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FAQs by Entrepreneurs on Video-streaming App Development

Video streaming apps are the hottest talk of the town these days. With nothing to do much, binge-watching is something which is keeping us all entertained. The concept of watching television together is slowly fading away, as with these video streaming apps everyone can watch their favorite shows and movies, individually. Also, users now have become really smart and are seeking some unique content. These online platforms are not only a step ahead with their content but they also have a plethora of options to choose from. Users can really choose the content as per their mood and be entertained. 

Video-streaming apps are not only popular among the users, but many entrepreneurs are also attracted to the profit which these apps make. With everything going online, mobile app development services are high in demand. 

With the idea of startups and mobile apps, a wave of initial questions comes to an entrepreneur’s mind. These questions and their answers are very important for the proper understanding and knowledge of how to give a kick start to your mobile video streaming app. We have summed up a few very important and frequently asked questions and their answers, so that you can get a clear idea for your app development.

1.     What is the mobile app category and will categorization affect my app business?

It is very important to assort your App into the most suitable category as it helps you know about competition in the market and can lessen your research time. But, it is also of great importance to design your app in such a way that it meets the criteria to be put into any popular categories that are present in the Play Store and Apple Store. As, if your app does not fall under the right category,  users may find it difficult to search for your app.

When we talk about video streaming apps, the most common word that comes to mind is entertainment. We don't always get time to go watch movies in our busy schedules. These apps give us the option to watch our favorite movies, shows, and whatnot. Any such apps that are engaging, fun, and interactive are called entertainment apps.

We can easily conclude that the most relevant and prior category for video streaming apps is entertainment. Since, these apps let us search online videos as well, and keep us informed about the happenings around the world, the secondary category for video streaming apps can be education.

2.     Is competitor analysis important and can you help me with competitor research?

Surely, one of the most important things to keep in mind, while designing a mobile app is having a thorough knowledge of your competitors. It not only gives you the insight of the market but also helps you decide the most fitting contents and features for your app. In this digitalized world, competition for mobile apps is very high. You can find plenty of video streaming apps in the Play Store and Apple Store. But you can always benefit yourself from what your competitors did wrong.

Generally a top-rated app development company has a separate team for research and analysis, which is IT consulting. They help clients in carrying out in-depth research of similar apps that enlightens you with the reviews and responses of users. Hence, it makes it easy to understand what features and contents to include and what to eliminate. It makes your app stand out. So even if there are similar apps in the market, you can still make your app outshine with proper knowledge and research.

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3.     What type of users should I target for my video streaming app?


Whenever anyone comes up with a plan of a new start-up, the most important question they look for is who will be the targeted end customer of the app. One of the main bases of your app designing should be the knowledge of end-users you are making the app for. From the beginning you have to come up with an up to the marking strategy to fulfill the need of your customers.

First study the market, analyze the society, and prepare proper market research to get an informative idea about the taste of your customers. There are some important areas where you need to focus on. You need to have a complete idea of the buying habits of your consumers. How much they spend on such video streaming apps as per their economic status. Dealing with daily life goals and the right schedule, how much time they possibly spend on online video streaming. There are many professional services available in the market, who can carry out comprehensive research on your behalf. 

According to society and culture, what is the taste of your customers when it comes to entertainment. The most challenging area is the age bar. No doubt there are different tastes of entertainment for the different age groups. And you have to choose which category of age bar you are providing service for. So you have to prepare your homework diligently while developing your app as per the needed customers. For entertainment apps such as mobile video streaming apps, you can include people from every region, culture, and of all age groups as your target customers.

4.     How feasible is my idea to create a video streaming app?

In this fast paced world, entertainment is a one of the most usable categories of mobile apps where people relax and keep their mind fresh after a long tiring day. Now-a-days most of the people choose to stream videos online rather than spending time in theatres or movie halls. When you are developing a video streaming app you always need to think about the comfort zone of your customers.

Although the answer to this particular question is not specific until your app hits the market. But we can say there are high chances of your video streaming app to be a success. However, you need to keep in mind that the more your app will be handy and easily operative the more your customers will get engaged. Your app must be compatible with different platforms like smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, etc., and should also be functional with different operating systems, like Android, IOS, Windows, etc.  

Apart from the compatibility you should also design the app with a convenient interface. It should be easy for end customers when it comes to customizing the settings. You must hire a dedicated development team that has both experience and expertise in developing such kinds of applications for your project. 

5.     How will I prevent it from failing in the stores?

Certainly, your work doesn't end just after the successful launch of the app. No matter how well and victorious is your launch; there are still chances of your app failing in the stores. In today's world where there are various video streaming apps present in the Play Store and Apple Store, you will have to be one step ahead from your competitors to make your app stand out and prevent it from failing.

In order to maintain the success of your app, you need to keep on conducting rigorous market research. No matter at what stage or phase your app is, you should always go through the reviews of your users. It will give you an in-depth knowledge of which feature is being liked by your end users and what content you need to add on or improve. You must seek professional help for maintaining your app quality. Generally most development companies have a separate department for quality assurance and software testing services. The experts help you with version controlling and test your app for any errors. 

For a video streaming app, you need to always be in pace with the trending movies, shows, and other entertainment videos or factors. You need to stay updated with the changing trend and taste of your users. These activities will be helpful to keep your app updated according to your end user's changing demands. Thus, the success of your app is dependent on your knowledge of varying trends.

6.     What are the must-have features to be included in a video streaming app to engage users?

video streaming features

If you are looking to attract and engage more and more users, then the first thing which you might consider, is getting an interactive front-end developed by expert UI/UX designers. An interactive platform is one of the key factors that keeps the user engaged. You must focus on app simplicity and easy navigation, as simpler the navigation, the easier it will be for users to use your app. This also increases user retention.

Here is a compiled list of some of the must-have features which are essential for any video-streaming app:

  • User Registration
  • Video Downloading
  • Screen Recording Protection
  • Chat option
  • Payment Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Multiple Language Support
  • In-app Recommendation
  • Screen Mirroring

However, the above points are just the essential features and there are a lot more features which you can include based on the targeted user, and your business goal.

7.     What is the cost to develop a video streaming app?

This is one of the most important and frequently asked questions by the entrepreneurs, who are looking for video-streaming app development. The cost of developing a video streaming app depends on various factors. But the app development cost majorly depends on two factors:

Type of application

Whether you are looking for Android application development or iOS, affects the app development cost. This is because both OS require different tools and skills to develop an app, which can be the reason for deferred costs. 

Complexities involved

The time taken to develop an app also affects its cost of development. An app having some basic features will require less time to develop as compared to the one with highly complex features.

Apart from these there are various other factors that affect the video-streaming app development cost like the location of the development, an hourly rate of the developer, team size, etc.

Ending Note

We hope that we were successful in answering, some of the very first questions, which were in your mind too. These questions will definitely help you if you are also looking to get video-streaming apps for your business. They will surely help you understand the basics of what goes behind the app development and how to approach it in the first go. And with the help of these questions you will be able to select the right app development company and developers for your project.

However, these are just a few of them and each individual may come across some all together new challenges. So, if you still have any questions in mind, do not refrain yourself from asking and we will make sure to answer all of the questions.

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