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Work with a pool of dedicated software developers for end-to-end software development solutions.

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A3logics Brings Expert Dedicated Software Team Delivering Hightech Solutions and Value

A Dedicated Software Development Team at Your Disposal

At A3logics, we follow the dedicated team business model to ensure all the technological needs of our clients are met without any delays. We stick to the best business practices to help our clients win a loyal customer base. With a transparent working strategy and clear communication, we make sure all your business requirements are considered and answered. You can reach to us and hire our team, not only for the mobile application or software development purpose but also for Designing, Quality Analysis, Project Management, and other work. With the experience of the field for over a decade, we have been providing the best business solutions. With our tailored services, we have earned the reputation of providing the best-dedicated teams that help your business.

A3logics Brings Expert Dedicated Software Team Delivering Hightech Solutions and Value

Advantages of the Dedicated Software Development Team Approach

Our Dedicated Software Developers Help Streamline programming conveyance, connect information holes in your ventures and stay up with the latest.

Increased productivity & code quality

Increased productivity & code quality

Get quality code from the dedicated software development team and enhance your business conversions. The DDT team has domain-specific expertise; as a result, you will be able to get project-specific solutions.

Improved time to market

Improved time to market

Hire a dedicated software development team and scale your delivery capacity. You will be able to streamline the workflow and accelerate time-to-market by up to 37%.

Scalability & cost efficiency

Scalability & cost efficiency

With a dedicated development team, there is no need to manage an in-house team. You will get services from experienced IT specialists who will work exclusively for your project.

Complete staff augmentation

Complete staff augmentation

Expand your existing team with highly skilled software developers and accelerate product launch to reach your business milestones in time.

Why A3logics is best partner for dedicated software development team?

Our dedicated software development team knows that accomplishment of any committed improvement group depends on four principal components.

Increased productivity & code quality

Increased productivity & code quality

16+ years on the market -With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of software development services across all the possible industries.

Fast Engagement

Fast Engagement

We have a team of talented software developers who can handle complex and time-consuming projects like a pro and deliver solutions at the quickest.

Dedicated Team Loyalty

Dedicated Team Loyalty

Get top-notch software development services with a team of experienced developers. We understand your business model and offer solutions to meet project requirements.

Scaling Flexibility

Scaling Flexibility

We follow the Agile model for software development to meet your business requirements and upskill the dedicated software development team as per demand.

Partnership and Membership

Avail benefits of upgraded capabilities of software development with the dedicated software development team at A3logics blended with skillful engineering talent delivering value.

Top Certifications

We are a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions Regarding Our Dedicated Team? Experts Answer the Most Commonly Asked Questions Here.

Are you planning to start working on a software development project? If yes, you must have a team of developers, who have a deep understanding of the latest technologies to deliver a wide range of software development solutions. But if you find a shortage of skilled developers, hiring a dedicated development team can serve the purpose.

Checkout the reasons for hiring a dedicated development team:

  • It saves costs in terms of overhead expenses and infrastructure as there is no need to expand the inhouse staff.
  • You get skilled software developers who are proficient in using the latest technologies.
  • It is easy to set up a new team with minimal efforts and sharing business responsibilities.
  • With experts by your side, you will be able to handle the seasonal and cyclical workload.
  • Working with a competent project management team ensures trusted operating processes and minimizes potential threats.
  • Following a DDT approach brings transparency and allows access to monitor and control the work progress.

The time it takes to build a dedicated development team varies as per project. As soon as the client shares the project requirements with us, we schedule interviews and share resumes with the client.

As we only assign our in-house resource to work for your project, sharing resumes with clients is done within 48 hrs.

After the selection of best-fit resources, the team starts working for the client once the contract is signed. The entire process of hiring the right team generally takes 7 -10 days. Suppose, you need a team of 12 people; initially we will recommend you to hire 5-6 developers and then increasing the size gradually. This is a tried-tested approach to get the best candidate for your project. A3logics is the leading software development company helping our clients to face the business challenges with out of the box solutions and services.

There are a number of freelance marketplaces from where you can interact with several developers; but on these platforms, there is no assurance of timely delivery and expected results.

Software consultancies and Tech agencies follow out-of-date execution and engagement models. Hence, investing in such a resource will waste your valuable time.

At A3logics, our main aim is to raise your brand value by offering a higher business process level; and bring in certainty, assurance, and transparency in the entire software development process. Our in-house developers are well-versed in the latest technology to offer the best possible solution for your project.

We have a team of designers and developers who specialize in different technologies, frameworks, and tools. Our website development includes all the latest technologies, such as AngularJS, React, CodeIgniter, Laravel, MongoDB, GoLang, and whatnot.

At A3logics, our tech consultation team will identify your project requirements and prepare a detailed tech solution and execution plan for you. We believe in high output management that accelerates the product development process and creates certain strategies that speed up the time to market.

We are with you throughout the development process and will keep a check at regular intervals to ensure if everything is working as planned or not.

Our team of UX designers and developers have a creative flair that helps building software that fits within the framework of your systems and provides a better user experience.

  • The team has the deep technical know-how, thus understand the technical constraints and offer quick solutions in no time.
  • The experienced UX designers are able to spot the friction in the user interface before it goes live. Performing testing throughout the development process avoids the implementation of the inconvenient design.

We at A3logics have our work streamlined from scratch to get maximum output with minimum inputs. We have a set process that is followed by the team when working on your project. Here we share a brief of our action plan.

  • Clear Communication with the Clients : With clear communication with the clients, we ensure to get into the details of user experience and thus plan the next few sprints.
  • Dedicated Sprint Planning : We stick to the sprint plans strictly and ensure to execute the projects on the due date.
  • Iterative Delivery Process: We follow the agile model of working and thus instead of delivering the project as a whole, we would deliver it in the form of independent functions ver several checkpoints instead of the delivery date.
  • Documentation : Get the complete documentation of all the details including code level architecture decisions, to live user stories document, to design-focused UX/UI/Design System documents.
  • Constant Communication and Retrospective : Each day we have meetings regarding the progress of the work followed by the work progressed yesterday and the plan for today.
  • Code Review The development team ensures to review the codes from time to time strictly to ensure documented processes and a non-threatening, collaborative environment.
  • Quality Check of the Solutions : Many clients ask us about our quality check process. We have integrated the quality check process with the development process to keep things smoother and deliver flawless solutions.
  • CI/CD Pipeline for Easy Deployment: We stick to the simple CI/CD pipeline strategy to easily deploy the solutions to the clients. Our work doesn’t end in the deployment phase.
  • After Delivery Support : It’s important to circle back and review how the process went once you’re done, be it a success or failure.
  • The experienced UX designers are able to spot the friction in the user interface before it goes live. Performing testing throughout the development process avoids the implementation of the inconvenient design.

Working with the remote team is definitely a tough task, but with a team that is supportive, things become quite easy. To manage to work with the teams, we integrate into your team involving standup and scrum meetings, weekly demos, weekly retrospectives.

A3logics allocates software engineers from closing projects to new openings fast. We rarely downsize many people from a dedicated software team at once. If a large team is assigned to work with you, down-scaling may take a few months. Most of the members in the team enjoy higher retention rates. The growth contexts and team building events are among the most appealing to software engineers.

A3logics has an amazing team that understands the clear insight of communicating efficiently with business partners, a dedicated software development team, and stakeholders to ensure better business results that can align with our client’s product and vision. Apart from this, we acknowledge the importance of the business domain that helps in staying ahead of your competitors in the market. Therefore, offering smarter insight into our client’s project through serviceable strategies is what matters the most.

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