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Why Choose Magento Development Services For Building Your Next Ecommerce Website?

In this blooming era of e-Commerce platforms, every major ecommerce player is looking to build a reliable and appealing online shopfront for its customers. A variety of ecommerce frameworks or applications like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. are used by companies today to build outstanding ecommerce web solutions. Among these popular ecommerce frameworks, Magento is the popular choice of many for building ecommerce websites. Availing Magento development services ensures high performance, scalability, flexibility, and user-friendly functionality in an online store for companies. 

Magento, broadly speaking, is an ecommerce platform that is designed using open source technology and provides multiple useful features to create a highly customizable online store for users. A variety of features like powerful shopping carts, content customization, SEO, search management tools, etc. are offered by Magento to customize the look and feel of an ecommerce website. Many popular brands from retail & ecommerce, food & restaurant and other sectors rely on Magento ecommerce development services to manage their webite. 

Magento is also the fourth largest ecommerce platform with 4.55% market share and powers 141,800 websites globally. When you partner a enterprise software development company for Magento ecommerce, you surely get a powerful online store with a host of features like Magento debugger, EcomDev PHP unit, multistore search fields, and much more. No matter the scale and size of your business, you can create your online store with the basic version of Magento and later switch on to a more sophisticated version as your business grows. 

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Let us now discuss in detail why Magento development services would be a top choice for your future e-commerce website:

1. Cost-effective 

Affordability is one of the important factors that come into mind when you are looking to pick an ecommerce development solution. No doubt, most companies in today’s fast-paced business world prefer an ecommerce software solution that is quick to deploy and economical too. So If you are someone who is looking for affordable ecommerce development services, then Magento should be your automatic choice. 

Magento comes with cloud hosting which lowers the cost of monitoring, maintenance and hosting of an ecommerce solution. Cost of a Magento-powered site also depends on the features you want in your store, Magento version, and your location. The average pricing for a basic Magento ecommerce site starts at $ 20,000. On the other hand, when you partner with an experienced Magento development company for building your custom ecommerce site, it can cost you between $40,000 to $100,000. The cost of hiring experienced Magento developers is slightly higher due to their technical expertise, knowledge and experience. 

2. Seamless website management

When you are looking to manage multiple stores online, Magento should be your automatic choice. Many popular brands across the globe rely on Magento ecommerce development when crafting a comprehensive multi-store strategy. Magento enables you to create and manage your multiple online stores seamlessly through a single, unified dashboard. Performing tasks like add/update/remove inventory items, changing user permissions, updating custom profiles, etc. on multiple stores can be done easily via the single, unified Magento dashboard, which makes ecommerce website development much easier. You can also create your own e-commerce website using Google Sites and Ecwid

3. Large community support 

Magento, as an open-source platform has large community support consisting of dedicated developers, project managers, bloggers, etc. All these people are working day-in and day-out to provide exceptional community support to global ecommerce brands, leveraging Magento ecommerce development services. Approximately 360,000 forum members of Magento offer community support to fix a particular issue and provide proper guidelines for Magento developers and Magento e-commerce companies globally.

4. Open-source

The best part of Magento ecommerce framework is its open-source nature, which allows it to stay on top when it comes to ecommerce development. Unlike its competitors, i.e, Shopify Magento OpenSource is free to download for everyone and can be further extended and customized. Also, when you hire a Magento development company, its team of Magento experts can really help you with promoting your online store and add more advanced features like customer reward program, targeted promotions, 24/7 support, etc. into your online store for an impressive look and feel.

5. Impeccable Website performance

Think of any important ecommerce functionality - fast page load, superior query processing and other static operations - Magento is a clear winner among all other popular ecommerce frameworks. It ensures high performance for your ecommerce storefront 24/7, despite availability of thousands of extensions for customization purposes.

6. Multiple Payment options

For any ecommerce storefront, the presence of multiple payment options is a must to improve customer delight today. When you use Magento development services for your ecommerce store, you are assured of the same. Magento provides support for all popular payment options, i.e., PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, etc. along with seamless checkout functionality. Customers can make payments with zero hassle on a Magento-powered online store. 

7. SEO-friendly Functionality

Today, having an SEO-optimized website is a must for any ecommerce business to improve search engine rankings and outpace the competition. When you choose Magento ecommerce services, you get a host of SEO features. These include SEO-friendly URL structure, sitemaps, meta tags, etc. Inbuilt-SEO features of Magento works great to improve your site rankings by making it visible in the eyes of Google. 

8. Seamless Mobile Support

Today, 81% of shoppers use mobile devices to search for their favourite product or services online. Also, nearly 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative for any ecommerce business to have an online shop front that is mobile-compatible. Luckily, Magento provides support for HTML5 which ensures a seamless online shopping experience for customers on mobile devices while navigating through a Magento ecommerce platform. So, it is recommended that you trust Magento development service providers for delivering a good mobile shopping experience to your customers. 

9. Third-party integration

Support for a large number of third-party platforms is provided under Magento development services by companies for your ecommerce site. It includes database applications, transportation, shipping, order tracking facilities, payment gateways, etc. Also, built-in Google tools like Google Analytics, Google checkout, etc. are also available with Magento to track your website performance easily. 


Whether you are looking to launch a new ecommerce store or expand the functionalities of an existing one, it is always good to choose an ecommerce development platform that suits your needs and budget requirements. From the above-summarised list, you can clearly see why availing Magento development services for e-ommerce website development Is better compared to other cheaper options available in the market.

Build your next e-commerce site by integrating latest and compelling Magento ecommerce development services. Join hands with A3logics - the leading Magento development company in USA and India. We help you get an online store that not only solidifies your online presence but also compels more customers to visit your site, boosting your overall sales and profit. 

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