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12 Best Web Application Testing Tools in 2022

So, you have to build a powerful web application and now wondering what are the best quality assurance and software testing tools that you can use to test it. Well, finding an ideal testing tool for your website is never an easy task, In fact, many leading qa software testing services companies struggle to find their go-to testing tool. This is because they search for an all-round tool that performs most of the testing activities (automating test cases, identifying functional or security errors, checking performance, etc.) swiftly. Though companies often use more than one tool to maximize the quality of their testing efforts. These tools help companies perform various testing (functional and non-functional) like unit testing, system testing, integration testingperformance testing, and more with ease. 

It is equally important to test your web application well before making it live. This ensures smooth website performance with minimal security, usability, or performance issues.

Here are the top website testing tools that can you can utilize in 2021 for best results: 

1. TestRail 

This tool offers comprehensive test case management, powerful reports, and real-time analytics for your testing tasks. As a QA and software testing services company, you can utilize this tool to boost the productivity and efficiency of your teams while keeping everything organized. Getting feedback for testing activities can be done super quickly via this tool. Some of the highlighting features include: 

  • Individual test case tracking 
  • Unit Testing for AR/VR, including Unity and Vuforia 
  • Easy progress tracking via intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Workload tracking feature to manage team tasks
  • Customizable with cloud/on-premise installation facility
  • Defect tracking and collaboration support for Jira, Slack, Bugzilla 

2. Zephyr

It is among the best-selling web testing tools of 2021. This works brilliantly for agile teams in any enterprise software development companySome of the key highlights of this web testing tool are as follows: 

  • One-tap integration facility with Jenkins, Zira, Confluence, and more. 
  • Cloud-deployment option
  • Intelligent analytics and DevOps dashboards
  • No annual contracts 

3. TestComplete Web 

It is designed for functional UI testing of web applications mainly. You can write and run test cases for any mobile or web application using this tool. Automating test cases for apps with dynamic pages and custom control is possible also. Key features include

  • One UI Test facility across browns. 
  • OS and resolution configuration in on-demand cloud 
  • Object identification engine with 50k object properties 

4. TestCraft 

This tool is highly recommended for continuous and regression testing. It uses leading-edge Artificial Intelligence technology and UI visual modeling for faster test creation and execution while minimizing test maintenance tasks. Monitoring web application performance and usability can be done smoothly with this tool. Some of the noteworthy features include: 

  • Integration with CI/CD 
  • Fully-automated test scenarios
  • Quick bug identification and fix 
  • AI-based test script adjustment. 
  • SaaS-based, Selenium-compatible, and easy to use.

5. TestLink 

This is one of the amazing website testing tools. It’s web-based and open-source software for website testing. From planning, tracking to reporting, executing test activities is fun with this tool. QA team can map down a project testing strategy easily while working on a large project. Some interesting features include: 

  • In-depth data insights and charting facility for project tracking 
  • Easy test execution 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Defect recording facility

6. Tricentis

Tricentis a reliable continuous testing tool for any software quality company, looking to fast pace the speed of DevOps and agile. It gels with Agile and DevOps activities well to provide convenience to dedicated development teams. Some shining features of this tool include: 

  • Model-based Test automation 
  • Easy script maintenance
  • End-to-end testing 
  • Mobile testing support

7. Selenium 

Selenium is an automation testing tool that needs no introduction. Some of the world’s leading product engineering services providers use this tool for quality assurance activities. It is compatible with a wide range of browsers and project management tools. This tool comprises 4 modules: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Webdriver, and Selenium Grid. Noteworthy features include:

  • Record-and-playback web application testing in Firefox
  • Facility to create complex and advanced automation scripts 
  • Support for top programming languages like C#, PHP, Python, Javascript, and more. 
  • Test automation across multiple OS (Mac, Windows, etc.) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

8. LambdaTest 

It is one of the most-liked cross-browser testing tools. LambdaTest is a scalable, secure, and fast online Selenium grid. It uses a combination of around 2000+ real browsers to provide you maximum testing coverage. You can use it for automated web testing as it has amazing features like: 

  • 2000+ real browser and OS support for testing 
  • Parallel test execution facility 
  • Automated screenshot testing 
  • Round-the-clock support facility


SOAP UI is an immensely popular API testing tool globally. With this tool, you can test SOAP and REST APIs effortlessly. It’s designed for web API testing specifically. You get support for a range of web protocols, including HTTPS, JMS, IBM MQ, NET TCP, TIBCO EMS, SOAP, etc. during testing. With SOAP UI training, you can simply start using this tool for web API testing purposes. Some of the remarkable features are: 

  • Data-backed testing (support for Excel, files, and databases)
  • Script usability for functional testing 
  • Fast Integration with 13 API management platforms, including REST, SOAP, and IoT
  • Quick test creation facility (drag & drop support, point & click, etc.)

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10. Bugzilla

For website bug tracking, you can use this tool without any second thought. To get started with this amazing tool, you can simply take a Bugzilla video tutorial online.  Bugzilla is also an open-source tool with some amazing features like:

  • Duplicate bug tracking facility
  • Email alerts, reports, and charts
  • Multi-format bug classification facility
  • Prioritize, schedule, and predict bug tracking tasks

11. JIRA

The world knows JIRA as the most powerful project management tool. Top brands like eBay, Cisco, and LinkedIn use Jira for project management. Apart from streamlining project tasks, it also lets you track and manage bugs in your web application. It can easily integrate with the code development environment, making it an ideal choice for the IT professional services industry for bug management. Highlighting features include: 

  • Bug and defect management
  • Powerful search, filter, and reporting 
  • Robust security
  • REST API integration 
  • Mobile interface and cloud compatible 
  • Data import facility

12. LoadUI Pro 

This tool is a top choice for agile teams for performance testing. You can create a countless, empty script load tests and distribute them on the cloud using its load agents to monitor your server performance with an exponential load increase. You can also automate your load tests on Jenkins, Bamboo, and other tools here. Converting Soap UI tests into load tests can also be done in three easy steps without writing any script. Notable features include:

  • Scriptless load execution support
  • Preset load test templates
  • Drag and drop load test on cloud 
  • In-depth analytics, statistics, and reporting 

Summing Up…!

Hope you have got an idea about some of the brilliant website testing tools from the above list. We recommend you use any of the above tools for your project and see how they work. Also, if you are looking for expert assistance for web application testing, hire QA teams at A3logics. We are a leading QA and software testing company in the US for the past decade with a proven track record. Our QA teams are highly skilled and talented in offering manual and automated testing services to businesses of all kinds. 

Contact us today to know how we can help you ensure robust software quality in your project. 

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