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Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation and How Can It Enhance the User Experience?

We have been reading and listening to how technology has changed our lives over the past few years and how we have incorporated it into every aspect of our routines. Honestly, saying that technology has advanced and evolve in these years is an understatement. We have witnessed a revolution in the last decade that has completely changed the way we businesses operate, offer their goods & services, and interact with their customers. Yes, there were a few adverse effects and some drastic changes that took us some time to adjust but most of the innovations and evolutions made our lives better. We can hardly complain about the convenience it has brought for businesses and brands. Now, companies can connect with their users, offer instant services, respond to their feedback within a few hours. Similarly, consumers can reach the service providers directly, explore more brands, and make buying decisions while enjoying the comfort of their living rooms. 

All the credit for this added convenience goes to Digital Transformation that has inspired brands to change their business model and evolve with market trends. The best part is companies are not driving this change but customers are as they have become more aware of how they are spending their money and the content that they get. From browsing products before making the final buying decision to giving reviews about the products, they travel a journey, and based on this, businesses are laying down their strategies. To ensure that they keep pace with their customers and stay connected to them, enterprises are embracing technological transformation, hence delivering flawless customer experience. 

With smart devices, seamless mobile applications, and better connectivity, companies are leaving no stone unturned to enhance customer satisfaction. However, digital transformation is not simply about moving your business online, this concept goes beyond this. Would you like to get an insight into this revolutionary world? Then let’s start with understanding what digital transformation is. Here we go:

What Is Digital Transformation?

Yes, companies are adopting the latest technologies and tools, such as AI, big data, analytics, etc., to offer improved customer experience and reach their audience. However, the way to attain success in this digital era goes beyond incorporating new technologies and marking your presence on social media platforms. You need to include these changes into your business structure and fabric. Hence, digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies into the business environment to bring a fundamental change in the way companies operate and add value to their services. The ultimate goal of this evolution is to improve customer experience and attract new users as well. In simple terms, this concept talks about transforming the way businesses communicate with their clients and how the former ensures delivering top-notch services to the latter. 

We can see the impact of this digital revolution in every industry, sector, enterprise, and brand, be it online apps or offline market. The businesses are adapting to changing technologies and consumer demands. They are using updated tools and smart solutions to deliver the highest-quality services and visitor experience while constantly reshaping themselves. Digital transformation is an umbrella term that covers every change that the company undergoes to stay updated with technology. 

Digital Transformation

Why do companies prioritize customer experience over everything else? Well, here are some statistics to justify this:

  • Engaged customers are likely to shop 90% more frequently and spend almost 60% more to buy products. 
  • They are likely to try new products 6 times more from their preferred brand.
  • There are 40% more chances that they will recommend that brand to their friends and connections.
  • Companies that have accepted digital transformation are making 30% more profits than peers. 
  • 80% of business leaders believe that 90% of the market will be affected by digital evolutions by 2022.

If you still haven’t taken your first step toward this reform, then it’s time to make the adjustments and switch to digital technologies and tools. Once you will embrace it, you can expect the following improvements in user experience:

Digitally Aware Customers

The world is shifting toward digital where everything is available online. Just a few clicks on your phone and you can get everything delivered at your doorstep. With the digital switch in your business, you can ensure that you get the attention of digitally aware users. We all know how people use Google and other platforms to search for the best products and services in their area. The digital portals play a key role in deciding what to buy and with which brand to associate. They compare brands, reviews, quality, rates, services online, and then zero in on the product that they want to invest in. So, your advanced digital tools and techniques will ensure to retain existing customers while acquiring new ones. You can see giant brands and leading companies introducing their mobile apps and getting tech-savvy to offer a smooth experience to consumers. They are already enjoying higher returns and it’s time for you to step into the market. 

Real-time Feedback

With the digital reform in your business, you include advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, AR/VR, and more in your system, making it smart and effective. This enables you to get updated information about the users and act according to their preferences within no time. You can use these tools as an opportunity to identify customer behavior and their bing patterns and revert them in real-time by coming up with appropriate solutions. There is no more need to distribute survey forms and ask for feedback personally. With modern tools and solutions, you can combine digital feedback capabilities with your products and get an insight into their response. You can know if your services meet their expectations, what improvements you can make, what your strengths are, etc., and tap into your potential to the maximum. 

