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Workplace that suffuses The Future Tense That is Vision Beyond The Usual

Do things that others never imagined. Yes, I am about to take you on a drive to the thought planet that’s beyond the usual. Not many can foresee the future, only a few. And out of those few, rarest of the rare have the capability to foresee beyond the normal visualization.

Sketching that future to pull off the desired result fuels the power to make that idea happen. The imprints of the strokes actually reveal the determination with which we want to get that vision turn into reality. I proffer a single but a strong idea to make our workplace wear that extra appeal with a greener tint. But I want you to see it the way I do. So let me reveal this idea through an elaborate instance. The sunrays touch your window pane on the new Monday morning. Clock ticks 7 a.m. and the solar system at home perceives the existence of the solar energy. It automatically unbolts the windows and transfers your energy resource at home to use the power from the grand star.

All this energy being exhausted at the expense of nothing. Yes, it was the energy company that installed the entire solar paraphernalia at your house at no cost. On top of that an extra credit from them if you utilize the energy company’s solar system that administers your house’s electricity usage, making sure you use energy when it’s most needed. Thereby giving you top value and that to originating from the cleanest sources you could ever think off. These energy sources now come with plans, the most profitable can be picked up by the user as per his requirement. This is more like your cell plan system. So get the most of what is excellent for you.

Getting started for office to attend a client meeting. You run the staircase down and feelers spot the efficacy of the sunlight and turn the lights on if required. You are all decked up for office, with your sleek notebook and pen drive. Roads run smooth with smokeless and noiseless electric buses. Your car is all charged up and so you unplug it from the electric grid and you are off for office. At the parking lot you plug in the battery again for the return journey.

You run off your smart card for access into the building, and now make use of bio-metrics tech into your cabin. Your desk awaits you with a power up for your sleek and stylish laptop which you connect it to the wireless network. No hard disk for the notebook thus making it lighter than the notebooks we have at present. Powering up and linking the flash drive taxes only few milliseconds of yours.

Browser pops up connecting you with your organization’s extranet. Here goes the password, and here you bond with your virtual desktop. Very similar to using Windows, Linux etc. via through a local hard drive. Since your power dispensation generates from the virtual servers, computer’s lifetime is enhanced to 6 to 7 years, beating down the usual 3 years. Less divisions on your notebook, makes it easier to reprocess or reuse.

You gather your stuff for the meeting; meet your client. The client wishes a copy of the matters discussed at the finish of the meeting. You send in the print request to the multi-device at your floor. Your department will be billed depending on your print. Monthly expenses pertaining to the same will be circulated as per your intranet usage. The details regarding the same is done up for the periodic budget assessment. After the meeting a visit to the cafeteria is sure to ease off that pressure. Here too everything that you see around is solar and nature inspired. With urgent personal assignments in the forefront you fix up a meeting at 5 p.m. an interesting fact about the meeting is that you don’t need to head for office after that. All you need to do is just turn your laptop on and plug in the internet world.

The meeting moves on with team members and other participants aided with the web cameras, all members at different geographical locations but coordinated at one with the assistance of the advanced tech. As you are hit by a slow connection you make use of your pen drive that has an encrypted version of an operating system. The smart card and password is all what you need to get started again. The final finale of the meeting arrives and you store the requisite data on your pen drive. Because of this you can connect to your virtual desktop and coordinate with it. You then instruct your subordinate directly from your work cabin while enjoying home comfort as you are at home but your subordinate can take down your orders that are flashed on the TV. Monitor there at the office. Does it sound something like a chapter I read from the “Jetsons”. Well this can be the face of the entire world today.

With the talent to revolutionize today; we encompass the technology to transport this workplace visualization to real life. All we got to do is to thrust this idea. Soliciting the governments, law-makers to furnish tax credits and incentives to businesses to initiate spending in intelligent grids, superior programs will make the idea materialize. More reception to electronic stuff and minimizing on paper will definitely transform the way we perform and execute things.

The above is not at all a mere textual representation of the whimsical inventions that might take place in future tense but we can make them happen now. Add this possibility tint to your life and workplace. Result double bonanza in form of money and a healthy environment equals to super era.

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