About Client

Our client is from a reputed medical billing company and they started their journey with 20 employees. They are scattered in the US, Egypt, and Russia with more than 5,000 employees, 2,000 medical billers, and 1,000 medical coders. Our client is a member of the RSM US alliance as they are determined to stay at the frontline for accounting and consulting for their users. . Apart from this, our valuable client also represents commercial HMO.PPO, Covered California (Exchange), Cal MediConnect product lines.

Their workflow is segmented into vital steps starting with patient registration and ends up handling the patient’s collection. The medical billers are responsible to acknowledge the collection and also resolving their concerns regarding the acquisitions.

Business Challenges

The client approached the A3logics e-Learning development team to resolve complaints during handling patient collection. They were facing issues with the below-mentioned points.

  • Course Design & Collaboration With Regulatory Compliance

    Medical billing companies operate traditionally when it comes to handling their customer’s collections or understanding their user’s queries. Medical billing and coding have various state and federal guidelines and one of the most important is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It is also important to stay compliant with federal law and regulations.
    The billers and coders weren’t able to understand the guidelines to cover electronic medical records issued by the World Health Organization. Apart from this, medical practitioners were also limited by insurance companies. Our client wanted a sleek web-based learning design for their workforce to stay aware of compliance through interactive learning.
  • Technological Barriers

    It has been observed that the medical billing was a weary procedure and bills were submitted through email and post. Our client wanted to have a quick resolution to automate the billing method without any error. For this, they were facing some technical issues, and on the other side of the spectrum, they wanted to educate their workplace about the new advancement in the automated medical billing process with the help of the learning management solution platform.
    Our client was facing some major technological barrier within the workforce because the physicians were not understanding the clear workflow and were making errors in billing.
  • Making Changes Into Existing Training Module

    The existing training module was not integrated and trustworthy for the new employees to understand the clinical needs along with correcting insurance claims. There was a permissible risk of dispute and friction when it comes to changing the existing training modules. Our client was facing partially digital learning sections and their employees were digging in for another method to retain the conceptual knowledge.
  • Our client was resolute to get rid of these gridlocks to ensure smooth in-house learning through the leading LMS platform in the market. They wanted to have an agile solution that can help them with compliance reporting along with solving technological barriers. A3logics initiated its first step by conducting review sessions and meeting with physicians, medical billers, coders, client managers, and administrators to understand their requirements at every level. A3logics wanted to have a clear understanding of their staff’s perception to know about their thoughts in the learning process with the help of an interactive UI layout in the Professional training platforms. In a conclusion, it was observed that the staff was asking for some interactive key features that were lacking in the existing e-Learning market. Apart from this, there was a requirement to transfer constructive and domain knowledge from their existing LMS solution. Our client was relying on us to help them in solving these bottlenecks and A3logics- the leading e-learning software development company in the US offered them the best solutions in the market.

Our Solution

A3logics Encourages The Accurate Compliance Regulations With Interactive Course Design

A3logics offered various development models with the thought of also providing accurate compliance regulations on the other side. The skilled team has showcased the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) to completely inspect each step along the process. Apart from this, our team has also introduced SAM (Successive Approximation Model) for a deadline-driven learning process. We delivered a successful collaboration with our client’s stakeholders to stay compliant with the state and federal regulations. All these processes were suited up with the complete LMS software. Our clients wanted to introduce the concurrent regulations according to the locations to their in-house and remote teams. A3logics has successfully delivered robust Online Course Management to help our client to stay aware of the compliance requirements.

A3logics Solved The Implications Of eLearning Modules

Medical and billing companies require digital technology to solve a broad range of healthcare functions such as research, collection, medical billing, compliance & health, and medical coding. However, our client wanted to get rid of technological barriers and want to educate their staff through the new LMS software that can save time, reduce mechanical errors and uplift the entire medical process. A3logics helped them with the new infrastructure with integrated technology to enhance the learning experience.

Our client aimed to reduce the hauling at the workplace whenever they wanted to implement some new strategies or want to introduce their remote team to a Web-Based Training Management System. Apart from this, we have also introduced interactive elements through

gamification to impact the knowledge on the broader level and it can also motivate your workforce to strive more in order to receive badges in the learning process.

