LMS Development - Case Study

How Video Learning Was Integrated with Responsive Web-Based System

  • A reputed privately held educational institution.
  • Helping concept high school students and graduates with a career path.
  • Promotes concept schooling
  • Creating an integrated learning environment that can be accessed on multiple devices.
  • Leaving provisions for student practice and managing their permissions to work and edit on the content available.
  • Curating data and requirements of the students to provide them a personalized learning experience.
  • Integrating a video format encoder to enable interactive learning sessions via video.
  • Adding video creation tools and uploading provisions for faculties to make use of.
  • An integrated learning management solution.
  • Scrutinize the functioning to ensure the best results are achieved.
  • A dedicated learning platform that is web-based and can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere across the world.
  • Added video editing capabilities for better video content creation.
  • Integrated learning algorithm to understand the pattern and requirements of the student and create a personalized learning experience.
  • Added modules for adaptive learning, practicing, and workshops.
  • Easy storage of and access to data generated for future references.
Achieving the Goals

The aim of the project was to create a web-based platform for students where they can engage with quality learning content in multiple formats including videos, and documents. The idea was to come up with a learning management system that supports video learning and has the capabilities to facilitate multiple learning activities such as workshops, analysis, tests, etc. With the provided solution, the client can also want to take advantage of the available technologies and create a personalized dashboard that is created as per the course preferences of the user. The ability to work from anywhere with the help of mobile access was also added.

Timely Delivering Excellence

The experts successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the client. The client was completely satisfied with the platform they received. The experts approached the task with diligence and noted each and every pointer put across by the client. They were relatively new to the concept of eLearning hence a proper hands-on learning session was also conducted based on their requirements. Everything was delivered as per the decided timeline. The main objective of the expert was to ensure that their students have access to a system that has video and other learning support and can be accessed remotely through mobile devices. The experts integrated the web-based platform with required services to ensure proper working of the same.

This is how the experts at A3Logics made the project a smooth journey as well as delivered the final deliverables on time.