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Engagement Models for Software Development

Customized and flexible engagement models as per project demands.

An engagement model is defined as a framework stating all the rules and conditions for collaboration between a client and a software development service provider. The model selected bu the client determines the level of his control and responsibility while also providing the foundation for the working relationship between both parties. In software development, the engagement model is an integral part of the entire development lifecycle as it governs the way a vendor or company offers IT and software services. It defines the way clients and vendors will engage with each other during the entire duration while stating obligations and commitments legally.

A3logics, a leading software development company, offers varied engagement models that perfectly blend cost, performance, agility, and innovation. You can select from an array of customized and flexible models, each of them guaranteeing expertise, high quality, timely delivery, and more. Based on your logistical, financial, and technological needs, you can choose the best engagement model and we assure you of complete transparency and utmost satisfaction with each of them.

Application Development Methodologies

Efficient Engagement Models for Business

A3logics offers flexible and value-driven engagement models for consistent business growth

Fixed Price

Fixed cost model is recommended for the projects with well-defined requirements and scope about the solutions they want to develop. They have a fixed timeline and allocated resources, assuming that there will be no significant changes in the project lifecycle. The client pays a fixed price for the project to attain the specified goals and the payments are linked with different milestones. Hence, reducing risk for clients as they can monitor the progress of the project constantly.

  • Ensured timely delivery as decided in the beginning
  • The project is delivered within the stipulated budget
  • Billing is done once a milestone is achieved
  • A risk-free model as cost and timeline is fixed

Dedicated Hiring Model

The dedicated engagement model is best for the projects that require experts to work for the long-term and need quick scaling. It is often used for off-shore or near-shore projects when the team must be managed by the client. Especially when there is a tight deadline and sudden team expansion or a new developer is needed due to emerging technology, the model provides instant flexibility. The client also controls the allocation of tasks, resources, and methodology.

  • Best for projects with varying schedules and productivity demands.
  • Clients can have an in-house team to manage the project
  • The team is aligned with business and development goals
  • Pay on a fixed or hourly basis, as per your convenience.

Time and Material

This model is used when the scope and specifications of the project are either no determined or changed frequently. Also, when the volume of allocated resources varies constantly during the entire lifecycle. The time and material model works well when it is not possible to divide the project into several phases. It allows clients to make alterations in the timeline, team, and resources according to market trends. The billing can be on an hourly or monthly basis

  • Billing can be hourly or monthly based on resources
  • Ideal for projects with frequent modifications.
  • Allows to change resources according to the project lifecycle.
  • The flexibility allows experiments with new trends.

Staff Augmentation

Adopting a skill-gap analysis, we employe staff for your project to support your team. Our resources and experts are skilled in the latest technologies, empowering your project development. Select between onsite and off-shore models based on your requirements. Leverage the benefits of our knowledge and expertise for customized services to improve your productivity. A3logics have resources that are specifically designed for different roles and responsibilities.

  • Quickly adapts according to global work culture
  • Use the best and effective resources to bridge skill gaps
  • Can easily scale up and down based on the project requirements
  • Save huge investment in training and skill development

Hypercare Support Model

This is a flexible and customized engagement model that is suitable for dynamic business requirements and complex operations. Clients are free to introduce new changes and requirements into the scope without any hassle. If your project has minimal needs and requires committed work, then this is the perfect option. The Hypercare support model ensures that your business apps run smoothly and stay updated cost-effectively, and allows quick fixes.

  • It caters to your immediate business requirements
  • Select from short-term to an annual package
  • Best when you need temporary external support from experts.
  • Gives flexibility for app maintenance and enhancements

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

This engagement model is for the projects that require to build or transfer a new development facility. The BOT model includes the construction, design, and operation of IT projects with a clearly-defined set of responsibilities through all software development stages. A3logics will build and provide all the resources required, such as specialists, hardware, management, infrastructure, processes, etc. We offer cost-effective and high-quality results with proven skills.

  • Get a skilled and dedicated team upon transfer
  • Reduced initial and pre-operative costs
  • The model will manage all operations and reporting tasks
  • You can preview services before making a permanent investment

What Makes Us the Best ?

A3logics is a leading and trusted name in the IT and software industry, delivery value and best results to clients.



Our engagement models are the most cost-effective solution for top-quality IT services. Get an optimized blend of business models, ranging from outsourcing to automated systems at competitive prices.

Result-Driven Approach

Result-Driven Approach

Client satisfaction is our priority. Hence, we keep your business goals in mind and leave no stone unturned to achieve them. We maintain global standards while delivering software solutions.

Analytics Skills

Analytics Skills

Whether we need to work on your project from the ground up or simply modernize and re-engineer your existing digital product, our team will scrutinize and explore every detail logically to give you the best results.

Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality

Our high-quality and global standards are what our clients vouch for. We deploy seamless software products for dynamic business needs, ensuring constant support, and maximum ROI.



Without concerning about location or time zone, feel free to connect with us to know the progress of your project. We will keep you informed about the development processes, dealings, workflows, and delivery.

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