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What To Look For In The New EDI Service Provider

Switching EDI provider is one of the most daunting tasks for almost every organization; major concern being disruption of the electronic order to operational cycles that might affect tie-ups with large clients and the revenues involved. Moreover, companies don’t think of shifting their EDI provider until it is providing them with the basic functionalities and their routine work is going on smoothly. Although, constraints like cost burdens or other unavoidable issues force companies to look for a new EDI service provider.

Before we help you with the features to look for in your new EDI service provider, let’s see when is the right time to move to a new provider. It is important you know different types of EDI services, stay calculative and play smart when you decide to make a move. It is to affirm that your business does not suffer due to the decision.

How to Identify Now Is the Time to Move to a New EDI Service Provider?

With the changing business requirements, your existing systems may go obsolete. Investing in the new one is definitely going to cost you a lot and add to it the loss of data would mess up things for you. If you thought to move to the new EDI provider is not required, then here’s the reality check.  

realitycheck: 80-90% of the B2B traffic is conducted through EDI and the number is expected to grow 3 to 5% annually.

Source:  What Is EDI?

To be a part of the growing business culture you need to keep pace with the technological advancements. The Majority of systems are upgradeable, and thus, all you need to do is reach to the best IT consultation service provider and get the systems upgraded. Easy! But what if the systems can’t be upgraded? Well, a new service provider is needed most probably. It is not just one point that would need you to move to a new EDI service provider, but a few more.

Here’s your checklist on how to determine if you need to switch your EDI service provider

  • The current EDI environment has a basic format and the communication protocols are supported.
  • If you can’t share the documents in different formats, like XML
  • In case your EDI service provider wants you to hire staff and drains your finances.
  • Demands a lot of dedicated time for maintenance and management
  • As discussed it could be that the services do not adhere to new standards and mandates.
  • Security breach is one thing that neither you nor your client would entertain. If you notice a loss of data, mark a report immediately.
  • There could be a chance that your EDI service provider can’t keep pace with organizational growth.

If your EDI service provider fails the test of the time change it today.

Now that you know different aspects to consider before you decide to stick to your previous EDI service provider. If you want to move to the new service provider, all you need to do is, check for a few points before making the decision.

Grab Hold of the Best EDI Provider This Time!!!

Grab Hold of the Best EDI Provider

Here’s a checklist that you need to consider before you decide your new EDI service provider 

Now that you have decided to move to the new EDI service provider, check these aspects. One thing above all is, it should be in line with the future SaaS technology that would run the businesses.  Other than this, here are a few more points that your service provider must fulfill.

  • Multi-platform Support - It should support all kinds of transactions, data formats, and workflow. IT vendors must be able to perform business-specific tasks like purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, invoices and branded packing slips, easily.
  • An All-Round Solution - Must provide a comprehensive outsourced solution catering secure data conversion into and out of the EDI system; provides a smarter way to transport data between suppliers and partners; and allow easy import and export through seamless integration of ERP and/or accounting software.
  • Cater Reusability - The EDI consultant must have the ability to reuse or duplicate existing maps for clients with matching requirements in order to provide high-end reliability at a comparatively lower cost. Risking your data at any cost and advancement level is a big “NO.”
  • Transparency - EDI users want data that provides greater visibility of their shipment in transit. Transparency plays an important role in the B2B setup and your EDI provider must stick to it. An ideal EDI provider must cater to this need, along with the ability to create sub-accounts and distribution of its use to third-party partners.
  • Easy Migration - This is the greatest concern of the users when they plan to switch their EDI provider. All the business providers want to safeguard every bit of the data they have collected over the years. Any loss of data would only have an adverse reaction on the business. A good EDI provider must allow easier data migration be it cloud migration or any other without any data loss or security breach.

Now that you know the points to check before moving to the new EDI consultant, be sure you make a wiser decision this time.

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Winding It Up!!!

Choosing the right outsourcing company can be a challenging task, as there are several options available. But, it’s important to remember that making the right EDI solutions service provider choice can show the difference between business process improvements and frustrating experience. Analyzing the EDI solution under the above mentioned five aspects might give you the best system according to your business requirement. In the world that moves ahead of the clock, it is important that you do not lag. 

So, just roll up your sleeves, look for the new EDI consultant and let your business keep pace with the advancements today. You can always reach our EDI services, that would ensure that your business is planned well and has no loops where the competition can take an edge. 

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