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Ecommerce (Travel) Solutions Case Study

An intuitive and responsive eCommerce platform developed by A3logics that strengthens confidence, sustainability, and profitability.

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About the Client

With the aim to dispense the preeminent, uncomplicated, all travel-related information from prearrangement to post, our travel and accommodation service provider client wanted a versatile, secure, and dependable platform to furnish a memorable experience.

Our client offered 90 thousand accommodations listed, inclusive of 40 thousand homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay. Moreover, the agency is tied up with airlines, bus services, train reservation services, and taxi/cab pick and drop services.

The company also has more than 8,000 employees to cater to services at all times. This travel company also has a dedicated support team to assist their customers 24X7 for any inconvenience.

Where travel is rapidly booming and people want to book everything from the comfort of their home and they find it all on one platform, what's better than this? With time more and more people have turned to book tickets and hotels online unlike in past years.

Hence, managing the overwhelming distinct types of requests seamlessly is possible with a robust, flexible, and agile system. Associating with A3logics for their dataset management was made extremely easy along with an integrated chatbot to manage a majority of post-sales queries.

Key Business Challenges

The client’s company was facing the following issues before they reached A3logics for a robust solution -

  • Diminished Mobile User Experience

    With people turning to mobile devices to access every piece of information and take action through these handheld devices, companies like travel & accomodation solution providers still opting for web pages will never be able to deliver the best possible experience to their users. Our client was dealing with the same problem.

  • Single System for Multiple Team Sharing

    With requests of hundreds and thousands of bookings per day, our clients faced a major challenge, which was their constant monitoring. Moreover, the company lacked the requisite collaboration within teams for maintaining the quality of service.

  • Unidentified Problems of User

    Prior to implementing the solutions of A3logics, our client had messy management of a plethora of inquiries and suggestions. They were also unable to react and respond to the customers with issues regarding their services.

  • No Alert on Server Rebooting

    Since the organization is large with huge data and information to keep, the company manages multiple servers. Unfortunately, their servers pulled out random rebooting without providing a prior alert to the company's administration, leading to data loss, service corruption, or breaking of functionality.

  • Demand for Personalization

    Any platform is successful when your customer is satisfied. Our client was struggling to harness and maintain customer attention. The versatility of content was lacking within the company.

  • Complex and Fragile Scripting

    The traditional platform that our client was using tools that were less secure, complicated, offered slow rollouts, redundant, and became fragile when multiple clusters got involved.

How A3logics Helped with their Key Solutions?

After a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the client's problems and issues faced, we came up with the below-mentioned solutions, which proved productive for his business as well as his customers.

  • Progressive Web Apps to Solve Mobility Solutions

    To enhance user experience on handheld devices (Android), we suggested and built progressive apps saving the user from downloading and installing megabytes. We also integrated service workers API to eradicate the connectivity issues, empowering modern web apps, and engaging users in more intimate ways.

    Additionally, adding two basic elements, new viewport meta content property, and new values for padding CSS property allowed us to accommodate our client's website to take full advantage of the edge-to-edge display of the flagship iOS notch mobile devices.

  • New Reliable Model for Co-operative Collaboration

    To provide a whole new solution for our client with new features integrated without worrying about the infrastructure was a challenge. Hence, our dedicated software development team had to cast a brief look at major systems & platforms used. Nonetheless, the technical part, maintaining a healthy working environment without conflicts is vital. We helped the employees of our client into the reliability and product team with a split of responsibility.

    As a part of our IT consultation service, we ensured that every employee offered their time when needed by others or to perform activities, such as capacity planning, dependency management, server upgrades, monitoring, traffic load balancing & similar more.

  • Chatbot: New Way of Interaction

    User input is imperative to make improvements to your service models. We developed an assistant for our clients to gain user inputs and solve their problems. We also evaluated the pain points of their users and the way their chatbot will converse with their customers. With the help of our developers and data scientists, we were able to deploy a chatbot that can evaluate the user input at a granular level and provide a possible answer to their queries.

  • Troubleshooting the Errors and Bugs

    When we started the project with our client we had zero information about their systems. After scrutinizing the system statistics, it was found that the reboots occurred automatically due to exhaustive resources. Hence our understanding of the kernel internals assisted us in troubleshooting this system error with surprising responses to email threads while receiving requisite patches inclusive of long-term maintenance.

  • Power of Personalized Content

    Our client being among the world's biggest travel brands lacked the most essential weapon in their arsenal. We initiated the concept of personalization where a customer when looking for travel information must be presented with an optimized version of personal needs. This was done by providing multiple versions of every piece of content that could be low in the count but high in information throwing maximum impact.

  • Multi-cluster Container Deployment

    Another biggest challenge was mitigating the risk quickly assuring continuous delivery of services. The company was using traditional complex scripting strategies. We encouraged multi-cluster application orchestration, Kubernetes united with API integration services for advanced rollouts. Migrating to the advanced container deployment solution provides extra benefits, such as agile app development, environmental consistency, cloud and OS distribution, app-centric management, and complete resource utilization for high efficiency and density.

