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What Makes Vue.js the First Choice for Web Developers?

With a new framework in the market, the competition becomes tougher. Comparisons are done, an effort to come with a better framework is worked on, and the web app developers start to hone their skills. The journey from one framework to the other is really fast and quick. Some monolithic frameworks are really hard to work on. The story of the development of Vue.js is no different. In fact, here’s what Evan You thought when he conceived the idea of Vue.js, 

"I figured, what if I could just extract the part that I really liked about Angular and build something really lightweight without all the extra concepts involved?"

Thus, this lightweight progressive framework was built to ease the development process. 

The web app development companies USA and around the world often get requests from the businesses to come up with an app using this framework as it is ladened with features and some great benefits. 

Without much ado let’s jump to web developers’ favorite framework Vue.js. 

Vue.js Features Make It a Sensation in Web App Development Industry

This framework is an open-source, progressive JavaScript that is used to develop some really interactive and engaging web interfaces. It focuses on the view layer and offers a range of functionalities for the same. Thus, this framework always delivers eye-pleasing and visually appealing solutions. The web app developers love this for the ease of handling and working on this frame. Vue.js uses JavaScript ES5 or ES6 while Laravel provides the core library. Vue.js solution providers share the features that have made it a sensation in the digital world. 

Employs Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is just the replica of the principal DOM element that is meant to absorb every change intended for the DOM. The virtual DOM is available in the form of JavaScript data structures. The changes made to the JavaScript data structure is compared with the original data structure. If the final changes are reflected in the real DOM, then only it would be visible to the users. This is an easier way of making changes in the project, saving money and putting in efforts. 

Data Binding

This according to the expert web developers is an interesting feature. It helps them manipulate or assign values to the HTML attributes, change the style, assign classes, with the help of v-binding with VueJS.

CSS Transitions and Animations

Do you love the transitions in the web app? It not just makes your app interactive but adds an element of identity to it. With the VueJs framework, you can apply transitions using HTML elements when they are added, updated, or removed from the DOM. The built-in transition component simply wraps the element responsible for returning the transition effect. Thus, developers without any trouble can add 3rd party animation libraries and make the user experience fun.

Template to Ease the Process

Since the framework has built-in features and various tools to support its functioning, it becomes really easy for the developer to come up with a web app that is interactive, engaging, and converting. Sounds like a solution!

Simple Computed Properties

This helps to make the changes and the calculations related to UI. One can easily follow this and get an interesting web app that holds the ground for all the sales-related activities. 

Variable Data with Watchers

This element of the framework works for the data that changes. Let’s assume, form elements. The watcher takes care of the data received and the other changes that are to be done. 

A Little Issue Here 

Vue.js is quite easy to work on and is reactive when it comes to its application. There are various ways that developers notice the reflection. The methods are discussed further. 


It is used when we want to change a component’s state or when an unnecessary event has occurred. It may track the arguments but it can hold no records of any kind of dependencies. This sometimes creates a lot of side effects within the component and is triggered when the component is reloaded. 

Computed Properties

These properties are dependent on other elements any change in the particular subset would trigger an unpleasant environment for the segment and the computed properties are triggered too. It is important that the developers keep a check on this as this would lead to some time killing. 


These are used when the developer needs to perform some kind of operation on the data set that occurred in the computed property. One needs to work really hard before they get into the functioning of the web app. 

Great Feature!!!

With such great features, Vue.js has made a special place in the hearts of the developers around the world. It is not just the unique features that make the framework so popular, further it is the advantages that come along that make the story much better. 

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Benefits of Using Vue.js


The framework is highly scalable and flexible. This means on one hand it can be utilized to develop a huge modular SPA (single page apps) on the other hand it can be used to develop small interactive elements that can be integrated with the web app using different technologies easily. This can act as a small part of your app or could be the framework on which your app is built. 

Easy Conventions

The framework offers various built-in solutions to avoid the struggles of writing boiling plate codes. These built-in segments have support for things like state management, animations, and composing components. Thus, you get an interesting library to choose from that can save you time and effort.

Future Ready

The solution is future-ready and the updates can be managed easily. After deployment support is one of the most sought after advantages for any software developer. Well, Vue.js makes updates easy. Also, the projects based on Vue.js do not need a refactor quickly, freeing your precious resources up for feature development rather than what is basically rework from the business point of view.

Helps Developers 

Vue.js is built with developers in mind. Experts associated with web app development companies love this because it helps them ease their work. The Vue-CLI (command line interface) is a handy tool to take care of the needs of the tools for any new project. With Vue GUI one can start on the projects without worrying about without typing cryptic commands into the terminal. 

Learn from Others

Vue has a strong technical choice. Since its new, all the issues that its predecessors had been worked on. The clunky, illogical, and hacky bits of other frameworks are addresses here really well. It only gets better with each version, resolving issues that the user faces when implementing it for their web app services. 

Wrapping it up!!!

As we have now seen how Vue.js has been the one-stop solution for web app developers around the world, you can choose this for your business app. If you want to hire vue.js developer USA, you simply need to reach us and our developers can turn your vision to a beautiful reality.

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