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Business Delivery Models

We offer innovative business models to meet your diversified business needs.

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Industry-Specific Delivery Models

Experience digital transformation with our business-specific onshore-offshore delivery models

A3logics offers customized and unique business models that are flexible and scalable to address your diverse business requirements. Our experts provide offshore and onshore models as per your specifications, keeping your business strategies, interests, and delivery needs in mind. We adopt a pragmatic approach in our services to help you leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technology that drives value and profit to your business. Tap into the full potential of varied business delivery models and choose the one or a perfect combination of business models to support the different phases of your project. With our delivery models, our team aims at providing our clients with the utmost security, flexibility, reliability, and scalability. We offer solutions that ensure the project is implemented seamlessly and you enjoy assured and consistent quality. Also, reap benefits, such as risk mitigation, cost reduction, improved operations, strategic alignment, and more.

Industry-Specific Delivery Models

Varied Business Delivery Model

We offer various business models that can be applied to any of your projects and offer the best value for your money.

  • Offshore Delivery model

    It is the most cost-effective alternative where all the project development requirements from initial analysis to testing are done at the offshore development center. It is best for the projects with predefined goals and unlikely chances of deviation and also ensures flawless synchronization. Clients can reap the benefits of dedicated professionals and on-demand skilled resources to meet shortages. We offer a delivery model that seamlessly synchronizes your and our teams.

    • Get easy access to skilled manpower and advanced technologies
    • No additional expenses on labor keep the project within budget
    • There is no effect on the project due to different time-zones
    • An experienced and expert offshore team delivers high-quality results
  • Onsite Delivery Model

    If you want our professionals to be deployed onsite for continuous communication, then the onsite delivery model is the best suited for such projects. The skilled developers work on clients’ sites directly with them for a specific period, especially to support repetitive or short-term projects. This business model is recommended for short-term projects with repetitive scope and tasks. A3logics will deploy its experts onsite when you need specific types of resources or post-deployment support.

    • With teams working directly with each other, no chances of miscommunication
    • Constant and face-to-face interaction ensures clear understanding
    • The model requires less time to market
    • We get first-hand information to understand business scenario and meet your objectives
  • Hybrid Delivery Model

    A combination of onsite and offshore, this delivery model offers the best of both worlds - enhanced efficiency and optimized costs. Our team works onsite for direct communication with clients to understand business requirements and implementation work and also handles the offshore team. You can also avail of cost-effective benefits due to the amalgamation of both the models. The team interacts with clients and serves as project managers, consultants, developers, based on project needs.

    • Have access to the best infrastructure, technology, and manpower
    • Continuous development cycle ensures optimum resource utilization
    • This model has the highest usage efficiency
    • As major work is outsourced, it results in cost savings
  • Global Delivery Model

    Our global business model defines all the project development guidelines paying attention to the importance of a smooth flow of communication and information. It is the key delivery model that drives success and value to our clients. When the robustness of the model is combined with quality and infrastructure, it reduces any engagement risk for clients involved in other conventional delivery models. Considering its benefits and success, the model is quite popular.

    • With extended workday and hours, the project is completed faster
    • It connects the virtual teams through information
    • Provides easy access to the expertise and knowledge of professionals
    • Effective distribution of work and integration

Business Delivery Models Benefits

Distributed capabilities are leveraged for offering quick and efficient results for your business

Increased Flexibility

Business models make it easier for a team to adapt to the changes in project requirements over time. Team composition can be changed to meet resources and the right combination ensures low cost.

Smooth Communication

With clients and the development team working separately, there are more chances of miscommunication. However, the offshore model brings them in close proximity and enables clear understanding.

Access to Resources

The onshore-offshore collaboration checks that all the available resources are used efficiently. Also, clients have direct access to the best technology, manpower, and infrastructure for their projects.

Reduced Cost

Business delivery models convert fixed costs into variable cost which provides companies with greater flexibility. They can also reap the maximum benefits of reduced costs to meet their business objectives.

Enhanced Productivity

Offshore model ensures that the progress of a project is not disrupted due to time-zone differences. There is a continuous work cycle going on for software development, using resources optimally.

Strategic Value

You have a trusted strategic partner working with the latest technologies to add value to your project without any risk to your critical business information. The clients can use apps, frameworks, and libraries offered by the partner.

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