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Dynamic CRM Implementation for High-Quality Care Delivery

Learn How Healthcare and Clinical Research Centers Offer Technology-driven Care Services with A3logics CRM Solutions.

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About the Client

The client of A3logics manages the healthcare and clinical research center, maintaining high-quality medical care while reducing cost and amplifying safety. However, the client is always overwhelmed with data regarding the patient's illness, aging, & others but, the lack of professional candidates to handle all of them can never be thought of.

To achieve significant efficiency, quality, and safety, the client used its legacy health information technology. The legacy technology allowed our client to manage workflows, provide decision-making support and clinical information for medical professionals. The technology had become dull and outdated, and the client wanted an innovative yet future-proof solution that could help meet customer expectations and maintain effective relationships and interactions.

In this case study, you will learn how A3logics supported the client and offered a robust CRM solution for building long-term relationships with its customer.


The Real Challenge

To deliver a robust CRM solution, two major factors need to be considered - the number of patients and patient's profit. The number of patients also needed diverse healthcare services, hence our solution must incorporate the needs while maintaining high-quality medical services and long-term relationships to deliver life-long value. Before implementing CRM solution, we had to follow few steps -

  • Capabilities Assessment - We had to assess the organization's legacy health information technology so that when we incorporate CRM solutions, the organization can take complete advantage of CRM.

  • Strategic Context - We had to evaluate how to fit the CRM in the organization while being able to meet the overall business strategy.

  • Implementation Plan Creation - We assessed the need for implementing CRM within the business. We then had to create and execute the plan, which defines the goals.

  • While offering a comprehensive solution report, we explained the differences between the relationship processes and product-oriented processes, the concept of CRM, and the required knowledge to manage CRM seamlessly.

  • Without this small training, CRM implementation would go unsuccessful, causing instability in the management of customer information and monitoring the workflows. Meanwhile, the client demanded that the CRM must offer possibilities as their legacy health information system.

Our Solutions

A3logics ensured that the solution offered must provide continual benefits to the client by increasing their customer loyalty, ability to manage and make efficient and productive relationships with customers, and much more. Our healthcare CRM implementation solutions include

  • IT Consultation

    To implement a CRM system, constant consultation is requisite so that the employees are able to get aligned with the technology and continue to boost their productivity. We ensured that the company, people, and the technology integrated are in complete synergy to have a long-term effect.

  • Customer Loyalty and Lifelong Value

    A3logics CRM integration for healthcare and clinical research is meant to accentuate customer loyalty by providing lifelong value. After implementing CRM, the client could see effective change in their business - one was the increased retention rate of patients, which led to substantial revenue growth and decreased investment, which is the second.

  • More Power, More Saving

    Medical and clinical services are knowledge-intensive. Proficient and adroit medical personnel are mandated to keep record patient's to proffer the right treatment to their illness. With CRM implemented, medical staff can quickly look into the complete profile of the patient and add any new illness with the treatment, which saves a lot of time for the patients and medical staff.

Key Highlights of CRM Solution Implementation

A3logics CRM solutions are implemented after evaluating the industry niche and business needs. We study, design, strategize, study trends, study the characteristics, and synthesize the CRM with the organization.

Our research is broad, examining several databases and platforms. Our methodologies include data analysis, ethics & bias, and more for the right implementation.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive Interface

    One of the biggest strengths of implementing CRM is that you get an intuitive, clean and streamlined interface, which is easy to understand. Since the overall focus is on customer experience, with the help of CRM, they could outperform. The dynamic system helped the client to reinvent every time to deliver exceptional services.

  • Personal Data Storage

    Personal Data Storage

    The client's CRM implemented by A3logics constantly gathers information, as when new patients are added, or the information of the existing patient needs upgrades. The system is constantly processing lots of data, which is then used to tailor the experience of the customer. That said, through CRM, you will always get accurate data for boosting your business.

  • Better Business Opportunities

    Better Business Opportunities

    The integrated CRM is much more efficient as it is accessible from any medium. This means directly connecting with the customers, anytime and anywhere. The responsive CRM is organized and integrated with automated data hunting and entering capabilities to quicken the process of retrieving the data from the system.

  • Consolidated Sales Report

    Consolidated Sales Report

    Our CRM solution is integrated with Power BI and DWH so the company is future-ready too. With the help of CRM, the client could easily shape their strategies, generate a complete report of the patient and share them to have a detailed discussion for further actions.

  • Multiple Communication Channels

    Multiple Communication Channels

    With CRM integrated into their systems, the client was able to communicate with their customers through a different communication medium. These channels let our clients be responsive all the time, without the force for using a single-mode for customers to reach our client.

  • Database


    Here again, CRM has proven to be helpful. It can seamlessly comply with existing systems with a database of customers that were once collected from different methods and sources, such as analysis, charts, and reports. The CRM can consolidate all data in one place to make it easier to make decisions and build lifetime relationships.

Additional Benefits of CRM Observed

The healthcare and clinical research of the client accelerated with customer expectations. Other benefits that the client was able to view were -

Streamlined Workflow and Assignment

After implementing the CRM, the tasks were clearly defined and easily assigned to other department employees in no time. With CRM's intuitive dashboard, the client could easily monitor the flow of information and track the tasks for completion.

Privacy Concerns

The client could visibly see the enhanced safety to their as well as their customer information from day one. The CRM offered a high level of security to operational applications, customer-centric marketing, and customer intelligence solutions, which helps to decide on a fruitful strategy.


The major concern on implementation is, is this investment-worthy? The client is the example of successful integration and implementation of CRM, as now they can handle multiple participants and have room for many more.

Tools and Technologies

  • .NET


  • WPF


  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

  • Server Reporting Services

    Server Reporting Services

  • HTML5


  • CSS


  • technology python


  • technology python


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Here are the Results/Numbers That Speak of EDI Integrated Services

  • 300% boost in communication
  • 25% reduced operational cost
  • $10 million business in a month
  • 14.6% increased productivity
Here are the Results/Numbers That Speak of EDI Integrated Services


The client was intelligent to underline the need for an innovative CRM solution, but not every organization evaluates and understands which solution is the right fit. Instead of spending irrationally over a system, groundwork should be done, such as evaluating the business needs and a refined answer.

Integrating the right CRM gives a roadmap to improving customer relationships while building more. It can amplify systems to work better and faster by complying with the existing systems to use the database without hassle.

So, if you have trouble managing your existing database and want to improve your customer base, you can connect with us for the perfect CRM solution integration services.

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