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What’s the Future of On-Demand Apps? How It’s Transforming the Face of Business

Thriving in the global marketplace and standing out from the crowd isn’t easy!!!

Whether you’re into large business or running a startup, you need unique solutions to serve your target customer base. And just having a website doesn’t truly serve the purpose.

The mobile industry is trending upward and rapidly evolving the way we browse the web. It’s no wonder that most of the large-scale businesses have dedicated apps now.

Over the last few years, we have seen massive growth in the number of internet users and mobile devices. Several reports reveal that instead of browsing the web, users are seen downloading business apps

Stav Zilbershtein, CEO of rightly quoted that, "mobile apps are the future. First laptops replace desktops and now laptops have been replaced by mobile devices that largely use mobile apps. We're entering the future, and mobile apps are going to be the norm."

The increasing number of businesses offering their own apps is giving you a pretty good reason to join this bandwagon.

In case you still have doubts, consulting a mobile app development company and taking guidance from industry experts can help!

On-demand Apps: A Game Changer

Do you think On-demand apps is just a new business trend and will fade away soon? If you say “YES”, you’re completely WRONG!!!

Now you must comprehend the reality of on-demand apps and the success it is giving to the hundreds of ventures and start-ups.

According to Harvard Business Reports, “the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually in $57.6 billion spending. All these on demand services include freelance services, home services, transportation, food & grocery, health services, and other similar services”.

Also, the statistics reveal that,

49% of users are millennials and 30% consumers are between the ages of 35 to 54. This percentage shows that the growth of on Demand Apps is on a constant roll.

How the need for On-Demand Apps Arises

All this started when a few food stores and local shops started home delivery of their products. Following this trend, a large number of companies began to offer their own on-demand deliveries. And the major trigger that raised the need for mobile apps is shopping from the very comfort of home.

Even before entrepreneurs can realize what an on-demand mobile app can do their business, consumers are going gaga over the trend. And, of course they should be as these apps are helping them get what they want in no time.

Today, the need of on-demand apps shore-up enormously in every field including retail & ecommerce, education & e-learning services, shipping & logistics, healthcare just to name a few.

Why the Trend of On-Demand Apps is Booming Rapidly?

The one-word answer for it is “CONVENIENCE”. On-demand apps can serve your needs at anytime and anywhere and eliminated the friction that existed before the launch of mobile apps. Smartphones have been the game-changer for it. You can get services by simply using this smart device you have in your pocket. Whether it is cleaning your home, booking a taxi, ordering pizza, or quick salon services, all can be easily availed.

The success of Airbnb and Uber has transformed the way people do business. It is bringing unparalleled convenience to consumers. Now, people are looking for an instant solution to meet their needs.

How On-Demand Apps are Changing the Business World?

Now people are aware of popular on-demand apps like Zomato, Uber, Airbnb but this trend has a lot to offer and is not restricted to only these kinds of platforms.

There are so many other marketplaces all around the world and entrepreneurs are realizing the potential in different industries. In a highly competing world, you cannot always have a unique business idea. There is no big deal in offering something that someone else is also offering. To gain a competitive edge and become the real winner you must be better at customization and deliver solutions at a faster pace.

The on-demand economy is giving abundant opportunities to make a mark in your industry. And this is why your business needs on-demand mobile application, to set a new trend and reach the global audience.

How the On-Demand Economy Impacts Your Brand Image?

Nothing is more difficult than building a brand. And to survive in this cut-throat competition, you must have a renowned brand name. Having your own mobile application increases brand awareness. With an app, you can easily interact with the end-user of your product and demonstrate why consumers should trust you by showing what your brand stands for.

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Winding the Say!!!

With each passing day, the On-demand App Industry is reaching new heights. This rapid expansion can be seen everywhere. Almost everything from booking movie tickets, taxi, or ordering food, medicines, groceries, and much more can be done easily through on-demand apps. Hence, it is clear now that the on-demand industry has a bright future and isn’t going anywhere.

To stay in the game, you should be more responsive, flexible and ready to deliver the customized solution to satisfy your clientele. Hence, your business needs on-demand mobile application to give a seamless user-experience

Have an idea for building an On-demand mobile app? Get a quick analysis from our expert team and see how we can help you grow your brand.

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