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6 Software That Will Benefit Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have some of the toughest sales jobs out there because they’re buying, selling, and letting property. It’s probably one of the biggest and most significant purchases or financial decisions that a household or individual can make. And with that in mind, it has to be made with the right person or agency in question. 

A real estate agent has to be able to know exactly what their client is after when it comes to purchasing a home and having a client’s best wishes at heart when selling one. From the moment a customer makes an inquiry to the moment they sign on the dotted line, it’s all about the quality of the journey. For that, a real estate agent needs a good set of tools under their belt.

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With that being said, here are six types of software that will benefit real estate agents and to hopefully continue their success on the market.

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Have A Back-Up Plan For Viewings With Foyr

There are times when viewings might not be able to go ahead last minute because the seller has an emergency or perhaps the property isn’t ready. You may have had your potential buyers show up and expect to see the property. The worst thing that you can do is to turn them away and give them no options. 

However, if you had an interior design software in place that could show them the layouts of the property, well then it’s certainly better than nothing right? By producing stunning visuals of the property, you’re going to be salvaging and doing damage control in those situations. 

It’s also going to be a useful piece of software to use in meetings with other staff members to brief them on a property or to share with the buyer and seller outside of the viewing. Using interior design software programs like Foyr can be great for what you need when showcasing these to clients or internally within the office.

With so many different software options out there for interior design and property design, it’s handy to invest in one that’s more tailored to you. A3logics understands that developing software tailored to your needs is essential for many businesses nowadays to do.

Design with Canva

One of the benefits that come with the online world is that there’s easy to use software for anything and everything. So if you’ve got some basic posters or flyers that need doing or you want to make a few hand-outs for your clients that aren’t just print-outs from your website, Canva is a good place to start.

With Canva it’s software that’s available to use online so can be accessed remotely from anywhere simply with an internet connection. When you have a dashboard interface that has pre-made and pre-set templates, design layouts, and elements, it makes life that little bit easier. It also ensures that what you create is professional and it’s going to have that wow-factor for your clients. 

Of course, there are many other photo-editing and design software out there, but if you’re looking for something anyone can use then Canva is the best one currently available. The plans on offer are suitable for anyone and everyone with a basic free plan for those who don’t have the budget. There’s also enterprise and pro available too. 

Having a free option gives you the opportunity to test it out, for the most part, to see whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

Effective Customer Communication

One of the most important parts of being a real estate agent is your clients, right? Offering them  the best customer service you can is going to be really important to help you maintain good relationships and to stop them from turning sour. If reputation is anything to go by, then your current customers will certainly play a major influence in securing your future ones.

Effective Customer Communication

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The best way of improving communications is by assessing the current software or systems that you have existing already. Conversational sales in the form of chatbots and personalized emails are just a couple of examples whereby businesses nowadays are going above and beyond to reach out to clients and not the other way around.

For customers, there’s a certain expectation that they’re going to hold regardless of which end of the property market they’re on. They want to be kept in the loop when buying a new home of all the properties you have that are suitable to them. The sellers want quick support and information on how their properties are doing on the market.

So where possible, try to implement these services where you can.

Make A Dream Team With Slack

One of the challenges that come with being a real estate agent is that you’ve got the difficulty of keeping in communication with everyone back in the office. When you’re back at the office, you may only be there for a limited time and so having software available to you that you can access from any device is crucial. 

Slack is one of those applications that can help teams work together, regardless of where they might be. It’s perfect for those whose jobs involve a lot of working all over the place, rather than simply in an office environment. This communication platform allows you to set tasks for one another, fill calendars with key dates and meetings, as well as a whole host of other functions.

Dream Team With Slack

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Miscommunication can often lead to mistakes and these mistakes are something you cannot afford to have in property sales. Everyone needs to be on the same page, including you and your team members, if you have any that is. 

Just having more of an understanding of what everyone’s doing and what’s going on in people’s daily schedules can certainly help. So if you feel you and your colleagues are lacking that structure currently, then a platform like Slack might be just what you’re looking for. 

The Power of Promotion with Hootsuite

The power of promotion is a powerful one and when you’re on the real estate market, the louder you are on social media, the better. Your website isn’t the only place you need to drive traffic to, it’s social media platforms that are working to drive interest too. Consider platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Tiktok. 

Some estate agents have spotted the popularity that Tiktok has and therefore wants a slice of the action. By creating condensed clips of property listings and posting them on the platform.

Now not everyone has the time to do everything on social media, but you can use software to help you manage it. Software like Hootsuite has been around for a while and since its creation, many more have popped up as a result. 

With this software, you can schedule in content as and when it’s suited. This helps shave off a lot of time that you perhaps don’t have to play with. It makes daily work life a lot easier and you’re getting the right promotional material out at the right time. It’s also something that’s fairly easy to use and so pretty much everyone can take a stab at using it.

The more promotional content you can have going out, the better. There’s so much of it out there already that sometimes it can be hard to get noticed.


Finally, when it comes to estate agents in general, it’s not just buying and selling that they’ll handle. Lettings also tend to be attached and this adds more complexity to the mix if it’s not organized properly. A good way to handle this is by using something like AgentOS. What makes them unique is that it’s built by agents for agents. 

That means you’re going to everything you need to make your workday a smooth success without all the unnecessary frills and features. The features include are the property’s overall description and details, a landlord’s dashboard, and rent management.

You also have maintenance management systems and a whole lot more. It’s important to have something that sits under one roof, rather than multiple software systems that you’ve got open on your desktop. Streamlining your work processes is always going to be more effective and so software like AgentOS is definitely one that’s going to be very beneficial to use.

Even though lettings can be a pinch point, it doesn’t have to be. With estate agents that deal with lettings, if you’ve got a well-organized system in place, then you’re going to have happy landlords and happy renters too. It’s important to be able to provide a service for all your clients, whatever side of the service they’re on.

Making sure you’ve got the tools needed to build your business as a real estate is essential. Growing your clientele is going to help you gain access to more opportunities and more sales hopefully in the future.

Use any and all of the software mentioned above to ensure your real estate agents continue to thrive and flourish in the market for 2021.

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