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Unleash your inner artist with this creative face swap tool. Make your wildest imaginations come to life!

Swap faces with anyone, anywhere! Turn your selfies into side-splitting surprises in seconds.


The OG of face swaps! From quirky filters to celebrity transformations, Snapchat keeps boredom at bay.

Experience the future of face swapping. Dive deep into realistic transformations and trick your friends!


Famous artworks, cartoon characters, or even statues with Icon8's face swap wizardry. Creativity knows no bounds.

Face Swapper:

Swap faces effortlessly and get ready for epic selfies. Share the laughs with friends and family!


The classic choice for pros. Craft intricate face swaps and unleash your editing skills on the world.


Not just a face swap but age-changing, gender-bending, and style-redefining tool. Endless possibilities!

Face Swap Live:

Real-time face swaps with friends or photos from camera roll. Reactions that'll leave you in stitches!

These 10 free face swap apps are your ticket to a world of laughter and boredom-free days. Let the fun begin!