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Smart car rental software solutions for ultimate customer convenience.

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Custom Car Rental Software Development Services by A3logics

Certified professionals at A3logics design seamless car rental software and apps to manage your car rental business.

Managing the car rental business can be daunting and strenuous but with our smart car rental software solutions, you can make it hassle-free and organized. A3logics understands that every company has specific requirements and needs. Hence, we offer custom services for different businesses, working on every project from scratch. Our skilled and experienced developers add new and advanced features to your car rental platform to help you take care of everything from car tracking to booking and more. This will ensure enhanced customer engagement and experience, making drive convenient whether in the city or outdoor destinations. Our car rental app development services will help you track all the deployed cars by controlling and overviewing every rental vehicle. List car rental on the website and sell equipment with our efficient software. Keep all the aspects of your business aligned with our online car rent app development solutions.

Smart car rental software solutions for ultimate customer convenience

Comprehensive Car Rental Software Solutions for Streamlined Processes

A3logics offers exclusive car rental development solutions, covering all the areas and aspects of a car rental business.

Rental Fleet Management

We design a proficient fleet management dashboard that includes all the significant and updated features, such as VINs, rental status, maintenance records, registration expirations, authorization number, travel history, telematics received by Vehicle Information Systems, and more. Our experts also implement automated maintenance services.

Contract Management Platform Services

Connect with our team for a secure contract management platform. We design and develop an all-in-one portal to execute in-person rental agreements, manage customers, terminate contracts, customize forms, process no-shows, and much more. You can also seek integration solutions for your car rental business to make check-out smooth.

Real-Time Tracking

Now, track all the deployed vehicles via a unified portal that keeps a close eye on every car. We implement custom GPS software and third-party software to help you track rental cars in real-time. Our professionals also provide you with recovery service platforms that include ignition controls for vehicles that are stolen, misused, or move beyond the fences.

Rate Management Solution

Our rate management software solutions instantly configure quotes and generate rate-based variables. It consists of multiple factors and details, such as trip distance and length, vehicle specs, driving history, renter’s credit, etc. A3logics also customized car rental software development services and rate altering algorithms to manage special events, drivers, split rates, etc.

Car Rental CRM

The developers working in our team are also well-versed in designing and creating car rental CRM platforms that also include SMS and email communication channels to connect easily with potential and existing customers. The CRM will also tackle other factors, which include marketing modules, corporate profiles, customer loyalty management, and so on.

Rental Payment Software

Dealing with multiple payments and clients will now be simple and efficient with our rental payment software. We integrate back-office accounting software with credit bureau reporting platforms and also credit card authorization and draft capture systems. With all the solutions together on one portal, you can be assured of seamless payment processing.

Features of Our Car Rental Mobile Apps

Features of Our Car Rental Mobile Apps

We serve our customers with the best car rental software that includes world-class features.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Get rid of manual and paper-based tasks as our interactive dashboard enables you to handle all the tasks automatically from one place.

 Social Media Access

Social Media Access

Rental car service providers and customers can now access the portal by easily logging in via any social media account or platform.

Advanced Search Features

Advanced Search Features

You don’t need to keep manual records of rental cars as this feature allows customers to see available cars based on their location & types.

Operational Zone Setup

Operational Zone Setup

This is a unique feature for service providers and clients to manage the car rental process. They get notified about real-time locations and services.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Our car rental software keeps you away from all the cyber risks and infringements and ensures safe & secure transfer via an integrated payment gateway.

Account Verification

Account Verification

This feature restricts any unauthorized access to the website. Admin verifies all the rental owners and then allows them to log in to the website.

Top Certifications

We are a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

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