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Using the Right Approach During the Quarantine to Manage Resources and Client Satisfaction

In the state of this global crisis, the world has gone down on its knees to save every bit of what it can save. Every country is trying to save its people, its resources and its economy. The businesses from retail & e-commerce, food & restaurant and other sectors are suffering a lot because of the COVID -19   shutdown. They cannot function to their full capacity. 

The harsh reality is

No Business Is Running at Its Full Capacity

Yes, a lot of departments can deliver their full potential while working from home, but a few departments need a complete professional setup that can assure uninterrupted productivity. At A3logics, we have been providing remote IT consulting services to our clients for over two decades. This has made setting up remote workplaces for the employees a little easier for us. 

In this tough time, we stand united with the businesses that are associated with us. We appreciate the fact that our clients and associates are cooperating with us in this tough time. The global crisis has brought all of us on the same stage where, as individuals, we are struggling with the quarantine and fighting for a safer and healthier country. 

The Dilemma

The dedicated team of developers who strive to deliver all the projects with the same enthusiasm, faces a dilemma whether they should focus and provide 100% of our resource productivity to 20% of the top clients while slowing down services to other clients or judiciously allocate resources equally to all the clients with 100%   client satisfaction and trade-off on compromising it for all. 

In this tough time, with a   limit on the utilization of the resources, the team has gathered some of the important points of discussion. 

We are trying to make use of the principle where 20% of our clients would get 100  % of our resources or 100% of clients would be assisted with 20% of resources. There could be a chance we might end up with 80% of clients with lesser net promoter scores compared to 20% of clients with near-perfect NPS in the time of crises. 

As the resources are constraint in these times, we understand the remote work becomes the new normal. Hopefully, it is only for the next few weeks. The major dilemma that needs to be addressed sooner is to either work on client satisfaction, or resource management. How to balance limited productivity amongst all our clients who are ready to cooperate with little ups and downs. We aim to deliver the same level of services as they were receiving pre-COVID-19 outbreak

The Solution

With lots of efforts and discussions, we have come to the conclusion where we have asked the teams associated with us to outdo their performance without compromising with customer satisfaction and services. We understand, our employees may lack professional assistance after a certain level but also, we extend gratitude to each of them for helping us by going the extra mile every day to deliver more than they have been delivering. We understand business is important for all of us alike. We cannot compromise with the services that we have been providing to our clients and thus are using 100% of the available resources to ensure there is no disappointment.  

A3logics Ensures 100% Assistance to All Its Clients 

Working with 100% resources for 100% of the clients is almost impossible in the current situation. We understand we would have to compromise with the resources available to us. Even though we are now working with limited resources, we have taken measures to provide our clients with all the assistance they may need in the meanwhile.  Here are a few things we have considered to ensure uninterrupted services.

#1. The Teams Are Working Remotely

All the teams at A3logics, be it the designers or the developers, all are working from remote locations. They ensure there is no compromise with the productivity and the work process remains similar to as it was in the office premises. 

#2. The Resources Are Being Provided  

We know that not every member of the team would be well-equipped to start working remotely. In this case, we have ensured to provide them with the resources that they may require. We have shifted a few systems and have provided internet connections to some of the members. 

#3. The Data Security Is Being Cared For

In a business like ours, data plays an important role. To ensure there is no data breach or privacy infringement, we have taken care of the data security too. We have provided access to the minimum number of files to the teams to ensure the least data is being exposed. Also, the team has signed the security agreement that gives us all the rights to take any strict action in case of data theft. 

#4. The Schedule Remains Unaltered

The work schedule at A3logics remains unchanged. All of us have a skim session in the morning with the clients and proceed further as planned. We have made it a point that the outbreak of this global pandemic should not be used as an excuse to compromise with the work. 

#5. The Efficiency and Availability Is Better Now

Working from home has made it easier for the teams to be available for the discussions with the other members and the clients round the clock. They do not feel bound to the clock and instead of working for just limited time they are available round the clock and thus the client queries and issues are addressed much quicker. 

We May Not Be Working with 100% of Our Resources, But We Are Working with 1000% Of Our Potential Ensuring No Client Is Disappointed

Client Satisfaction Above All

We understand compromising with the business is one thing that a businessman would never accept. In the time where maximum organizations are in the dilemma to either serve 100% of the clients with 20% of the resources or 20% of the clients with 100% resources, we have chosen to provide 100% of our clients with our full potential. We extend our gratitude to the clients who are being so patient in this tough time and understand our situation. They have been very cooperative in the journey and very patient while their issues are being heard and resolved. 

At A3logics we wish you the best of your health.

Stay Home...Stay Safe...Stay Productive

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