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How Virtual Reality Is Empowering eCommerce Venture?

Isn’t it amazing to experience and sense various objects without having their physical body just by sitting at your place? Indeed, virtual reality is immersed in technology that is driving businesses and other major industries to take a step forward and to create an imaginary simulated atmosphere to grow themselves in the market. 

This amazing technology has intersected various barriers that were lying between the business growth and the current market trends that have emphasized for their customers. Here, we are talking about new marketing tactics and versatile communication strategies that can be embossed by virtual reality techniques. Agreeably, this technology has upraised the gaming experience to the next level but do you know now other enterprises are also implementing VR into their business? 

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Yes, you read it right! Initially, virtual reality was only limited to the gaming market but now it is spreading its wings into different industries, including eCommerce. Many IT professional services are also there to help businesses in order to expand their process in diverse fields including virtual reality!

Keeping this in mind, we are going to share the ways through which virtual reality is empowering eCommerce businesses. Stay tuned! 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality builds a stimulated imaginary world that looks real to the physical world through advanced technology. Basically, there are three types of virtual reality, immersive, semi-immersive, non-immersive. In complete immersive reality, users can feel complete simulations with the most realistic experience possible through sound and vision. 

On the other hand, semi-immersive reality showcases partial stimulation, it allows digital images but users can still get connected with the physical world. While non-immersive is an overlooked category because this is used in everyday life as video game consoles, mouse and keyboard are the good examples to consider here in this category. You know their practical applications of AR/VR in employee training & Education.

However, it has been seen that VR and AR get connected and many people get confused while describing them. In layman’s language, AR (augmented reality) adds digital components in the real world through sensory stimulation. On the other hand, VR creates a complete virtual atmosphere. Augmented reality is 25% virtual and the rest is real, while virtual reality is 25% real and the rest is fictional. 

When eCommerce implements virtual reality in their platform, it drives customer engagement and holds them for longer in your offered service. Your customers would appreciate your facilities and the retention rate will increase like anything. With the help of virtual reality, customers can get a better understanding of the products, goods, and services that you are offering. This will help them in smart decision making and they can have a better relationship with your brand. 

Due to this, many IT consultation services are extending their helping hands to offer interactive advisory to comprehend various businesses to adopt virtual reality in their enterprise. First, let’s understand how VR is helping the eCommerce platform. In the next section, we will discuss this amazing technology that elevates business in the eCommerce venture. Excited enough? Let’s proceed to the next section. 

Methods That Drives Virtual Reality In The eCommerce Industry

Virtual Reality In eCommerce Industry

1.      Virtual Reality Drives Customer To Hang Around For Longer

Would you abandon the shopping cart that you have filled by roaming around the various counters at the store? Indeed, No but if you are online and surfing various products and adding to the cart then probably you will discard it, right? But if we ask you a question, what made you ditch the shopping cart without even purchasing? Answers vary whether the product price is high or you are unable to understand the product and another reason could be confusing website layout right? It has been observed that almost 70.13% of people leave shopping carts on the e-commerce platform. That’s huge!  

Do you know, the latest AR and VR trends are also transforming the future of travel & tourism? Well, yes you read it right! We will dive deeply into the landscape in our next blog. 

It has been concluded that customers are not sticking to the eCommerce platform for any reason. According to the owner of healthism eCommerce, Matt said- “We have improved the navigation layout for our customers on our eCommerce platform but it is not helping much. And at the end of the day, leads matter and we were not getting those”

There are many e-commerce business owners and enterprise software development companies who are struggling with the same just as Matt but with virtual reality, everything will fall into place. Virtual reality offers immersive experiences to the customers with comprehensive video capabilities along with attractive content. 

As we know, there are various kitchenware websites that are selling housewares and kitchen appliances, but IKEA’s virtual kitchen is gathering maximum website visitors along with showcasing their products in an interactive way. IKEA is offering an extensive customer experience which is making them stay for a while on the website along with generating the business.

This is how you can also engage customers on your eCommerce website and make a few sales effortlessly. Make sure to understand your customers first and then implement virtual reality for a better experience. Additionally, a web development company is also there to assist you with a refurbished eCommerce platform.

2.      Virtual Reality Focuses On Offering More Personalised Experience

As said above, VR drives customers to stay longer on your website,  just like that it also offers a personalized experience regarding your product and offerings. Isn’t this amazing as you are getting complete insight about how your product is and what are its functionalities?  Indeed, every buyer longs for a personalized and unique user experience that can fit in their shoes, and why not? They are spending their capital and it’s vital to offer an exceptional shopping experience. 

Let’s talk more diversely, as we know grocery stores stock numerous products, and most families purchase few of them. It has been observed that costumes drift towards the specific products that they are either using for a long time or are satisfied with the quality. We are sure you didn’t encounter two families buying the same product right?

Here, with the right technology, you can conquer the best customer experience. eCommerce businesses work on the keywords that their customers navigate while surfing on the website. In retail stores the customers swipe through various products until they find what they are looking for, this is time-consuming and exhausting at the same time. 

Here, virtual reality can help in getting the desired product with the best shopping experience. When you are into a virtual store, there are various interactive occurrences that you can have which could make your shopping more versatile and diverse. This is why a web development company is helping eCommerce platforms to rise and elevate their business to the next level. 

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3.      Virtual Reality Emphasises Competitive Advantages

Remember we were talking about the IKEAS virtual kitchen and we compared it with other kitchenware websites? Indeed, this is where various eCommerce websites are taking lessons to take a step forward in marketing techniques. In the current market trends marketing speed fastens the success of your business. 

You can also learn more about eCommerce & Retail Functions where employing smart IT Solutions is a good idea for your business. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the retail business operated their functionality in supreme secrecy due to their competitors can’t understand exactly what they were doing. There are various e-commerce platforms that have started to work as virtual stores to engage their buyers to retain them as well as to set their footprints in the competitive market. 

Virtual reality can help eCommerce owners to receive feedback from their target audiences before releasing their products. They can set up virtual events with upcoming products to understand their customer’s expectations and requirements. You can also take help from chatbot solutions, through this, they would be able to create a positive relationship with their buyers and it will also elevate the sales. This will also save production costs and will offer competitive advantages with better customer service and user experience. 

Let’s take a look at Tesco, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer that has created a VR video for the store that had not launched yet.  

Hence, these interactive moves help various business owners to understand how well their products work with less operational cost. However, if you are someone who has already developed their eCommerce website and could not understand what to do next, you are at the right place. It is important to understand that before launching your product you need to take care of the most important factor — QA and testing services

To know more about the QA services, read out this interactive article “Why Automation Is Also Needed To Complete Your QA Process

Final Words

This is how virtual reality is elevating business in the eCommerce sector. You can drive customer retention and engagement level along with offering a personalized shopping experience. Hence, to stay competitive in the market, make sure to consult retail e-commerce solutions. You can also take help from a dedicated software development team to offer your own offering in the market. We hope you liked this article and understood how implementing virtual reality can enhance e-commerce platforms.

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