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Learning content management system case study

How The Development Of LCMS Has Improved The Overall Learning And Content Management Architecture?

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About Client

The client is a technical training provider, focusing on knowledge reinforcement and renewal along with offering vocational-technical education & current professional practice. Our client has to handle a vast amount of content as well as add new content at regular intervals for students and team members.

The client also has to manage and systematize the available data, import data as well as create statistical reports.

Learning content management system case study

Business Challenge

The client had diverse content data on their educational system through which he created temporary data tables. The system also lacked requisite storage hence the data had to be moved to another system. Importing data from one system to another was time-taking. Managing available data becomes even difficult when stored on different systems.

The client faced issues with the functionality of the existing system, which hindered the quality of education services. Apart from Content Creation and Publishing, the client had multiple challenges, such as -

  • The client had to rely on different applications and programs to support the training content.

  • The client was unable to review the performance of training programs as well as the employee's engagement during the training.

  • The client sometimes had to rely on the pre-built training materials, which seems too broad for the company.

These challenges led the client to search for a customized and flexible learning content management system. A3logics with a decade of experience in IT consulting and professional services helped the client overcome all the bottlenecks.

A3logics outlined a one-stop solution developed with the combination of expert & skilled development teams and the latest technology. A prototype was prepared by the designing & development team, which convinced the client to join hands with A3logics for developing the solutions.

Our Solution

Despite multiple free LCMS available, none can offer the kind of flexibility and personalization as a tailored solution. So, A3logics furnished a high-quality, feature-rich LCMS that aligned with the client's business objectives.

The modular architecture created by A3logics was integrated with four principal components - LCMS common (for defining courses & resources), LCMS operational (for mail operations), LCMS business logic (for background action monitoring), and LCMS DataTier (for extracting & storing data). Additionally, LCMS was integrated with -

Learning Object Repository

The central database is where the client can save all its content and manage it easily. Additionally, the learning objects can be dispensed to the individual user or even used as components to assemble larger learning modules or full courses (depending on the needs of the individual learner). To ensure LCMS facilitates the content seamlessly and securely, a PROXY server is being used, which allows direct access to the database to distribute the data via web services.

For users (faculty) who are creating content for the learners are facilitated with an easy-to-use interface to upload their digitally developed content in any form they want. The LCMS stores this content in a file format to further store it in the database. The content is encrypted and protected to avoid easy sharing.

Automated Authoring Application

A3logics integrated an automated authoring application within the LCMS which allowed the client to easily interact with other systems while creating content for their course. A3logics ensures that despite no technical or database skills, the client's members can easily upload, create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, ebooks, quizzes, announcements, or messages.

Dynamic Delivery Interface

A3logics added this brilliant component while developing LCMS. This interface serves up a learning object based on the learner's profile, pretests, and queries. The component also provides user tracking, dynamic linking to courses in which users are enrolled, access to learning content, and access to personal calendars & messages. The interface was designed to align with the business brand image that presented content in different ways.

Administrative Application

In order to give an advantage to the system, A3logics developed an interface on the fastest framework to deter any delay in the content. A3logics also created an administrative application that was further divided into several parts. A3logics provided a management platform to manage students records, enrollment, course inventory, and study programs. They also offered user management to handle the stored profiles. Finally, the content can be managed by the user depending on the access control. These administrative tasks can be manually as well as automatically controlled.

Access Control

A3logics offered extensive security in LCMS by dividing security into two separate systems - User Access Control and Data Access Control.

Data Access Control limits access to critical resources, such as files, presentations, E-documents, quizzes, forums, & more. Because resources files reside on the server hence requires much stringent security protocol. Additionally, several machines, that host these resources, are connected to one single network hence, access to these machines must only be given to the high authority administrator.

A3logics offered a separate portal, user access control, to manage all the user IDs and passwords secured by an SSL certificate. User access control allows quick and easy course management, which consists of different modules, such as lesson modules, calendar modules, Blog Modules, Messaging modules, News modules, and more.

A3logics ensured that the client did not suffer any compliances issues and could easily integrate any third-party application to meet their requirements while improving the content delivery and management.

Key Highlights

These are a few features of the A3logics custom LCMS solution

  • Seamless Organization

    The one true feature which makes an LCMS effective and efficient is the organizational features. A3logics offered a wide variety of organizational options through LCMS that were focused on the company's needs. A3logics developed a one-stop solution so that the client does not have to manage or share content on different platforms. A3logics developers also integrated a few features to help better organize training content, such as tag management, robust content libraries, and search functionality.

  • Course Authoring

    Easy authoring and editing content is another crucial feature of an LCMS. A3logics developed a platform that frees the client from relying on the pre-built training material. With content authoring, the client's team members were able to create their own training content that is engaging and easy to understand.

  • Scalability

    A3logics ensured that the solution offered to the client is scalable and future-ready. They developed a solution that supports multiple languages, scales the training efforts, and allows a large number of users to access vast content.

  • Easy Edits

    In order to deliver impactful training, the client had to update new and fresh content at regular intervals, making it necessary for LCMS to encourage rapid editing. A3logics developed a platform for the client which allowed them to edit the content in draft mode before publishing as well as check when the content was last updated.

  • Intuitive Design

    A3logics designed and developed the LCMS platform allowed the client to easily customize the design. The learning content management system created had a sleek and modern design that can be changed as per the time that suits the brand image.

  • User-friendly Interface

    The LCMS had a clear and easy-to-navigate interface that was easy for the client and their team to use. They were able to quickly create as well as send out complete training content.

  • Learning Interactions & Assessments

    The LCMS supported various learning interactions and assessment modules. The system enabled the client to integrate interactive and engaging quizzes, tests, knowledge checkpoints, and even open-ended questions. The feature also helps the client in identifying different parts of the training - that are functional and where improvement is required.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    A3logics integrated performance analysis features in LCMS for the client to comprehend the employees' engagement with the training. The easy-to-read dashboard enabled the client to visualize the training program, giving information to their team, such as where the team needs to improve their quality, their success, and track individual training.

  • Integrated API

    The development team developed and integrated APIs within LCMS so that the client could easily connect with other platforms, such as learning experience platforms, eLearning portals, learning management systems, & other portals.

    A3logics also offered extensive support and maintenance for LCMS so that the client could have uninterrupted sharing, managing, editing, and creating content. Additionally, A3logics offered complex learners issues, payment handling, email & AI integrated chatbot to respond to learners quickly, maintain strict measures to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance & much more.

Tools & Technologies

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  • technology xAPI


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology PHP


  • technology .Net Framework

    .Net Framework

  • technology HTML5


  • technology ExtJS Framework

    ExtJS Framework

  • technology Web-Based GUI

    Web-Based GUI

  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology Python


  • technology CSS3


  • technology Coded UI

    Coded UI

  • technology jQuery


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Here Are The Numbers That Speak Of Our Quality Results

  • 29% rise in online mobile users.
  • 45% of learners completed the course faster.
  • 19.7% rise in new reference learners.
  • 70% of learners are motivated to learn using mobile devices.
Learning content management system case study


This case study highlights the client's urgent need for a robust, reliable, and scalable LCMS to eliminate the struggles while offering an exceptional learning experience to the learners. After thorough analysis, A3logics' developers manifested their technology brilliance into an intuitive, modern, and cutting-edge solution that was able to address all the needs of the client while allowing them to stay competitive in the market.

The development of LCMS resulted in quick content creation, edits, and sharing between the team while ensuring a high level of security.

The client was able to identify the performance & engagement of learners through performance metrics and make necessary changes where needed for improvements. A3logics also offered extensive support to ensure continuous scalability and uninterrupted services.

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