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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SharePoint

Are you still stuck with the old and outdated system for managing files? Then you are probably inviting numerous problems to your company, including overwritten files, crashed servers, long hours to search one file, unorganized collaborations within departments, and the list is endless. To help you relax a bit - you are not the only one to organize and edit company files on a clunky system, there are many others in the industry. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need corrective actions. Hence, SharePoint, a Microsoft tool to make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. Yes, reap the benefits of this reliable solution and tap into your maximum potential. Irrespective of the size of your business, this intranet solution can consolidate information and enhance communication across your company. With more employees working remotely and offsite, the system will play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone within the company knows what is happening. 

With credible Microsoft SharePoint services, you can overcome all the problems of file sharing and add value to the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. If implemented correctly, then it can help you:

  • Store documents faster
  • Make workflow seamless
  • Make collaboration possible from anywhere, anytime
  • Organize files smoothly
  • Pull data from other software that is used in the company
  • Find the right files with a simple Google search
  • Eliminate unauthorized access 
  • Multiple edits at the same time

This is just a brief insight into what SharePoint offers you, there are many benefits that you can seek. However, before you indulge in a long list of its advantages, let’s take a look at what exactly SharePoint is.

What Is SharePoint?

Do you have business offices located in different locations? If yes, then we are sure that you must be facing a hard time coordinating between them. Ensuring that all employees can access business intelligence and mission-critical documents instantly is not easy at all. That is where MS SharePoint comes to your rescue. It is a document management tool introduced by Microsoft as an intranet and content management system that brings an organization together. In simple words, the SharePoint intranet is a resource that allows companies to build a collaborative platform to store, organize, share, and access critical business information and files from any device. 

Being a website-based collaboration system, SharePoint uses workflow applications, list databases, and security features to enable different teams in a company to work together and smoothly. Authorized employees can review, edit, and share files anytime, anywhere, using this system, adding convenience to remote, on-site, and all other employees. Of course, they need a web browser for it to work. The company has control to allow access to information and automate workflow processes. It works just like Google Drive but comprises a gamut of features and tools, thereby making it a more advanced solution. SharePoint online has additional integration capabilities along with other cloud applications and is paired with other Microsoft packages. You can use it as a blog site, file repository, web content management system, and intranet as well. 

Now that you are acquainted with SharePoint, have a look at a few ways it can transform your business and how you work for better. Here we go:

Better Data Management 

Your business receives thousands of emails in a day that your employees have to deal with, replying to them, solving customer complaints, acknowledging them, etc. Then there are users’ requests, messages, marketing reports, and whatnot that consume hours to get organized. Honestly, the task is overwhelming and tedious in every aspect. We are certain that by now you must have integrated a smart solution to build a common platform that can keep track of all the documents and data. However, what if a remote employee wants to access these files? Considering that data includes information and files from different projects and teams with different sizes and formats, keeping track of it can be a tough row to hoe. Microsoft SharePoint Solution addresses all these issues where users can seek files instantly without having to go through a pile of unwanted stuff. Without abandoning your existing system, you can integrate the new data management system with your Microsoft Office Suite and add convenience to your business processes. 

Brings Constant Communication System

Be it any business, it has a huge amount of data and emails that different teams may need to access at different times. Companies usually send group emails and to convey any information. Of course, it helps them to share data conveniently but most of the time, these emails and messages get ignored or lost. Moreover, some may not even receive these group messages or information they need to accomplish their task. As a result, they can miss important discussions. Even though, if they get the email, getting back to them for reference is difficult. So what is the best way out of these problems? The answer is SharePoint, a tool that brings all the collaboration in one place, making it easy for all the members to see any piece of information easily anytime. This surely maintains a smooth and constant flow of communication without hampering the message or breaking the chain. 

Simplifies Business Functions

Your business and employees need to deal with a plethora of business activities every day. The workflow that they need to get in place daily, includes managing, initiating, and reporting common functions. So do you intend to continue dealing with these functions the same way in the future as well? We don’t think so, right? Hence, we bring to you SharePoint Consulting Services that assist you with common business activities, such as issue tracking, review and approval, signature & feedback collection, and more. The system automates these process and the best part is that you don’t need any coding to complete these tasks. Employees can integrate it with client applications, email programs, and web browsers for a consistent and simple experience. 

