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Why Going Mobile-Friendly is the Need of the Hour

No matter how great your website looks on a PC, real status is revealed when you check it on mobile devices. For years, businesses have been recommended to support and take mobile responsiveness into consideration for their website design. Though the majority of businesses have been procrastinating the matter all this time, now it’s high time to get on toes to get this done.

With the latest announcements made by Google on changing mobile-search algorithms and incorporating a website’s mobile-friendliness into rankings, this is one biggest update that will affect a larger volume of businesses. We have been providing enterprise mobility services over a decade and have helped several big, medium and small scale businesses reach their target audience in a single tap.  

With the number of mobile users increasing at the fastest pace, statistics say that the mobile network takes around 50% of overall web traffic. This is a final call for businesses to get alert and take responsiveness of the sites seriously.

When you hear about mobile-responsiveness, there are a lot of questions that may occur in your mind. Here are the 3 common types of mobile-friendly options that may help you:

Develop a Separate Mobile Website: Today, almost every business - be it retail & ecommerce, food & restaurant or any other has the mobile version of their website that are typically designed to run on mobile & other smart devices. They run on other sub-domains or domains and can intuitively identify if the user is on PC or other devices and then redirects them accordingly. Having such an option could be expensive and tiresome for many businesses as whenever they try to put some new updates on their websites, the changes need to be kept standard across the board. This option can be useful for sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. that can manage the website running simultaneously over different platforms.

Create A Mobile Application: Everyone is well aware of this term- mobile apps. Now all your routine tasks are being handled by your very own apps. You can easily find a mobile app for everything on common app stores such as App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store. The content on an app is specifically designed to fit your phone and the users can also get the benefit of accessing the app through the shortcut icons available on your phone screens. Android vs iOS - no matter what plaform you choose for builidng your app - its important your business goes mobile today. 

Work on Mobile-Responsiveness of Your Website: This one is the most favorable option for all types of business websites. In this, the website spontaneously gets adjusted according to the device in which it is being opened. Just like the corporate website of A3logics that not only gives users an extraordinary experience, but the fluidity of the site is also remarkable. Apart from being intuitive and automatic adjustments, this option is easier to manage as you need not manage different websites. Also, it’s a cost-effective option.

Mobile-Responsiveness of Your Website

So, when you look for an e-commerce help providing company, you need to make sure they come up with solutions that are user-friendly and easily navigable. Now that you know what are the different types of mobile-friendly options, let’s explore how being responsive can prove to be a game-changer for your business. 

Google Goes Mobile Friendly: February 2015 saw the ground-breaking decision of Google announcing mobile-friendliness as an important factor in ranking a website. Google has been keeping pace with changing digital trends and has modified the way businesses run online and this was a major decision. 

To ensure before people find your business, Google finds it, go mobile-friendly today. If you need assistance with turning your business responsive, remember we are just a click away. 

World Has Moved to the Mobiles: The world has moved to the palm. With the device in your hand, you can connect with your friends, get your groceries, order gifts, get your food delivered and what not. With the world shrinking to just a few inches, it is wiser to move with the pack. Being available on the mobile is a smart move to make as it lets you reach your customer base easier. Being available all the while for your client base gets you an added advantage. 

Improve Conversion Rate: As you reach the potential clients before your competition does, you get an advantage. Reaching the right place, before everyone else does can get you the best results. With a wider customer base reaching your business, you can always enjoy improved conversion rates. You can always enjoy the benefits of great profits if your website is easily navigable on all devices.

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Faster Download Speed: When you develop your website to be mobile-friendly, the download speed of the website increases. Better the user experience, the higher traffic, and the more conversions.  It is important for your user to have a happy experience to help you get the best results on the charts. 

Cost-Effective Alternative: When you work on a responsive website, you can definitely save the expenses of a mobile-application. A well-designed and developed mobile-friendly website would let your users have the ease of navigation and a higher chance of turning visitors to customers.  


Conclusively, being mobile-friendly is one of the options for your business website and you may choose wisely among them as every business has its own needs and requirements. Whatever option you select, your end goal must be to enhance the visual identity and responsiveness of your website and stay ahead of the times. With half of web-traffic coming from mobiles and smart devices, just make sure to go mobile-friendly and put the long-lasting business impact on your potential clients! Top mobile app developers say now is the time to take your business to small screens and mark your digital presence. 

To get a website that is responsive and marks your digital identity, you need to reach a team that works on its product engineering well and helps you get impressive results too.  You can always reach us and impress your clients with an interactive website. 

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