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10 Solid Reasons to Choose Yii Framework for Your Web Development

The development of PHP’s popular framework Yii (pronounced Yee) began in January 2008.  It is an opensource solution for rapidly developing modern web applications. Built around the Model-View-Controller composite pattern, the framework provides secure and professional features to create robust projects. With a component-based architecture and full caching support, the framework has been proved suitable for building all kinds of web applications like forums, portals, content management systems, Restful services, ecommerce websites, and whatnot. 

The Yii developers find this as one of the easiest and convenient frameworks to work on. Before we talk about the various advantages of choosing the framework, let’s first see what is the difference between Core PHP and PHP Framework. 

Core PHP Vs. PHP Framework

Core PHP Vs. PHP Framework

  • Core PHP is a basic language and is used to create some phenomenal dynamic web pages. 
  • Core PHP works without any additional directory, while a framework cannot. Even if you want to develop a dynamic webpage using the framework you must be thorough with Core PHP.
  • PHP developers have a keen eye on the latest advancements and with experience develop expertise in the language. 
  • Core PHP can offer a range of functionalities that can be worked on. The developer need not embed the same code again and again. Whereas, frameworks have a fixed set of rules, and the codes can be passed from one developer to another quite easily. 
  • The framework rarely lets web developers write bad code, thus saving a lot of time in testing and debugging the code and finishing the project at the earliest. You can take a Yii development crash course to begin building stunning web solutions using this framework. The use of the MVC model in this framework ensures developers separate logic from views thus making it easier to do modification when required. 

Top Reasons to Choose Yii Development for Website Development 

We have already discussed what makes a PHP Yii a better alternative than Core PHP. Let’s now further discuss what makes this framework one of the most popular ones in the web development arena. 

1. Ease of Installation

The major reason to choose the framework is the ease it provides. Installing this on the system is a child’s play thus, even a non-expert can work on this. For developers, time is the essence of their work. The quicker they deliver the projects the more expertise they gain. To save time it is important the framework they opt for is easy to install. Spending a lot of time in the installation itself is a loss of money. It would also impact the time of PHP developers for web development. 

2. Implement Modern Technology

Yii is a blend of the OOP framework and the advanced features of PHP. It includes the latest SPL classes & interfaces, anonymous functions, and static binding. The framework offers the best of the developing world under one roof. A solution that is technically advanced and easy to use has to be the developers’ favorite choice. 

3. Extensive to Fit Your Needs

Well, we have already seen a few reasons, why the framework is so popular among the developers. The framework is virtually extensible, thus it can always be customized to tailor-fit your needs. This gives it an edge over its counterparts in the market. 

4. Test Before Deployment     

Since Yii is integrated with PHP testing framework like Codeception it is easier to create a unit, functional, and acceptance tests for your applications. This would make it easier for you to make it simple to configure your application during testing. Thus, you would be coming up with a flawless solution that is surely going to impress your clients. 

5. Additional Security

Digital security is a major concern that bothers business people. With Yii for your assistance, you can easily take care of the security of the website. It is important that your business solution is resistant to cyber threats and can gain popularity among your clients’ users.

6. Tuned for Great Performance

The worst thing for a web development company is delivering a slow site. The Yii framework helps you develop a website that is fast. The caching unit lets you choose the type of cache you want to include in your work and while using a common API. 


7. Error Handling Framework

The framework is based on the PHP 5 exception mechanism. It makes handling an incoming user request the handleError method within PHP warnings and notices. It registers its handleException method to handle uncaught PHP exceptions. Thus, with the framework taking care of the errors things become easier. 

8. Great Themes for Interesting Results

Our PHP developers find it really interesting to work on the framework. The themes it has to offer has great significance and systematically customizes the website. Each theme comes with its directory that consists of layout files, JavaScript files, and CSS files.  

Thus, it is easier for the developers to come up with web solutions that would get their customers some great support. 

9. Logging Is Easy

This framework has a logging feature that is flexible and extensible. You can easily classify the messages that are logged according to its log levels and message type. With various filters, selected messages can be guided to various destinations like browsers, emails, etc.

10. Shorter Development Time

Repeating the tasks is unwelcomed as most developers need to save their time.  Yii helps you to spend less time on these tasks. It is a web-based code scaffolding tool that allows you to quickly create codes. It helps in templates for models, controllers, forums, modules, extensions, and CRUD controlled actions and views. 

Wrapping It Up!!!

So, do you want an appealing website solution? Yii is the framework to reach any point. It helps you create and perform well. It helps to come up with a secure and testable site by doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Hire Yii developers who can help you get the best results. You can make the most of these features exactly as they are provided. We have experts who have gained expertise in the field. Get the best results that can help you impress your customers NOW!

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