Stores Information in a Centralized System

As we said, SharePoint stores the information on the cloud which is accessible from anywhere with a web browser. With everything in one location which is easy to reach, this centralizes all the information and resources. From updates about the next meeting to coming events, it stores all the data, and staff members can find it easily. Employees no longer need to invest hours searching for what they required, and managers can streamline the processes without any hassle, saving everyone time and effort. This also comes in handy when there are general warnings about a client or an incident that people need to know as one simple message can convey the information. The cloud-based feature reduces the risk of loss or damage to data as you don’t have to rely on physical servers for securing files and information. 

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Enables Informed Decisions

SharePoint comes with a live and interactive business intelligence (BI) portal that collects and showcases all the critical business information from different sources in one place. The MS tool archives this using integrated BI capabilities which include scorecards, dashboards, KPIs (key performance indicators), web portals, and various data connectivity technologies. Needless to say that with a centralized report centre, employees have access to all the key data and latest reports, spreadsheets, etc., which enables them to make informed decisions. So, connect with a SharePoint service provider now and enhance the decision-making process in your organization.

Ensures Data Security and Compliance

No matter what industry you belong to, healthcare or financial or any other, there are a few rules that you have to follow. You have to adhere to some strict guidelines made by the government. Also, there are policies about authorized access to confidential data and you must take necessary actions to ensure that. Complying with so many rules and regulations can be complicated but not when you have SharePoint to help you out. The tool has a setting where you can decide all the specific compliance at every level. There is also an option to store and audit policies where the system can take automated actions when business records expire. You can put control over folders, sites, web applications, documents, lists, etc. 

Encourages Smooth Collaboration 

If your offices are located in different cities or countries, maintaining a smooth collaboration between employees can be a real challenge for you. SharePoint is designed for such purposes where it offers a central point for employees to work together. The staff members can connect through the portal and work on the same document at the same time, hence saving the energy and resources to create multiple versions of those files. Gone are the days when geographically unconnected people can just interact during meetings, avail our SharePoint development service, and bring all the members of the team together irrespective of their location. They can see a live feed of who is accessing the document and see the changes instantly that are made by a person sitting in another city. Being true to its name, the system also makes it easier to share files with just a few clicks and invite others to edit the document. 

Optimizes Content Delivery

Content has become an integral part of every business and there are various people involved in a company’s content strategy. From blog writers to media specialists, they all work together to optimize the content. Of course, there are several edits, approvals, feedback, and reviews to finally post one effective content. You can hardly rely on a network of folders to finally deliver robust content. With so many people involved, you cannot find the one who has edited the document, the number of times it is reviewed, and if the version is the latest one. SharePoint takes care of all these issues by providing a single dashboard. The content can be shared for instant reviewal, it also helps you see all the changes made and find the original one along with multiple translations. 

Allows Easy Customization

Last but not least. One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint is that it is easily customizable. While using the MS system, you might need to adjust the configuration as per your needs. Yes, one may think that adding and eliminating features can be a real pain but not in the case of SharePoint. With centralized administration control, the process is simple and quick. An authorized member can make the changes in a central location and the modifications can be seen at different pages with just a few clicks. Of course, you can choose to keep default features but customization surely makes it a valuable asset for companies. With this, your workforce can have everything that they need to attain organizational goals and can boost their productivity. 

Wrapping Up!

By now, you must have realized why most of the companies are switching to SharePoint. With so many benefits to avail, you must plan the integration now. There is no use to stick with a system that doesn’t work for you. 

To make the most of SharePoint and its features, you need someone reliable to work with. A trusted SharePoint service company that knows what it is doing and how things are done the right way. A3logics has been in the industry for years and we present ourselves for thousands of successful projects that we have delivered. Our experienced and skilled developers will guide you throughout the process, right from the inception to completion and even after it. So, connect with us now, and let’s have a chat about your project. 

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