eLearning Software Development Case Study

A3logics Assisted Leading US Healthcare Provider Improve Compliance Reporting and Employee Training with Custom LMS

About Client

The client is a leading non-profit healthcare network with more than 10,000 employees, 5 hospitals, 10 immediate care centers, and 25 physician practices centers. The care provider network is immensely popular in the US healthcare industry and is well known for leveraging advanced medical technologies to deliver quality care.

The healthcare provider is also certified by the national government for maintaining transparency in quality reporting and improving patient outcomes regularly. The care provider delivers a wide range of services, including cancer, heart, orthopedics, cardiovascular and neurological treatment across the country and generates annual revenue of around $1.5 billion.

Business Challenge

Before receiving technology support from A3logics, the US-based healthcare provider client was facing the following issues:

  • Compliance Reporting As a regular healthcare network, the client was facing hard times reporting on staff training and quality care measures to different groups, including the American Nurses Credentialing Center and Joint Commission. It was becoming time-consuming and burdensome for the clients’ medical staff. The complex workflows in the existing LMS required employees to make extra effort for producing compliance reports in the desired format.
  • Resource Utilization Due to regular compliance reporting, a lot of time and energy of medical staff was squandered without adding any value to their core mission of delivering quality care to patients. Medical teams were not able to maintain optimum productivity levels at work. The complex administration processes were decreasing employee morale at work. They were looking for an advanced solution that can eliminate manual processes and produce an on-demand, on-the-go learning environment.
  • Complex System The existing learning management system (LMS) used at the clients’ hospitals were complex to use for the medical staff. The performance improvement, corporate integrity, and medical training courses available in LMS were dull, making employees leave in the middle. The poor course completion rate was also resulting in most of the new staff failing to meet the healthcare network’s patient care standards. New hires were performing poorly during medical training and real-life scenarios of delivering care.

The client was actively looking for a market-leading LMS solution that can help them overcome these bottlenecks. They wanted an innovative solution that not only provides interactive training to their staff, but also handles the compliance reporting and audit trail duties. After conducting system reviews and meeting with different departmental teams like nursing staff, senior doctors, IT, and human resources - the client outlined the ”must-have” features of their new LMS solution.

The features they required in their new LMS were simply absent from the existing market solutions. Also, the end project would require the transfer of years of learning and compliance data - from their old system to the new LMS. So, they decided to team up with A3logics - the leading elearning software development company in the US.

Our Solution

A Truly Personalized and Interactive Learning Experience

A3logics delivered a truly customized solution to the healthcare client after reviewing all project requirements thoroughly. The custom LMS solution from A3logics is simple, intuitive, and easy to use - which spiked the user adoption and course completion rate for the healthcare client. The LMS experts at A3logics molded the dull, uninteresting training and performance improvement courses into interactive, scenario-based training sessions which made end-users more connected and engaged. Access to the training course library was also simplified. Besides improving the learning experience, the custom solution also simplified the compliance reporting and audit trial process.

Faster & Accurate Compliance Reporting

System administrators were able to generate compliance reports based on the training data quickly and dispatch these details to different healthcare regulators in the desired format. Managers were also able to see the learning analytics to assess the overall effectiveness of programs, learners’ behavior, and identify weak areas.

The flexibility and innovative capabilities of A3logics LMS solution delivered a truly personalized and individualized learning experience. It also assists the healthcare client accurately fulfill compliance requirements and improve the quality of care delivered to patients.

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Here are some key features of our custom LMS solution


Single Sign-On

The custom LMS solution delivered to the healthcare client by A3logics offers SSO facility, allowing learners to receive medical training from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The access from anywhere facility allowed the new hires to complete their training faster and that too, in an interactive manner.

Dynamic Status Indicators

Audit Trails

The healthcare client maintained an unequivocal record of all the administrative actions (like enrollment status, course update, etc.) performed in the custom LMS delivered by A3logics. The system administrators and auditing team performed their work more fluently, collecting all training data and compliance reports for reporting purposes.

“One-Tap” Connect

Multiple Learning Options

A3logics Custom LMS delivered to the client also has multiple learning options - synchronous and asynchronous learning, including mobile learning, web-based training, social learning, etc. The employees have the freedom to choose between any mode of learning to complete their training and get certified to operate as a care provider in the healthcare network.

Detect Live Location

User-Friendly Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard with easy navigation options is also present in online LMS delivered to the healthcare client. Employees and system administration has a separate dashboard with shopping-based interface and easy navigation. They can select courses, track progress, raise queries and engage with other learners by selecting relevant options available on the dashboard.

Simplified Reporting

Simplified Reporting

Robust and simplified reporting options are present in the custom LMS - enabling administrators to send compliance reports to healthcare regulators with zero hassle. Training data and analytics allows the audit team to assess the overall compliance level across different departments and send notifications to training officers/department heads regarding compliance issues.


Data Security

The LMS is built after considering all the security issues related to healthcare data transfer and use. The system was built adhering to the healthcare data security standards (e.g. HIPAA) practices and guidelines. The system was also flexible to accommodate new security standards and technologies for creating a secure IT environment.


Self-Service Options

End-users of the custom LMS have multiple self-service options, from course enrollment, setting course reminders to performance analysis, and more. The availability of self-service features also contributed in increasing the user adoption of the learning system. The platform was truly customized to the individual user needs in the healthcare network, enabling greater staff learning with fewer resources.


“One-Click” Import/Export

LMS administrators have the ability to upload, transfer, and delete data in bulk from the system. The customized LMS solution from A3logics also made it easier for the client to transfer large volumes of historical learning and training data from their old systems to new solution. Adding new training courses, learning material and modules was also made simply and can be done by system managers with minimum effort. Integration support for off-the-shelf learning programming programs was also made available.



The LMS solution from A3logics was truly reliable, robust and cost-effective. It aligned with the clients’ idea of having an online learning solution that runs on autopilot and performs most of the complex administrative tasks so they can focus on delivering quality care to patients and improving compliance levels.

Tools & Technologies


Software as a Service (SaaS)


Google Cloud









Here Are Numbers That Speak For Our Quality Results


Improvement in overall course completion rate from learners.


improvement in medical staff productivity and performance levels.


improvement in the quality of care delivered by the healthcare client.


reduction in compliance reporting errors was observed by the client.


The given case study demonstrates the deep technical expertise of A3logics in building reliable and high-performing eLearning software solutions. The healthcare client was facing multiple challenges related to compliance, performance, and staff training. But, A3logics developers manifested their technology brilliance by crafting a truly customized solution that addresses most of the client concerns. The resultant solution was intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use with scenario-based learning options. This improved user engagement, course completion rate, and created a personalized learning environment. The simplified reporting capabilities of LMS also enabled the client to stay compliant by meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

If you’re also looking to implement a secure and reliable LMS solution into your business, you can team up with A3logics - the leading education & eLearning solution provider across the globe. Our online learning technology experts have decades of experience in building high-quality education software solutions for clients across different industries. To know more about how our eLearning professionals can contribute to your business success, drop us a line today.