Faster Solutions

As you convert your manual process into a digital one, customer service, and support seek great benefits from this shift. Your business is introduced to a new model that addresses every problem via a standard automated process and provides users with the best experience. When any customer submits a request or complaint, he/she expects an adequate solution as soon as possible. They also prefer a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere via their mobile phones. Digital transformation meets all these expectations with the help of a modern customer service management platform that serves every individual need. What’s more? It is easy to understand and navigate and familiar with users. You can avail of chatbots development service to get a system that offers automated solutions, easy search options, and timely response. Moreover, your team can keep track of orders, shipment schedules, payment procedures, and more without juggling several screens simultaneously.

Adequate Data About Users

The data and information that is now available online and can be used with ease can be quite overwhelming at times. You can get more facts and details than ever and can use them to your benefits. With a sneak peek into your consumers’ needs and preferences, it can help you forecast future demands and market trends. You must have heard of big data analysis where you can evaluate significant data to reach the best conclusion. Similarly, you can use the same technology to analyze consumer habits and behavior to develop your marketing strategy and digital developments. However, you need to be careful while collecting the data as consumers these days are quite particular about their privacy and online theft. Be transparent with your users and ask for their permission before accessing their details. Never try to hide anything from them and be specific about what you intend to do with the information gathered. Assure them that you won’t share the details with a third party and only aim to provide them with a personalized shopping experience.

Personalized Customer Experience

Today, no consumer wants to be a part of the crowd, they want special treatment where brands recognize them as a unique individual, know their names, and their purchase history along with their preferences. A study has revealed that more than 75% of users engage with the businesses that recognize them with their names and recommend the products based on their past purchases. In fact, they even allow companies to access their information in exchange for a better experience and if you want to make the best of this opportunity, then a CRM solution is the best choice for you. It will help you study customer data by analyzing past interactions. By evaluating their requests, searches, quotes, and inquiries, you can understand them better and create a targeted message for a more personalized experience.

Greater Visibility

Digital transformation marks your presence on every platform and portal. From Google to app store to social media platforms, you are present everywhere. This eliminates any communication gap between you and your team members. With advanced technology at your disposal, you can connect with users at one collaborative platform. Also, there is a repeatable, standardized, and auditable driven workflow that is more efficient and effective than any traditional method. Your customers and potential buyers can find you easily using the internet, get in touch with the customer support team, convey their issues, and get an instant solution. There is repeated feedback and contact, you can identify problems, fix them, and improve customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

As we mentioned earlier, digital transformation is not only about developing mobile apps or websites, embracing the latest technology, etc. The concept is more than that and also includes maintaining a stronger relationship with users. This can be done through emails, phone calls, messages, or sending free gift coupons to loyal customers. This builds an emotional relationship between your brand and consumers while ensuring a personal touch to your services. When they feel connected and valued, they tend to stay loyal. You can send personalized messages and emails on special occasions, adopting a feature for storing logs of visitors. This will make sure that they do not have to verify themselves every time which adds convenience to their shopping experience. 

Complete Automation

We have all heard about automation, from businesses to our daily lives, technology has added convenience to our lives and all thanks to automation. Customer service is no exception to it where chatbots are incorporated into the system to respond to clients’ requests, questions, and complaints. In fact over the years, it has evolved immensely and is now used in different parts and aspects of the consumer support system. As per the recent survey by Accenture, almost 85% of users prefer interacting with computer-based applications than human consultants as the former is available 24*7 and is comparatively faster. Also, they engage users and are more polite, which is working in favor of the brands. Yes, quality and performance is the major concern for consumers but they hardly have any complaints with this approach. Implement automation now, connect us for chatbots services, and rest assured the results will work wonders for your company. 

Focus on Adding Value

Last but not least. Yes, we are talking about adopting new technologies and moving toward modernization and innovation. However, the basic focus has to be on providing value to customers. To attain the goal of flawless customer experience, you have to take every step meticulously and this is one of the crucial ones. If done right, then it can give you great results and benefits in every way possible. How to achieve this? First, don’t introduce an app just for the sake of it or to jump on the bandwagon. You will be investing thousands of dollars to get the app and expect a maximum return on it. Instead, look for the way the app can improve your services and deliver what your users desire. Find out how you can solve their problems with your app or website and keep them engaged. 

Final Thoughts

Digital Transformation is not just a short-term buzz that will fade with time. It has become a necessity for every business and it will only become more important in the future. You surely don’t want to be left out of the league. So, pick up your phone, give us a call or drop an email, connect with us and we promise to provide you with the best solutions for your company that resonate with your goals. 

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