Key Highlights

Exemplary Features of Our Custom eCommerce Software Solutions

Robust Booking Engine

A robust and strapping engine is an advanced software provided by A3logis integrated with top technological tools capable of engaging and serving customers globally. We empower travel agencies to engage with their local and business customers with our customized APIs, UIs, and feature-rich booking engine. Travel agencies can seamlessly integrate new software on their existing domain as our cloud-based solution lets you easily manage flights, hotels, transfers, deals, and other functions.

Integrated Payment Gateway

One of the essential features in any eCommerce solution is a secure and flexible payment method. A3logics custom APIs enable our customers to pick the payment gateway of their choice. We also ensure that sensitive information, such as credit card details are effectively encrypted on the travel portal for quick selling and payment directly dropped into their account.

Travel Ticketing Software

A3logics services extend to their client's customers. To empower the travel agency by assisting them in defining a clear strategy to sell personalized services. We help agencies target both kinds of travelers - with time & less money and with money less time. The integrated ticketing software is a unique product that filters the category from any device, be it desktop, tablets, mobile phones without the need for extra coding or design work..

Integrated CRM Solutions

Wanting to link to Salesforce, and ERP suites, our customized, flexible eCommerce solutions for travel agencies enable them to integrate with any leading CMSs. So, publish your information regarding your niche easily and communicate your services, and deal with the people to spot swift bookings and accelerated B2B or B2C customers without interruption.

SEO & Analytics

Our customized eCommerce software solution enables companies to integrate SEO support services. In the competition to reach a global audience, travel companies require insights into their organic traffic-inflow. A3logics analyzes the need of a travel agency to empower their business, hence permit third-party or SEO services that can help them to underline the loopholes and make improvements where necessary.

Powerful Role Management

Our powerful and decentralized booking solution for travel agencies enables the administration to add the entire team through an interactive dashboard. Company managers or operations heads can seamlessly plan, direct, organize, assign, and control the everyday operations of the team. This feature enables the companies to coordinate with staff members and evaluate new products or services and destinations for their customers that can aid in accentuating their business.

Integrated Google Map

The integration of Google Maps has become imperative in any travel-related software. It helps businesses to track their customers while enabling their customers to find location-based travel features. A3logics offers an integrated Map in the booking system for specific travel searches.

Advanced Options

Our customized travel management software solutions control the number of options a company wants to render its customer. More features mean more value, hence we encourage filters for most features, such as date selection, Round-trip combo, choices for accommodation as per user budget, low rates to high, location preference, taxi services (optional), 24X7 support & much more.

Best Deals

An effective way to captivate and encourage your customers to buy your service is by offering them the best deals ever. A3logics services included this feature for the companies who are looking to persuade more customers while socializing & publicizing their business. Hence, travel companies can offer deals, such as night offers, discounts on a child fare, early bookings discounts, and last-minute booking discounts for a few listed destinations to enhance your sale.

Tool and Technologies

Tool and Technologies
  • Front-end Technologies

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • React

    • Vue

    • Angular

    • jQuery

  • Back-end technologies

    • Android development

    • Windows App

    • iOS development

  • Server

    • Apache

    • Nginx

  • Database

    • MongoDB

    • DynamoDB by Amazon

    • Firebase database by Google

    • PostgreSQL

  • Storage

    • AWS S3 Amazon Simple Storage Solution

    • Firebase Storage by Google

  • Programming Languages

    • Python

    • Java

    • Scala

    • PHP

    • Ruby on Rails

  • Third-party Solutions

    • PayPal

    • Braintree

    • Stripe

    • Ayden

    • Checkout

    • Authorize for payment gateway

  • CRM solutions

    • Salesforce

    • HubSpot

    • Nimble CRM for CRM solutions

  • Management

    • NetSuite

    • Lightspeed for Inventory management

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Here Are The Numbers That Speak for Our Quality Results

  • 35% faster than traditional online booking tools
  • 56% fewer clicks required to make a booking
  • 80% growth of their database
  • 20% savings on client's business travel expenses

Solution Benefits

  • Single Screen Itenary with Calendar Sync
  • Self-booking with express checkout
  • Unlimited users with respective roles and permissions
  • Profile management, travel spend tracking & traveler tracking
  • Potential savings alert & existing booking warnings


We value your time and appreciate the minutes you spared to this case study & the eCommerce services we provide. The aforementioned case study would have given you a clear picture of the problems faced by our client and acknowledging how we were able to provide the best fit solution.

Unlike the traditional system, today's modern travel and accommodation services offer versatile features, ranging from travel to accommodation, and managing the data retained from all sources requires a robust and scalable management system.

A3logics designers and developers can develop a feature-rich customized eCommerce solution for customers as per their business needs. They underline the problems whether back-end or front-end or UI/UX based or server-based, with a thorough analysis to provide the best possible solution to it.

A3logics also follows agile development methods and approaches for on-time delivery of the product after regress testing to eradicate any loophole and smooth functioning of all features ingrained within the software.

If you are struggling with similar challenges with your traditional eCommerce and willing to scale speedily, allow us to aid you with our enterprise-grade eCommerce software services that can restructure and modernize your entire process thereby enhancing the booking and travel experiences of your customers.

A3logics developers invested in learning technology to empower businesses by leveraging them to connect with the world and enable their customers to create memorable experiences. We are open to accommodate brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes to reach a global audience and grow their businesses, hence our solutions are versatile and cost-effective that satisfies everyone. To know more about our services, please inbox us.

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