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Migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2 Case Study

Migration of Magento 1 Open Source to Magento 2 Commerce for Improved Business Operations & Data Management

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About the Client

A leading cotton textile supplier has an online store that is managed on Magento 1 platform. The aim of our client is to provide a simplified and efficient selling and brilliant customer experience. Although the client was taking complete advantage of the Magento eCommerce platform, they wanted to migrate to Magento 2.

As they were looking for a reliable associate to assist with the successful migration without affecting the business, they met A3logics. They put forward their challenge, which was intense lead generation and management of increasing supplies of textile to retailers of the company across multiple chains.

Learn here how A3logics managed step-by-step migration without affecting the sales and conversion in record time.

The Real Challenge

The textile leader wanted to continue using the same third-party extension that they were using on Magento 1. They wanted to incorporate major gateway platforms, such as Amazon Pay and PayPal. Pieces of information, such as customer base data, product data, sales & configuration data, which were on their previous website inclusive of selective themes, also should be migrated to the new website so that they do not have to create the same from the scratch.

These were the client's needs, however, there were some issues which they were facing with Magento 1 and wanted to mitigate when they switched to their new website. These challenges were -

  • Low Loading Speed

    Due to excessive load of data from multiple sources, the website and mobile loading speed became slow, resulting in a low-performance score and ranking on Google and GTMetrix.

  • Indexing

    The client's website also had an indexing issue with Google. The unorganized products lists on the page made it difficult for the customers to segregate and view the new and updated product on the front-end catalog.

  • Non-visibility

    Due to the background coding errors, the customers sometimes viewed a white screen or non-visibility of the updated products followed by unorganized product images. This made many users abandon the site.

  • Slow Checkout

    The overall process of searching, selecting, and buying the product is slow and irritating. Along with slow checkouts, customers couldn't resize the image to check the product thoroughly. The backend employees couldn't rewrite the URLs or reindex the catalog.

Our Solution

After a complete analysis of the client's website, A3logics prepared a step-by-step plan to support the requirements of the client as well as eliminate the challenges. The planned roadmap included the compilation of resources, performing database backup, listing out the content for migration, and fixing issues while developing the website.

  • Stable Structure

    Switching to Magento 2 gives a much more stable architecture to the website. Magento 2 supports the latest PHP version and offers a large warehouse to catalog around 20,000 products without any interruption. A3logics used Javascript to eliminate the browser operations errors and browser cache for static content to deliver a better user experience.

  • Transparent Dashboard

    For clear visibility and simplified management of the products and traders, A3logics offered a sophisticated and intuitive dashboard. The user-friendly dashboard offered a comprehensive view supporting navigation tools to manage and monitor everything at their fingertips.

  • Effective Digital Marketing Practices

    Since business scalability lies in the hands of satisfied customers, in order to reach them a fruitful marketing is also vital. A3logics stringent marketing techniques were combined with the new Magento SEO feature to direct the marketing intercontinental to outreach to the maximum audience they can. Through hashing algorithms, A3logics could market the best products through social platforms. The client was also able to analyze the most preferred product along with the time when customers are most active for purchasing, despite different time zones.

  • Compatible With Third-party Apps

    Magento 2 is much better than Magento 1 when it comes to getting compatible with other third-party platforms. To make customizations easy, A3logics offered flexible solutions with quick and seamless migration, enabling the client to add plugins or extensions, decreasing the chances of interruptions, and other limitless functionalities.

  • Enhanced Page Loading Speed

    A3logics ensured that the chief problem, which is page load, was eradicated effectively when migrating to Magento 2. Magento 2 offers better caching compared to other eCommerce platforms. This feature enables the eCommerce websites to enhance loading speed, which benefits both community and enterprises. Agility in page load has leveraged the textile supplier to retain more customers, giving them better ROI.

Key Highlights of Magento 2 Migration

There have been major benefits of migrating essential content from Magento 1 to Magento 2. These benefits have been aligned as key highlights.

Enhanced Performance

There is no question that Magento 2 is the up-gradation and better version of Magento 1. The prominent HTTP accelerator technology delivers scalability to its customers. The latest Magento 2 leverages admin to quickly create and edit products within minutes. Upgrading to Magento 2 gives the client proficient backend operations, promotes faster delivery, boosts server response times, and improves flexibility & scalability.

Strengthened Security

Magento 2 enables companies to add multiple layers of security to safely keep their critical data. From simple passwords to 2-factor authentication, companies can protect their customer's information easily. With the help of backup and downloads, migration to Magento 2 was smooth, guaranteeing no data loss or hacks. Magento 2 also offers a remarkable feature - a unique admin URL to add a protective layer to user’s data.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting empowers the eCommerce business with transparency of the entire business structure. The new and advanced reporting feature assists companies to make amendments where needed while continuously improving. The client was able to easily manage orders, AOV, taxes, and shipping fees while quickly registering accounts for product orders and selling. The dynamic and real-time reporting also offered insights into the most selling product for better management.

Responsive Designs

Magento 2 is much more flexible and responsive compared to other eCommerce platforms. The admin panel of Magento 2 makes site navigation seamless irrespective of design. Migrating to Magento 2 also offers a quick checkout, which avoids the chances of cart abandonment.

Extensions, Themes & Customization

The dedicated Magento community works in the background to offer convenience to the eCommerce industry through easy monitoring & management solutions. Migrating to Magento 2 offers customers a high level of optimization, segmentation, SEO suite ultimate, abandoned cart email notification, themes, and multiple customization opportunities to personalize customer's shopping experience.

Migration Benefits with A3logics

The migration of data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 happened successfully, without disturbing the performance of everyday operations. The certified and dedicated Magento 2 developers rebuilt an entirely new, intuitive, and responsive design for the website that focuses on better customer engagement. Other visible benefits that customer could identify was -

  • Meet Customers Globally

    Since Magento 2 supports multi-language and multi-currency options, the client could observe that more and more customers from different states approached their website, which helped them enhance their customer base.

  • Enhanced Mobility Solutions

    After migrating to Magento 2, the client was able to promote its products even better. They also observed that most of their purchases were made from mobile devices by the customers.

  • Improved Customer Base

    As their load speed enhanced along with responsiveness and faster checkout process, the client found out that the customer base increased by 20% in 28 days. The client was also able to manage their product import & export and daily customer requests seamlessly.

  • Improved Modules

    With an improved import and export module available in Magento 2, the client was able to manage quick and accurate data exchange and other external systems. The seamless migration also offered the client to manage their customer data, product data, sales & configuration data, and much more.


A3logics experts have skills in a variety of technologies & tools including python, spacy, gensim, keras, theano, prophet, Apache Spark, hadoop etc.

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Here are the Results/Numbers That Speak of EDI Integrated Services

  • 43.5% Reduced Page Load Time.
  • 80% Reduced Checkout Time.
  • 20% Faster Than Magento 1.
  • 38% Quicker Checkout Process than Magento 1.


To have seamless and progressive business operations, companies are bound to adopt the latest technology. The latest versions of existing eCommerce platforms are standardized, offering more flexibility and stability to the business. Magento is a perfect example for businesses explaining to them a viable reason for migrating to the new and improved platform, Magento 2. Migrating to Magento 2 promises efficient management and quick exchange of voluminous data while enabling businesses to leverage digital space.

If you want to scale your eCommerce business currently using Magento 1 or even have issues with Magento 2 integration or installation, we can help with that. All you need to do is inbox us with your problems, and we shall quickly address them.

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