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Why Use Health Monitoring Apps During Pandemic Like COVID-19 For Your Business?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. Started from Wuhan, China, it was then declared a pandemic, by the World Health Organization (WHO). It spread like wildfire and within such a short span, brought our lives to halt. The number of Corona positive cases are increasing every day and yet, we do not have any medicine or vaccine to cure it. The government, in every country, is rigorously taking preventive measures to reduce its widespread.

Social distancing is something, on which the governments, from all over the world, are stressing upon. Everyone is requested to stay at home, avoid social gatherings, and stop going out with friends.

COVID-19 has a huge impact on our economy. As everything was suddenly stopped, there was no trade and business, so the cashflow was just disrupted. Due to lockdown in most countries, huge shifts in the stock markets can be observed. However, after so many days of staying at our homes, the situation is slightly under control and things are going back to normal. The government has given liberties to businesses and other industries to resume their work, but with some guidelines. Everyone has to follow those safety measures in order to be working. 

One of the most important things, which this pandemic has taught each of us, is the importance of health and healthcare apps. Now when everything is gradually becoming normal and people are resuming their work, the fear of getting affected is still there. So in situations like this, having health monitoring apps for your business is a boon. 

What are healthcare and health monitoring apps?

Healthcare and monitoring apps are those that can tell you what’s not right with your body. These apps not only help you stay fit and healthy but are also helpful in detecting any early signs of bad health like heart rate issues, blood pressure, and a lot more. With the usage and integration of the latest technologies, highly advanced apps are being designed and developed, which can help businesses monitor the health of their employees and ensure their safety.

Apps like Cardiomo Care, Yoga studio, Google Fit, Headspace, which will help track fitness and assist in practising yoga and meditation. They are capable of tracking heart rate, pulse rate, no. of steps, and can also teach how to do yoga poses, etc. so that people can stay fit and healthy, during the situations of lockdown.

Healthcare Apps

Also, there are a number of healthcare apps like Practo, NetMeds, 1mg, Brown Packets, etc. that deliver medicines and other related products, that a person can require during these days, at your doorsteps. Since people are avoiding going to a doctor these days, healthcare apps like these are remarkably helpful. Users can simply contact a doctor, or a physician, over the call, tell all the symptoms, get the prescription, and order the medicines online. This is a great way to stay safe at home and get all the medical facilities, in just a few clicks. 

5 Health Monitoring Apps to Try

Governments all over the world are striving to control this situation. There is constant pressure or rather a compulsion for all the managers, to ensure the safety of their employees, and workers. They are being asked to keep a track of real-time data about the health of their employees. Doing this manually is not possible for everyone, and for this most businesses have come up with their own platforms and trackers, where they can keep track of all records. This has increased in the demand for mobile app development, these days.

Many health monitoring apps have been introduced by the healthcare industry and have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), which can be used by businesses to monitor their employees’ health and take care of overall safety. These apps can be used to keep a regular check on the employees for possibilities of catching any infection or even monitor the environment, where they are working. 

Here are a few examples of popular health monitoring apps, which are being used by many businesses, to ensure the safety of their employees.


This app was introduced for workers so that they have a platform to report their health conditions to their supervisors. This app facilitates workers to report their health condition via a common platform known as Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring.

This is just like a business continuity tool that allows managers and supervisors to have complete insight into their team distribution, where they are located, etc. Using this app they can easily monitor the health of their employees and also, the hazards in the environment, where they are working. 

As per the Ceridian officials: It is very important for a manager to know where their employee is working, whether home or outdoors so that they can easily determine their chances of being exposed to any virus or any other sort of infection. This will ensure the complete safety of the workers working even in the fields.

Ceridian gives managers a single platform where they can pull up reports and draw insights based on the data which is reported by the employee, and give health and safety guidelines to their teams, accordingly using the same platform.


While many of us have the privilege of sitting at our homes and work, there are people who have to step out of their homes to help others. Doctors, nurses, policemen, people delivering essential services like medicines, food, groceries, etc, are the ones who are risking their lives for us each day, without worrying about catching an infection. 

Safety Tek is a wonderful app that can help keep track of their health. This comes with an assessment tool, using which the managers can track the health of their employees and rule out any possibilities of being infected. 

This assessment tool includes some of the basic questions about the symptoms related with COVID-19, like short breathing, fever, cough, chest pain, recent travel history, and many more, and based on the analytics it shows you the results based on how likely you are to catch this infection. 

Not everyone can be at home, and essential service employees are more likely to get infected, this app is an initiative to help stop the spread of this disease by recognizing the early symptoms.

Net Health

Just like Safety Tek, Net Health is also created to help those front-liners who are constantly risking their lives to make our lives better and safer. However, businesses may use this app for all their employees to ensure their safety, as this app also comes with a set of some questions. 

Based on these screening questions, it tells you about the possibilities of your being infected. This app not only just gives you results about being infected or not but also, takes care of other needs like the need to take a proper test or the need for quarantine. This is a great app as it is capable of performing many tests and screening of your employees. 

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Pega is a great app to manage a company's workforce. Although just like other apps, Pega comes with a set of questionnaires to assess the early symptoms of any infection among your employees, it also offers you a live dashboard where you can see everything related to your business operations and the impact COVID-19 on them.

This app also includes some useful guidelines and pro-tips, which a company can use, to manage their workforce and ensure smooth functioning of their business operations. Businesses are trying to integrate the latest technologies in their healthcare software development projects for better and automated results.


Kokomo is a highly advanced mobile app. This app uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data and removes any falsely reported cases. Kokomo focuses on bringing managers and other higher authority’s attention towards the positive COVID-19 cases in an organization. This app has a tracker, which is accessible as both the mobile app and web portal and is used to keep track of reported cases, coordinating with employees, and much more. 

Final Words…

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a matter of great worry. People all across the globe are being affected by it, and the only way to stay safe from it is by staying at our homes. And now when the government is trying to make everything normal, it is highly advisable for businesses to use these health monitoring apps, and ensure the safety of their employees. 

These apps are really handy to use and are capable of determining the early signs and symptoms of this virus. Apart from these, there are many other health monitoring apps available that you can use. You can also get your own customized health monitoring app developed and include the features that are useful to you and your business.

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