A3logics Delivered Flexible e-Learning Modes

A3logics believes staying aware of the latest market trends is vital and promoting. Our client was facing scaling issues with the existing LMS, hence we offered fully integrated LMS to combine theoretical medical billing and practical sessions into blended learning. We have also included numerous methods to scale up training modules or adapt new lessons into a bigger context in the Self-learning management systems. A3logics understands that responsive and interactive content without any physical infrastructure will help trainers to update their content and share it with their employees with just a click.

Hence, this is the vivid approach that A3logics has given to the clients in terms of blended learning with future scaling and complete integration with the new LMS platform.

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Highlights of LMS Solution

Effective Feedback Feature

Let’s agree on the fact that every user wants to share their feedback regarding the services or product they are using, to understand its depth. Right? This is what we have delivered to our client in the new LMS platform. Their employees are dealing regularly with patients and physicians, there are various segments that are required for the employees to learn.

Having a feedback corner will help business owners to understand how well they are going in terms of developing their employees.

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Better Personalization

Better Personalization

It has been seen that learners want to get engaged with various course catalogs and learning maps to understand the course level through customizing according to their needs. A medical billing company can be challenging as it requires interacting with so many people at one time. Hence, to acknowledge various learning concepts, we offered a personalization section where our client can choose the option to clear the concepts about handling the customers or how to create a report for payment collection. Our clients can choose the learning according to their choice through customization too.

Manageable Reporting and Analytics

To help our client with the eLearning effectiveness and objective we have added a feature of analytics and reporting for them. We understand how important it is to align the business objective with training patterns, therefore we helped our client with robust analytics through a visual presentation from where users can understand their learning and development in a better way. It will also help in evaluating the pain points and later solving them with better training programs. Apart from this, our client’s top priority is to be compliant with the laws and regulations, and through this feature, they can identify the patterns to adjust the learning programs.

Manageable Reporting and Analytics
Interactive Gamification

Interactive Gamification

We personally feel that e-learning platforms are incomplete without gamification as it boosts the users to gain more knowledge and they receive badges as a reward after completing every task. Learning should be fun no matter whether you are taking services for your employees or a kid. Keeping this in mind, A3logics has shared an idea to add a gamification feature in the LMS platform to transform monotonous training into a friendly competition. Our client was looking for training modules that can engage users and also increase compliance, hence this is how A3logics added a gamification feature.

Streamlined Offline Learning Tracker

Learning professionals may find it difficult to involve with regular official chores and technical activities along with manual factors. This is why A3logics has introduced an offline learning tracker to our clients that can help learners through L&D assessment results. During the session with the client, it had been observed that training and assessment should also be in offline mode because many staff members were handling customers and at the same time, accessing training was not possible for them. All this method can be done with the help of electronic record creation to understand the customized offline checklist according to the skills and capabilities of an individual.

Streamlined Offline Learning Tracker

Some other added and basic features of LMS are :

  • Social learning collaboration
  • Self-enrollment or registration
  • Attendance management
  • Competency & Certification
  • Social media integration
  • Auditable compliance reports
  • Personalized learning channels

Technologies & Tools











Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Key Factors Of Our LMS Platform:

  • A3logics has delivered a satin level of automated eLearning management that is helping our client with productivity and efficiency within the organization.
  • To understand the bottlenecks in the training process, A3logics has offered a crystal clear visibility to our client through which they can enhance their learning method along with improving the pain points.


A3logics provided well-grounded and reliable solutions to our client, demonstrating the deep technical expertise we have in the domain. Our client was facing various complexities that were leading to major discrepancies in the workflow along with other challenges related to training, and compliance.

The proficient team of A3logics burnt the midnight oil to offer brilliance by developing a perfect customized experience for the client that is resolving their concerns. We have shared the intuitive, agile, and robust learning solution for medical billers along with the healthcare coder to improve the engagement and to elevate the better user experience. A3logics has also provided a smooth method to the client’s staff in terms of understanding the learning curve with gamification and personalization.

Just like our client if you are too looking to have a robust LMS solution that can help you in achieving overall organizational success, make sure to team up with A3logics. We are the leading education and eLearning solution provider across the globe and have served in every sector and industry. Our skilled team manifests their experience and knowledge into crafting world-class learning software solutions for our clients. If you are interested to know more about this process, drop us a line right away.