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Ecommerce Audit

Ecommerce audit services to check the effectiveness of your tech stack, optimize user experience, and drive higher conversions.

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Ecommerce Audit for Your Online Business

We monitor the performance of your online business and make sure that it works as per your expectations with our ecommerce audit services.

Despite having an appealing ecommerce website with engaging content and amazing products, you are still losing conversions. Why? The issues can be many- navigation, product listing, filtering, information hierarchy, and whatnot, which is ultimately affecting user experience. Even though you think that there are no problems with your website, you must understand that every ecommerce store has a scope for improvement. A3logics offers ecommerce audit services to diagnose potential issues, identify the right solutions, discover better opportunities, and make relevant changes. We help you find pain points, technical flaws, and weak sides of your website along with the right corrective actions to ensure maximum performance.

Our ecommerce technical audit services check security, updates, tech stack, and other shortcomings that you may encounter in your website. We tailor our website audit services for each client and platform, to deliver the best results. Apart from focusing on functional elements and technology, we also monitor other areas. So, connect with our experts now to fix all the issues of your ecommerce store and reach a higher level of success.

Ecommerce Audit for Your Online Business

What We Assess in Our Ecommerce Audit Services

Our ecommerce performance audit services identify flaws and potential issues while meticulously assessing your ecommerce website or prototype.

Our ecommerce audit inspect target base themes, core files, and review all the components to get complete visibility for future upgrades. We use cutting-edge tools and proven methods to review all the changes made to your ecommerce website.

There are high chances that third-party extensions along with several others have violations in the code or override the same model, class files, or so. Our team thoroughly evaluates all the extensions conflicts to remove bugs and functionality clashes.

For a successful ecommerce website, UI design and user experience are the key. More than 75% of visitors judge an online business and its credibility based on its navigation and design. Hence, we carefully audit your homepage and product navigation.

Check out process can make or break your business. Hence, it is important to keep it simple to avoid costly cart abandonment and loss in sales. Our ecommerce brand audit services in this area include analysis of checkout flow, from shopping cart to order confirmation.

Ensure that your product filtering and search features make proper sense for customers with our ecommerce audit services. We check UX design for all categories and listing pages. Our team also tests product load speed, thumbnails, and other filter options.

Hire our ecommerce technical audit services experts to inspect potential front-end errors and damaging issues associated with JavaScript and invalid HTML layout. We go through different web pages, such as category page, cart, homepage, etc., for accurate results.

While customizing a theme for an ecommerce website, there is a possibility of error or violations in the code that can lead to serious issues with the performance of the website. We determine and fix all the errors to facilitate smooth upgrades in the future.

As more than 75% of online shoppers use mobile devices, it is critical to optimize your ecommerce app. We inspect and test all the components related to mobile responsiveness and address challenges related to mobile search, image zoom, touch interactions, etc.

Process We Follow for Effective Ecommerce Audit

For faster and reliable results, we have crafted a clear website audit services map that covers every aspect of an ecommerce website.

Defining the Project

In this stage, we discover project requirements and define the scope to include all performance elements of a website, such as UI, security, integration, speed, etc.

UX Analysis & Assessment

Our ecommerce technical audit services evaluate every aspect related to your online store, including homepage, product details, category navigation, and check out.

Ecommerce Website Audit

This is the step where we audit industry compliance requirements, digital experience, performance under heavy traffic, outdated versions, and security systems.

Detailed Reporting

Based on assessment and research, our ecommerce audit services providers prepare a detailed report containing all the information and suggesting improvements.

Performance Comparison

To give a better insight into how your business is performing as compared to competitors, we provide scoring parameters against your top business competitors.

Auditor Follow Up

Whether you choose to design your ecommerce platform from scratch or redesign a few pages or create a new prototype, our ecommerce auditors offer regular follow-up.

Benefits of Ecommerce Audit for Improved User Experience

We emphasize customer usability to turn your visually appealing website into a phenomenal shopping platform with our website audit services.

Increase Revenue from Existing Traffic

Ecommerce businesses often ignore user experience and focus more on the visuals and appearance of a website. A3logics’ ecommerce technical audit services ensure that customers make online purchases easily by following quick steps. Allow users to buy products with just a few clicks which will further increase your conversion rates.

Effective Presentation of Products

Are you sure that your customers can access all the important product information on your website? The key to achieving success in the ecommerce industry is product presentation. When visitors land on your online store, they must get all the details in one place with proper images, videos, descriptions, and clear text as this helps them make quick buying decisions.

Minimal Steps to Reach the Right Product

Many customers know exactly what they want so there is no need to force them to browse through multiple pages, jump through hoops to finally find the product. Seek our ecommerce performance audit services to make the buying process simple and quick by providing smooth navigation. This will also reduce bounce rates and increase your website credibility.

Ensure Mobile-first Approach

More online shoppers than ever prefer using smartphones to browse ecommerce websites and buy various products. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly and designs are not responsive, then users won’t stick around for long. Hire our engineers to make your online store compatible with different devices and operating systems, making it more accessible for a wider audience.

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Can't find what you need?Seek our ecommerce audit services to detect issues and improve the performance of your ecommerce website.

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