place. The dedicated team did an excellent job by creating customizable software for the organization that can be used to manage multiple systems to stay abreast of all the data needed to make relevant and informed decisions and provide an excellent customer experience.

Our Solutions

We helped the client with a robust Last Mile connectivity For accurate Health Care Service.

The team started building the design and architecture, keeping in mind the complexity of the solution making Last Mile connectivity efficient and accurate for better Health Care services. Identifying the relevant technology was crucial, so we assessed deep learning algorithms that could help share meaningful Insights with consumers.

One of the key deliverables was to ensure the performance challenges associated with legacy systems had to be addressed as well. Since the technology was to communicate with third-party systems, the team recognized the technology and delivered the solution in a committed timeline. Compared to earlier legacy systems, the performance of the system improved by 68%, and data accuracy was achieved by 100% as monitored over a 12-month window.


We helped them in overcoming all the challenges in terms of keeping in mind Health Care Compliance that addressed Personal Health Information like HIPAA and SOC II Type II benchmarks. We also assisted with the technology that helped in the development of multi-modal solutions. It reduced the troubles faced while providing services through multiple healthcare and insurance systems.

This shows how we overcame all the hurdles that the client and its team were facing. We made the entire management process seamless while ensuring it was future ready.

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Our Results
91 %

Claimed that it increased transparency through tracking
the progress of all orders at one single place

92 %

Stated that it optimized the delivery orders and save time

95 %

Stated that it reduced loss-rate in paper waybills and

89 %

Specified that it improved customer service by
providing real-time updates