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Vue js vs React: Which One To Choose for Your Project

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world of web development. Founded by Brendan Eich in the year 1995, JavaScript has become an inevitable part of web development. As per a top-rated website development company, JavaScript is the most essential part of front-end development, and it is hard to imagine the process of front-end development without it. Industry heads such as Facebook and Google also relies on this language for their website development.

With the change in technology and increasing demand of users, the need for more advanced, powerful and user-friendly frameworks is increasing day by day.

With JavaScript proving to be one of the robust languages, it is not wrong to say that its frameworks have played a vital role in helping JavaScript to achieve such overwhelming popularity. When you search online for the best JavaScript web development frameworks, you get several options to choose from and more the options more the confusion? Also, JavaScript is always on their toes and keeps on launching new frameworks and libraries, per the latest trends and requirements. 

So today, to make things a bit simple, we are going to compare two of the most dominating and highly popular frameworks available in the market, VueJS and React. But before we proceed within a detailed comparison, let's have some basic ideas about these frameworks.


VueJS framework is one of the newest JavaScript frameworks and but is seeking a lot of attention from the web developers, across the planet due to its innumerable features. Vue is one of the progressive frameworks via which you can work on only one portion of the project. This framework is also known for its efficiency and gives an assurance that everything would work perfectly fine without any lag or disturbance and this is the reason why VueJS development services are in such high demand.

VueJS was written by Evan You the former employee from Google who has worked on many projects, which adds extra stars to this framework.


React framework is being used in quite many tech projects such as Facebook and Instagram. This web development framework is very popular among companies offering JavaScript web development services. Due to its game-changing component-based architecture, Reactjs gives you an extra edge over the other frameworks, to provide a simple and quick interface to the developers for creating any program.

React is also famous among all the frameworks, as it is developed and maintained by tech giant Facebook and was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook.

Now that you know what these two frameworks are, let us compare them and know what makes these two JavaScript frameworks different. 

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VueJS vs. React: A Detailed Comparison

Would you be surprised to know that React is not a framework but it is frontend JavaScript library? The answer to this question is maybe yes, for some people, however, it does not mean that it should be removed from a list of JavaScript frameworks at all, as many developers consider React as a framework. React can be considered as an all-rounder as this framework has everything required from features to being efficient to flexible, which helps web developers to build complex user to interface quite easily. It can be used as a base in the development of a single-page application which includes mobile applications as well.

Vue js vs React

React is only concerned with rendering data to the DOM, hence to create React applications usually additional libraries are required for routing and state management, React and Redux routers are examples of such libraries. React code is made of entities known as components these components can be rendered to a specific element in the DOM with the help of React DOM Library. While rendering one can also pass in the values known as "props"

While talking about VueJS is considered as one of the adaptive architecture that focuses on the declarative rendering and component composition. Additional Features required to carry out routing and state management over here are provided via officially maintained supporting libraries and packages. It lets you extend HTML with HTML entities named directives. They offer functionality to HTML applications and come as an inbuilt or user-defined directive.

The components in Vuejs framework extend basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code, isn't it amazing?

To make things all the more simpler, we have summarized everything that has been mentioned above into a few points.

Key difference

Talking about ease of writing and code simplicity, VueJS definitely has an advantage over React as developers feel that writing code is much simpler and shorter in VueJS. Also, VueJS is quite easy to understand and write a framework, and developers who do not have a core understanding of JavaScript can also write quite easily. 

VueJS and React both have their own advantage in terms of efficiency as both of these frameworks are lightweight, fast, and efficient. Also, in both cases, Virtual DOM is created and quickly synchronized with the real DOM so when the values in virtual DOM are changed it automatically gets transferred to the real DOM.

Attention Seeker

React is quite ahead in terms of popularity. It is one of the first choices among web developers across the world, and also React development services are quite in demand by users also. React also has a large and active community of developers who are striving to make it better each day. React also has varied third-party libraries, packages, tools, extensions, and what not which makes it one of its kinds. 

On the other hand, Vuejs framework is considered to have smaller market cap when compared to React, however, it is growing at a rapid pace with fewer resources packages and third-party libraries there is a long way to go.

According to the survey done in 2019, we can say that more than 50% of developers are more comfortable using React when compared to 23% who prefer Vue.

Power of Community

Backed by Facebook, one of the largest social media platform, which has horses for courses which includes in house dedicated team to maintain, develop and improve the React 24/7, magnificent in marketing and promoting team, forced developers to put their attention towards React over its entire Run till now.

VueJS is not supported by big players the way React is however it does not lack community support. Definitely, Vue came into existence after React was introduced to the world but slowly and gradually it is heading towards the sky, and there is a high demand for Vue development companies in the market. 

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Learning Curve and Size of the framework

Vue is very easy to learn when compared to all the JavaScript frameworks introduced to the world till now, you just need to have some decent skills, and a bit understanding about ES6 would be more than enough. Overall it is much easier to grasp it even you can do it just with the help of documentation.

If I talk about React it is a bit difficult to learn as learners you need to get yourself familiar with various concepts that include ES5, HTML, CSS, and many more, also it is recommended that you should learn web development and all JavaScript fundamentals before you dive into React.

Vue is considered to be the smallest of all frameworks, and there is not much difference when compared to React, so both of them are suitable in the development of the light-weight applications plus are integral in the development of any software project.

The Bottom Line 

If someone wants to conclude from the above-given facts it would be easy to say that as if now React has upper hand over Vue in eyes of development companies offering various product engineering services, as it is well supported by one of the big fish in the market who constantly focuses on future advancements and improvements. 

Also, VueJS has its own features and facts, their community is also putting in everything they have to come out as number 1 in the market also it is becoming the choice of more and more web development companies with passing time.

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