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Watch Out for These 5 Android App Development Trends in 2022

This is the era that is more inclined toward innovation, trends, and ideas that can promise significant changes. Now, every major business - retail & ecommerce, travel & leisure, etc. is looking to build smart mobile applications to grow their business, reach more users and improve their customer base. With increasing Android adoption across industries, it has become important to keep up with the latest trends. This not only enables them to stay ahead of the game but also knock out competitors without much effort. 

So, if you also strive to expand your market and provide your clients with the best experience, then start with getting acquainted with the top trends of the Android Application market. Without waiting for another second, let’s start with the first one:

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has been in the limelight for the past few years, proving to be a breakthrough in technology and the latest trends. After proving its worth in different spheres of industry and life, it has spread its wings to android app development as well. We all know that technology has the potential to bring unimaginable changes and AI is no exception to it. We can expect it to witness some greatest evolutions with powerful impacts on businesses and our daily lives. You must be aware of its integration with mobile applications, making them smarter and useful while saving time, efforts and cost.

Next, we will see AI integrating with IoT to bring bigger changes, such as enabling us to accomplish our tasks with one click on our phones without any supervision. AI will also improve marketing efforts of companies. Moreover, the language will be no more a barrier and you will be able to communicate with global users with on-the-spot language translation systems. Apart from this, sectors like customer service, finance & accounting, healthcare and more are opening their doors to AI to incorporate it with native apps. To sum it up, AI and Machine Learning will soon collect, process and evaluate the data in your app and perform complicated tasks within a few seconds. Here are some AI features that you can expect to see:

  • AI automated DevOps through AIOps
  • AI-enabled chips
  • Automated machine learning
  • Interoperability among neural networks

Internet of Things

We all have heard of self-driven cars. Right? But we have rarely seen them. What if you can own one or see numerous of them on roads? Even the idea is appealing, isn’t it? Well, looking at the current trend, this is what the future seems like. Soon, we will have smart homes and convenient ways to do things. There will be cars that will alert you, homes that will wake you up and home systems that will notify you when the air conditioner is going bad. All this will be made possible with the Internet of Things which is not a new concept for us and is evidently present in the android application market. Looking at its diverse uses and applications in different sectors, we can say that it will be a significant part of our future technology and will only evolve with time. Considering its growth and popularity, a lot of top android app developers are jumping on the bandwagon and making apps that are IoT friendly. 


Blockchain Technology has eased the way we transfer funds. It is a shared and unalterable ledger that records the company’s information and mentions the history of transactions or bitcoins that can be modified without making changes in other subsequent blocks of the network. Also, there is no need to credit cards or to fill in any personal details to transfer funds and all the credit goes to the blockchain. It is also called a record-keeper of transactions and keeps the records protected. Hence, eliminating any scope of data tampering. This is the reason that it is growing at a fast pace and is used by renowned and established financial institutions. Moreover, this technology is used by permanent apps to ensure data safety and trust amongst users during transactions. Who hasn't heard of xcoins? With Blockchain technology at their disposal, developers can build decentralized applications, known as DApp or Decentralized Mobile Apps as they are not owned by a single entity. Here is what you can expect in the Blockchain trend in the near future:

  • Asset tokenization
  • BAAS (Blockchain-as-a-Service)
  • Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange
  • Crypto space and gaming

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the need of the hour to engage more users and for longer hours. It was a few years back that we were introduced to VR that redefined the world and made some remarkable improvements in technology. Soon, AR came into existence and it was nothing less than an icing on the cake. This was the time when conventional applications could no longer connect with the users and were losing their position in the market. It was the time for developers to try something new and shift toward innovation. This is where AR and VR came into the picture and replaced typical screens with the virtual world. Now, you can see the AR & VR trend in games like Incell, Pokemon Go, Dino Trek, etc. The well-known apps like ‘Ikea’ are already incorporating this technology to enhance the user experience and many apps are all set to follow the same path in the coming years. Even social media portals like Instagram and Snapchat are also using AR with interesting stickers and animated additions that users can post. The emerging AR trends are:

  • Mobile AR disruption
  • AR in marketing & advertising
  • AR in healthcare
  • AR in manufacturing

Instant Apps

Last but not least. We will see the rise of on-demand apps which enable users to try any new game or application before having to install it on the device. Hence, reducing the number of apps on your smartphones. These apps are a demo version with the complete details of the original app but it is smaller in size. With these apps on your phone, you don’t need to download the full versions, skipping the installation process and removing the clutter of unnecessary apps from your device.

It is certainly a better way to reach a wider audience that usually avoids downloading apps on the phone without knowing its worth. Moreover, it is an effective source to publicize mobile and web development companies as it provides them with exposure. In simple words, Instant apps are mobile websites that you can operate directly from the cloud. 

Summing It Up

That was it!

Now that you are familiar with the top Android App Development trends, we hope that you will inculcate them in your strategy. The competition in any industry is getting fierce every day and it is crucial that you follow the latest trends from the beginning. Yes, it may be difficult for you to comprehend new technologies and get the hang on new innovations. Therefore, A3logics brings you a team of experts who will guide you and assist you at every step of Android App Development. If you have any query, feel free to contact us and we will be at your service at the earliest. 

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