A3logics, since its establishment, has always focused on one important thing which is togetherness. This has been the key for determined growth of the company and this is achieved only by the efforts of our employees who believe in working together as a team. It’s not only the innovative ideas that are shared across the organization, beliefs and behaviour are also some of the contributing factors which when combined with the freedom of expressing, result in wonders.

As a part of CSR activity, A3logics conducted a drawing competition for school children of different age groups. The activity was organized as a HOLI Fun Activity and encouraged children to spread their ideas and creativity on the drawing canvas!

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When it comes to organization’s Recreational Activities, one of the most awaited events at A3logics is the ‘A3 Premier League: The Cricket Tournament’, populated as A3PL among employees. The cricketing streak in A3ians is well-demonstrated during the most celebrated sports event. Following the trend from last 4 years, this year also, A3PL is streaming well within the employee circles and is heading towards the concluding finals! Being an IT company, A3 puts in efforts to fulfill major corporate workforce needs through organizing such events at regular intervals. This plays a vital role in helping workforce manage work pressure and deadlines and establish a balance while being at work.

As A3PL is well received with the A3ians, catch a glimpse of the tournament at:

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As everyone excel in their own areas, combined they work for a common agenda which is organization’s growth. In return, what every employee gets is the desired appreciation, suitable growth and most important a friendly working environment. We do have an organizational hierarchy but any member of the company can be reached without any hassle, as seniority is confined to just the position name and not to the individual’s behaviour. Apart from these some of the encouraging facts, we also believe in stress-free working environment which we achieve through:

  • Interactive activities every Friday (populated as Game-bol).
  • Arranging fun-filled corporate parties at regular intervals, giving employees an opportunity to open up and make healthy relationships.
  • Creating competitive environment resulting in self-motivation of employees.
  • Experienced staff which acts as galvanization factor for new joinees.
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